Few Things Highly Confident People Don’t Do

This is from another blogger who thought about people running businesses & I thought it was a great learning tool for me.

Miss Dollar

Highly confident people believe in their ability to achieve. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else put their faith in you? To walk with swagger and improve your self-confidence, watch out for these fifteen things highly confident people don’t do.

They don’t make excuses.

Highly confident people take ownership of their thoughts and actions. They don’t blame the traffic for being tardy at work; they were late. They don’t excuse their short-comings with excuses like “I don’t have the time” or “I’m just not good enough”; they make the time and they keep on improving until they are good enough.

They don’t avoid doing the scary thing.

Highly confident people don’t let fear dominate their lives. They know that the things they are afraid of doing are often the very same things that they need to do in order to evolve into the person they are…

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Read Aloud with Children

If we were to have to stay at home with our children more, would anybody find that training their children & other children online would be a hard thing to do?


Recently I have been working with my son on reading aloud, because his reading test at school shows his reading speed is below average. I am not too concerned about his reading speed, since I know he can read fast when he doesn’t have to read aloud. But I do want to work with him on reading aloud as a way to improve his self-expression and story telling skills.

To do a good job in reading aloud, kids have to learn to coordinate multiple tasks into a smooth process: “read by eyes”, “process information by brain”, and “read out aloud”. My son is good at each single task, but is not so good at putting all tasks together.

What I have been doing is to find short stories for us to read to each other. One book my son has enjoyed is the FREE Aesop for Children from Libray of…

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CoronaVirus Lingers!

As the Coronavirus lingers and wears on in our daily lives, we all our found to rest and find ways to encourage each other.  The Coronavirus wears on us all through our minds whether we are stuck inside or not, more if stuck inside away from our family, friends, neighbors and our social lives altogether.  As the Coronavirus lingers, we need to have patience and find ways to interact online and get our needs met online, also!  The Coronavirus is giving the bigger stores more income, and we see that the smaller stores are trying to help everyone out as they limit how much of the crucial needs that others are getting so much of.  What can we do to change our lives while this Coronavirus lingers? I sit here chatting on my phone, play online games, etc. which keeps me from losing my sanity and thinking about what I miss outside.  When getting my needs met online, I am helping the shipping companies as well as the post offices as much as possible.  I may be alone right now, but am healthy because I know how to keep my balanced life going by using anything that increases my body health and immunity.  This I suggest to you all including any ways possible in getting all types of anti-viral antidotes used and spread the word to everyone you know to keep your lives from being infected as well as others and also for helping those who are or may be infected around you.  This all helps to slow down the amount that the Coronavirus can spread more!

herbs and corona virus — Everything Matters

a few thoughts on an article I saw. the FDA is cracking down on false claims, which is okay in and of itself but the take away it seems is to shun herbs altogether which is not okay. Below are my brief comments. This is the link to the article: FDA, FTC slam 7 companies […]

via herbs and corona virus — Everything Matters

Corona Virus

Corona Virus is just a virus that works to destroy our bodies.  There are viruses that are just like it & we are spending a lot of money on figuring out how to get rid of it.  There are ways to get rid of it & I have posted about the virus problems which includes the CoronaVirus & what you can look for through it all.  This CoronaVirus is like all other viruses that hinder our health & keep us from getting back into the swing of things we do from day to day.  Trump as president has no answers but can mess with us all through not exactly knowing what or who to take care of.  This CoronaVirus is a way to jerk us around through what he wants us all to do.  There are solutions which I have put on my healthywaystolive blog which will give you different ways to get better or even keep this virus we have away from us each & every day.  This virus is all a worldwide concern & through loved ones we have.  Make sure to do what you can to keep it away from everything we know & have which tries us & works on our thoughts always.  Please work on getting better through this mess that is destroying people around the world!

