WWE: The Demise Of Triple H

WWE:  The demise of Triple H can only mean that the end is coming soon as he loses his place in the executive position he has & never should have been put into.  This just goes to show who & what he really is as a person.  People like him who think they are a king & can actually bring on change through an old world will only find complete & obsolete production through his actions & words.  His attention for thinking is outside of the real world & what he has is lost because he really has nothing to say.  Triple H is living in another world where kings & queens aren’t in America at all.  I often wonder what he really was thinking as he lied to all when he was put into the executive position there at WWE changing the wrestlers to pawns on a chessboard.  Rulers lose just like Triple H has done here if not anything but mean & rotten to the core.  This ruler should have been knocked off his throne a long time ago like Obama should be.

WWE: The demise of Triple H will make WWE a better place when all the crap he talks & acts like is over & done with.  I hear that Triple H is & has made lots of racial comments that have gotten him lawsuits that will throw WWE into a hole that will never show back up if his actions & words go unpunished before the lawsuits ruin him.  It will be a big knockout & drag down fist fight in court as lawyers & others are fighting & come to Triple H needing to get his lawyer to try to fix things outside of courts like when Big Show was suing for the crap he had to go through when he was not wrestling all the time, just because of his diabetes.  They knew & just tried taking him out of the picture as they probably thought that he wouldn’t contest what they did to him because of his health condition.  Anger at the right times will get you a lot, but when in the wrong like Triple H & his thoughts that he is above the law can only smack you in the face as his anger never stops.  Triple H has turned vicious in a way where WWE will be brought to its knees just like all the other wrestling companies & their demises because of no money was left in the companies to pay wrestlers or how they performed.  WWE is losing big time as they are bringing old wrestlers in & trying to save what Triple H is just throwing out the window for money.  Triple H has no idea about what he is costing WWE as he threatens others around him while being the biggest joker in WWE.  Life can only bring you hell when you add it to the job or career you are doing as you are promoting the company, but also can destroy it through actions like Triple H has which brings an end or demise to where Triple H is leading WWE.  I really hope that Triple H gets canned & fired while performing his vicious acts on stage, in front of all the fans & will get himself thrown in jail for the way he is acting like we all have gotten for our actions whether in court or on the streets.  There is nothing different there or anywhere as lives could be at stake while everyone as wrestlers & family are put into these vicious acts that threaten all who watch, especially kids that watch & try this outside.

WWE: The demise of Triple H goes to show how Triple H has reversed the rule of teaching others how love is wrong & being mean & rotten has become the popular topic for all to see.  Triple H really thinks his ways can be slammed in front of others which includes Stephanie too.  This isn’t the way to teach kids how to be anything but totally mean & rotten to their peers whether in school, at play, or anywhere else as he brings gangs into play wherever he needs them.  Triple H needs to go back to castles & his country to play his teachings there.  Hope to hear & find out whether everyone agrees with me or not.  Give me your opinions as votes will count soon against Triple H being brought down to our level instead of his levels of teachings.

WWE: Stephanie and Triple H Destroy Wrestling

WWE: Stephanie and Triple H destroy wrestling using stupid tactics that they think will get them money?  Does wrestling seem to just get criminalistic?  Why is a bunch of members of wrestling got no brains?  What kind of drama are we watching now?  I could be watching Days of Our Lives or General Hospital as soap operas or some other type of show all day long.  What is the point of this strategy?  Have Stephanie and Triple H truly lost their minds as they try to make it look like they hate what is going on?  Triple H really thinks he can play like he is a king!  Kings have castles & Triple H isn’t sitting in his.  Since Triple H likes reality, he really needs a reality check.  He shows no castle, nothing but his dumb attitude & has no remorse for anyone or anything.  Kings get knocked off their seats in castles & so do the queens.  Nobody is invincible or immortal.

WWE: Stephanie and Triple H may have a family & think they can act like who they want, but I am sure that this mess will soon get old and gray as much as anything else.  This is a great time for Vince McMahon to return and take over by kicking out Triple H with his forced enthusiasm.  There is a difference to playing God and being God like the garbage that is on the TVs already.  How many of you really believe in the way that Stephanie and Triple H are playing this game as they try to entertain you like a soap opera?  Maybe they have some life they live that isn’t in the limelight like all the rest of the celebrities in the world.  This just seems to bring some recklessness or chaos that we accept & will let fill our lives, but never will bring ourselves to what type of crimes will soon come to u,s as the people who watch this, devise plans of attack on others because this type of violence is thought to be something better than what it should be.  This is why we are manhandled later in life as people never think ahead of what might happen later on than instead of sooner when they should.  Why do we not find some reason to change our thoughts of what is going on when nothing on this show now will ever be about the true spirit of wrestling?  Give me your thoughts of what WWE really means to you?



WWE: Will Vince Take Over?

WWE: Will Vince take over & have to change the outlook of WWE & the way it is being operated?  Why is it that Triple H & Stephanie have a problem with how the people think about the wrestlers on WWE?  Why do they boo the wrestlers who get the most views or help WWE make an income or help it to survive when Triple H & Stephanie seem to be wanting to destroy what is healthy for all the fans like the ones who like Daniel Bryan with the Yes Movement?  Should it really bother Stephanie & Triple H if WWE has money & getting profits for all their business they have?  I think WWE is going downhill with the way Triple H & Stephanie think & are just giving the championship belts out like for Randy Orton who had no clue to what he was getting into or acts like he has problems & slobbering all over Stephanie.  I really do love the match with Randy Orton &  Batista tearing each other up.  It shows how well Randy Orton isn’t ready for what he thinks a champion is when holding the belts.

WWE: Will Vince finally take over & get the WWE Wrestling back on its feet where it was before Stephanie took over & says that Triple H was bought into the family just for the money?  Will we see Vince McMahon show up after WrestleMania is done for this year?  Will Daniel Bryan really let Triple H get over on him?  It doesn’t look like it from this last Monday Night Raw.  All these types of matches can really get you to think about everything that WWE stands for.  I have watched so many matches from All Star Wrestling with Vern Gagne & other wrestlers from other wrestling events in the south & west & in Canada as well.  I would watch these matches when they showed on regular TV & even on cable.  i still watch everything I can & if I miss anything, I go to You Tube to see more wrestling matches in full for all the events they have that are free.  I don’t have a lot of money to spend on the ones they have unless I find them elsewhere in places like EntertainMart.  I have seen so many wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Greg Gagne, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Cowboy Bob Orton, Jesse Ventura, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Batista, Randy Orton, Big Show, Ray Mysterio, etc.  They are all attention getters.  When one thinks about WWE Wrestling events, I can see that Triple H & Stephanie are looking for attention too when no one is paying attention to them.  They want to be the bad guys because they aren’t getting the attention they think they should get.  Will the people who are fans of wrestling & wrestlers ever take notice of the 2 owners of WWE?  Is this why WWE needs Vince McMahon back to change everything for the good of the fans who pay for their good seats they have & sell out the arenas & anywhere that wrestling is held & performed?  Hope to hear from those people who are entertained by wrestling & all the crap & great stuff they have for announcements & matches too!


Being Active

Being active means that doing something is how you burn carbs from rice, bread, sweets, pasta, etc.  Activities during the day & after eating will help to get all your body’s systems working correctly.   Your body’s systems that work correctly are how you know that the saying of an apple a day keeps the doctor away.   Active all day long will make you feel sleepy at the end of the day & know you are & will be energetic the next day as you replenish your body with the essential nutrients, too!  Being active makes you feel good all day long without any bad moods & keeps the stress away!

Being active is used by exercising, riding a bike, swimming, jogging, walking, etc. for a few minutes per day or taking a 5 mile walk or jog if able to withstand it which gives you the stamina to keep going without any bad attitudes much for the day either.  These activities keep your mind clear, your internals & blood vessels all cleaned out from the stuff inside that would clog it up & make you have to see a doctor for something that would take your life if not going out & being active.  Resting afterwards is good to bring your levels back to normal also.  This cools you off & if it happens to be necessary, you will also need to use the restroom or toilet to get rid of the garbage inside that has been sitting for too long.

Being active creates a lot of good thoughts in your head & mind.  They help to keep from yelling at kids all day long & also to take kids with you so they can expel their energy that has been stored up while in school or at home.  Active as a mother is just as good as if you were single & really keeps you & your skin as beautiful as you are after sweating & after a shower or getting cleaned after the time out that you have taken to make your body feel good.  Active keeps the stress away & arguments will be less & not as hurtful as if you were home all day & being told that you have done nothing to help out in tasks that need performed & done each day.  Activities that you do for the day can be set for a certain schedule & written down to let you remember how you did as an individual & help you to refresh your memory knowing what you have done throughout the day, week, month, & all year long.

Being active & writing down your activities not only help you to remember, but also help you feel inspired to get more done & get the rest you need instead of sitting all day worrying & fretting over the things said which create the stress in your life & make you feel unworthy also.  Your life should mean something to you which keeps you feeling good & being active each & every day in your life.  Schedules aren’t just for you personally if you have a family & kids which they need to keep up by going to school, to do the necessary tasks of them & as a family to give rewards & help your kids stay inspired & by letting them know what they will be getting after each task so they have no idea what you will be rewarding them for.  This also keeps them from expecting the same thing all the time too.  This keeps you from having health problems you normally wouldn’t have otherwise.  So being active really benefits you throughout your whole life & keeps you enthused & inspired too.