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business is a constant need after you open up & after you close.  Your business before going online with a domain name is quite crucial.  What you do as you open your business is creating ads 1 way or another.  These ads should help when you put them up in the window(s) when you have a brick & mortar store.  Ads work to get customers into your business & help you sell the products that you inventory.  These products are all about your business.  The business needs marketing by word of mouth & repeat customers.  Marketing comes in so many different types & using 1-2 can really get you started in your business.  Right now I am marketing by word of mouth & online through 2 different blogs.  What I do is get people who are in need of what I sell by bringing up these store links through eBay.  eBay is a selling & buying platform for all kinds of products for sellers & buyers to be aware of.  Marketing wherever you are & in whatever business you get in to is your communication to the outside world.  When you have a business go online, then you can really get noticed outside the place you are in locally.  That means you not only sell locally, you can sell regionally, statewide, nationally & then globally.  It all depends on what kind of time you put into your business.  This can take time & there are also ways to get to people you want as customers & their needs.  Their needs are what makes sales for you & your business.  I go to places I know & get items from others & relate to people I know about what I sell.  These places are everything when running a business.  The people you know that become customers that buy from you & know you well are the people who after taking your products, will start to tell other people they know by word of mouth & start a big trend & make your business grow.  So marketing your business is better & smarter which gets you so much more down the line!

Selling Items on eBay

eBay Ad Posts are a way of getting attention through this blog and help to bring sales from items I have posted.  As I put on these ad posts from eBay, I learn about different ways to get traffic whether it is free or has been paid for.  I am always working to get more & more followers & learn more about becoming socially active.  I have not been that active socially until I needed to try harder to sell items online.  These items are not mine, but the pawn shop I volunteer my time to which is called Kashs Pawn & Gems.  The eBay store I put these items on is ColoradoDeals4U & to visit this store for everything that we have online is at https://www.ebay.com/usr/coloradodeals4u2012 which you can click on or paste in the web browser.  There are ATV parts, jewelry, small, medium & big tools, equipment of all kinds, yard tools like rakes shovels etc., ladders, snowblowers, mowers, backpacks, sometimes small items like filter plates for welding hoods, etc.  If you are in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you can find us at 2346 East Platte Avenue which is 1 of many main streets in the city.  I will be posting many of the ad posts we have on here.  The ad posts are eBay listings on the next few sets of blog posts here.  These are really great deals & we do our best to work with customers whether new or customers that have been in before.  We are a family business!  Take some time to come in & see us!  We do ship to all people who are our customers in all 50 states.  We can ship to international customers, too.  Shipping internationally always is more through using any shipping service.  Thanks for all your support!


Food: Nutrition Always

Food: Nutrition Always is a slogan we all need to keep!  This slogan means living and committing to all forms of food that we eat.  Refined food like sugar, flour, etc. that sells for almost nothing doesn’t make your nutrition in food help your body.  It leaves you empty on its own unless you combine that refined food with other food that will give you nutrition.  Refined food is just a cover.  Food: Nutrition Always which you need a balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc. which using herbs and spices are always good by adding in to your food in small doses.  Being healthy is how illnesses and other health problems like major ones as in cancer, depression, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. need exercise and lots of water and other fluids.  All types of vessels in your body will stay clogged a lot if they are not diluted by fluids after eating lots of solids.  Salads will help very much as vegetables have lots of water content.  Your body is filled with mostly water and blood.  Aches and pains are included in everything with illnesses.

When I ask these questions, they are to help bring you to a reasonable state of mind and clarify food is a good thing.  What is the reason for food when you start from a baby and grow up within a family?  When you have little ones and don’t pay attention to your own body, your little ones as they grow up will follow what you do.  Food, either organic or not organic will help you.  Organic food has its own nutritional values compared to foods otherwise.  The other foods have extra stuff that your body takes longer to work with unless you use prescriptions when seeing a doctor.  Foods do work through illnesses, but you should know that when you have illnesses there are no cures.  Your body needs a balance in all levels and if the balance is low in 1 area, you need to get it fixed by eating food(s) like a lawn or your plants or whatever you grow in a garden.  Everything in life needs balance.  I will tell you that cures for any illnesses are fixed by nutrition in foods, spices, herbs, etc. and they will need time and rushing anything does slow your body down.  Everything you need comes to you in pieces and not all at once.

Illnesses We All Have

Illnesses we all have make no sense to us as we continue each and every day living the life we chose.  Illnesses keep us from being normal; from getting up to get to jobs or every day activities; from being able to drive, see, think, walk or run, etc.  All these illnesses are just a way to tell you that your body is not in balance.  Not all these illnesses have to kill us!  They really don’t.  The body needs to get back in line like anything else you care about as in animals, vehicles or even your homes.  When they fall apart, we either send them to see someone or bring a contractor over to fix the problems we have.  Why is it that we never use what we learn from our grandparents for eliminating easy coughs & colds?  Your grandparents never had to find someone that brought on miracles to kill a cough or cold.  Why is it that we don’t have time for making sure our bodies are taken care of without the high priced fixes doctors make you think you need?  Let’s say that I am you when you are dealing with cancer.

Cancer of any internal or external part on your body including anything like leukemia or something that has to do with needing bone marrow can all be taken care of by simply using fruits and vegetables with very dark colors.  Getting bone marrow naturally is by taking the bone from a chicken or beef or maybe pork and softening up the bone so much that the bone itself which after softened is like a fabric you can cut from end to the other.  This has to do with athletes, mothers, children, fathers, etc. in which the body I say again is not in balance.  It is missing nutritional items that people can’t duplicate into pill form and expect the pills to fix you or cure you entirely.  Pills you get from a pharmacy & centers for cancer or anything else is not the answer, but the way to get answers.  They have licensed personnel that handle stuff but should teach others about the choices they make if a patient.  This goes for a lot of children or parents of children who have kids as patients.  Choices of how to get back instead of letting them die to bring hope to parents who are crushed after their kids die.  There is only 1 cure for everything in this world which will bring us all what we want and that is balance in all systems in your body.

Athletes in sports including families like a mother or wife of a football star, maybe those who fight around the world for our country in the military, or a wrestler who takes on an extreme pain threshold including injuries to the head and neck really need to get a lot of nutrition during their prime.  These are the best performers or gladiators fighting & needing lots of ways to be physically taken care of.  The people in the military are the most who get worked & come out tore up in more suffering than they know.  Therapy for all is needed by way of knowing what the body is missing and finding a way to get to the problem any way you can.  It can also go through people that have been in the military a lot.


Can President Trump Be Trusted?

Can President Trump be trusted?  President Trump I believe has made definite changes.  How does President Trump think he can predict the future?  Is he all-knowing?  Is he a magician?  Does President Trump have fortune telling skills?  President Trump wants you to believe that the world revolves around him and his ways as he shows you his power with money.  The only way President Trump is considered accurate by me is when he shows that his actions speak louder than his mouth.  What we have here is someone as the president that considers that everything can be manipulated by him.  It is true that President Trump can twist everything he says around and make all you people believe in how he makes life worth living, if you all take every word he says as truth!  There is nothing I see in his words that have actually been laid out with and by his actions.  “Actions speak louder than words!”  Just because President Trump has money, he believes that money is the way, truth and life.  Why is it that we all are bound by someone as the president that can’t even tell the truth and has had various times when he has been put on the stand?  He can throw people out that know the truth as if the government is like a business.  The government isn’t a business, but a place where a bunch of people who elect others as Republicans and Democrats are to stand tall and proud, are expected to trust those Senate family to be better and not have to bring chaos just to make the world revolve around their fingers.  The senate isn’t even able to understand what President Trump is doing.  Is President Trump for real and why is President Trump so shifty in his ways?  Here is a lot of questions for everyone who reads this!  Just believe in who you are and not in what we as a country are right now!

Does Trump Really Care How He Has Changed Us?

How do you feel about Donald Trump as our president?  Donald Trump really acts totally like the government is his throne, his business, his place to spit on all others & consider himself better than us all.  He even ridicules his help he brought into this place of his.  Does Donald Trump really know that he has run himself down instead of running us into the ground?  What lifestyle did Donald Trump have while he was growing up?  Did he come from the British or UK with his evil ways?  Was Donald Trump rejected & a pathetic bully when he was at school?  Donald Trump has no right to be down on anybody but himself!  Donald Trump as president surely has decided that we are all losers when he should be thinking that about himself.  What a mockery!  Where does it say our government went from democratic to full on king & queen with the Whitehouse being his castle?  It’s a good thing he can’t kick the senate team out like he can his employees as he acts as if he is an employer.  Has anybody tell him that his throne is back at his business he left behind since this money he gets from being president is his only money he retires on.  Donald Trump hasn’t changed us; he has changed himself for the worst!  Why does he not wake up to reality since he has been living in a fantasy world that he craves so much to be in?  Changing us can’t be done, but Donald Trump can keep changing himself right out of office & onto the streets without pay!  Try that you miserable old man called president.