Responsibility is something you need in life to be able to do tasks,  be accounted for in them & how you answer to those above you in the working world.  These tasks have to be talked about in order for others to follow what you do & see when you are applying yourself to newer jobs & making a newer life, too.  Responsibility means that you are accountable for what you do, you are the authority of your life, a duty that needs to be filled in a timely manner, that it is important for these tasks to be done showing responsibility, you are liable for all tasks to be completed, knowing that these tasks have to be done which is also considered an obligation, you have the power to change & make yourself a better person, having restraint for when, where, why, with who & what you do so other people can trust you to accomplish all the tasks put before you.  Responsibility is a real life changer for work, play & at home or wherever you are when performing & accomplishing what needs to be done without others always on your tail-end which will help to receive benefits later on.



Responsibility is being able to know when to ask questions, make good statements, prove to others that you have worth & wanted to be accepted by all.  An example of responsibility is when you are taking out a person of the opposite sex & show the adults you can pick up your date on time, be out & be back home when they ask, having a job to pay for the activities you do when on a date, being able to take care of expensive things when they aren’t yours or when an accident happens that you can take the blame & accept the consequences afterwards, handling life the way you were taught & learn more of what life brings to your attention, giving you decisions to make to know how to stay as responsible like you should.  Responsibility is knowing how to be accountable for what you have & what you do in all things that are put before you.



Responsibility is being able to move forward like going to school, learning new skills, applying them in the future when needed & sticking to what you plan to do instead of bouncing around & never getting anything out of life..  These skills help you when working, getting a better education for a better career, proving yourself in a new job, inspiring others to follow you, changing others’ minds as you use your new skills in front of them, knowing when to say yes & no, or knowing when to make a choice by agreeing or disagreeing with others & socializing.



WWE: Live Or Die?

WWE: Live or Die?  Will it make a great comeback after the authority has ruined it?  In the past & previous episodes of WWE, Randy Orton is the face of WWE.  Does that make you proud or want to quit watching him at all as he has destroyed who he was & what he has become of himself now?  These previous episodes make me think of how the WWE will start to fall as matches & chaos are brought into the picture here.  Wrestling has definitely got out of hand.  Where are the rules & regulations that used to be & have finally got WWE Superstars leaving & bringing it all down?  They have had a couple of deaths from jumping too high & believing in bungee cords & objects that are supposed to help.  If you are a WWE fan & of any of the Superstars in it, how does the WWE help them as they go from place to place & when they injure themselves & need to have money to sit back & recover or recuperate?  They do a lot of training too, but all the bills they accumulate when recovering which is or should be a part of the program of WWE.  How many think that Kane should make up his own contract & be able to fulfill a wrestling career &/or be Director of Operations?  How do you all feel about having John Cena as the new face of WWE?  If get belts in 2-3 more times, he will be caught up with Ric Flair with his 16 time championship whether heavy weight or tag team titles.  That will have been as awesome & also have surpassed Ric Flair in his career all time high of living as a champion in pro wrestling.

WWE: Live or Die?  How many feel that WWE will still live & breathe some more?  Can Vince McMahon bring back the WWE to its total resurrection from Stephanie & Triple H as managers or co-owners of WWE?  Is it great to see other wrestlers be able to create total chaos to others’ wrestling matches while performing & messing up the outcome of those matches we love to see & watch so much?  There are so many wrestlers that are just going to be there for a little bit & then leave if nothing else works to their advantage.  Wrestlers & WWE.com are talking about the new WWE Network for $9.99/month with Superstars leaving.  How do you feel about that as they are losing business, too?  There are so many problems that have been started & never fully answered or dealt with while Stephanie & Triple H have been there.  Triple H blows it off & Stephanie may try, but really think they are at a downfall now just playing around as they just take the money & run as all do when nothing is really working for them.  Will there be new owners again or will the McMahons return to bring the WWE back again for more great episodes in the future?

The 90+5+3+2 Rule


What about this rule? Does it help you in your life as a professional or other means of work? I find it works well for me a lot!

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The equation to a successful outlook

Like a true southern belle, I’ve been exposed to some of the most odd traditions, superstitions and phenomena about how this thing called life works – in the personal, professional, and fantastical realms of life alike. In the professional sphere, however, the 90+5+3+2 or “ninety five thirty-two” rule is an outlook that I personally use as a young professional when approaching any new undertaking. It’s a pattern that I’ve noticed among pursuers within a competitive setting. Every young professional (and your yopro competition) will fall into one of these categories – the 90%, the 5%, the 3% or the 2%.

Where do you fall in the equation?

The 90

Within every competitive situation, 90% of “suitors” DO. NOT. CARE. Yep, I said it. Similar to the well-known 80/20 rule – where within a group setting, 20% of those involved do 80% of the work…

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