Donald Trump As President or God

Donald Trump as president makes for a very barbaric time.  Since I have had thoughts of how our government has changed, I think Donald Trump is the worst even if he has votes from a lot of people.  Donald Trump has shown he can get rid of a lot of people’s thinking towards what he had put up when he was getting people to vote for him.  Now that he has become president, he makes decisions for us as he thinks we can’t decide for ourselves & thinks he is God to everyone.  Donald Trump should take a permanent vacation.  He should not be paid for his works that have ruined the kind of deals that screw with us all.  Tell me what you wish to have changed unless he is voted in for 3 more terms.

Donald Trump had a good time when he first started.  As he works to playing king of the mountain, I really wonder if there is anyone who would vote for him now.  Donald Trump thinks he is God which he needs to think again.  As Donald Trump seems to learn how other governments think of him, he really is nothing as he stays within the confining walls of the White House & considers it his castle & domain.  Does Donald Trump have my vote?  Not even!  His ways show through his children also, especially through his daughter who thinks she should act like a goddess whose garbage over time shouldn’t stink.  He has brought into our government a socialistic environment as opposed to our democracy which gives us a lot more freedom than we would have through kings & queens running us ragged or taking money that we work for until we have nothing left.  His decision making stinks too.  This is an outrage I love to post as I see more & more of who Donald Trump really is.  Where does Mr. Trump as president get his despicable works & ways from?  He sure knows how to be a controller without sticking his neck out the door?  What would you do if you could change a government like this?

I have been looking at President Donald Trump who as our voted in president is not only a clown but a person making fools out of us all.  By showing that he is a businessman only goes to show that he has no business in the government.  This coronavirus has turned us all into little mice running around & acting like we are in a maze that will never end.  President Trump acts like he cares & sits on his butt keeping anybody & everybody away since he is all about communism & socialistic values that we are being trained to live with now.  This is how we will live if we don’t get a way to work above what he & al the rest of the political leaders & scientists are doing for a way to respond to this virus.  The coronavirus is just a virus & since President Trump has no cares for what the citizens are doing, I consider him another Adolph Hitler.  He will be using China in his next voting deals to keep him in office if we don’t look for someone else.  We need to complain & petition as much as possible to keep this maniacal rat from getting another term in office.  What do we do if we all just sit & spin like there is nothing we can do or work to get rid of this virus & President Trump?  Are we really that naïve?  If we care for freedom as much as we do, why do we not find other ways to get an income through the internet instead of relying on businesses that are shutdown?  Can’t we try working to make our lives better on our own or do we not know what that is?  Hopefully we all can get a better understanding of what this president & other political leaders are really worth!

Decisions the Government Will Make For Us

Do you believe that the government should decide who what where why & how we do things from day to day?

I am wondering if we all really want to have the government decide & make decisions which stop us from having any say in all kinds of problems or what goes on in our lives.  When we do, we are giving up on what we can do & let the government speak for us.  This includes the presidents we have & put in office.  This means that including Donald Trump as president for our country, we are not giving our say that could turn our country which is democratic or free into a socialistic or communistic country.  If this country would go communistic, the government would flat out run our lives for us 24/7, all year long.  Everyone might like it for a time, but think what you give up until the world is gone or what we give up for the generations to come.  Think of how the government can screw with our working environments, social environments, when we wake or sleep, when we eat or can buy anything we can get now all day long or night which turns into an all day affair, etc.  This to me doesn’t seem like a great value to our society.  We are pushed around by everything around us & everybody including the police who can be like gestapos as in Russia or China.  Does this matter to you?

Life In the Woods

Life in the woods is definitely a way to make a pleasurable time. The woods are the most fascinating & desirable places to be alone & be away from others when you are needing moments of peace. You can find out how much you can endure through living with animals & other wildlife. Life in the woods is with you & nature, feeling the most interesting & freshest air around. Being in the woods is better than in the city, where the smog & pollution are around to pollute your body & lungs just as much as if you were smoking.  Pictures can be taken of wildlife & possibly the wild animals you wouldn’t notice if in the city because it needs all that freshness that is around.  There are positives & negatives around when either living in the city or out in the country.  The country is in the woods where there are a lot of trees, leaves, bark & wild plants that are mostly considered herbs for taking care of your health naturally.

There is so much to do in preparation for living in the woods.  Life in the woods is made by camping out or even building a log cabin & naturally insulating it.  This can be a project by having to collect trees from all over & making logs or just buying the logs already prefabricated.  If not, you measure & cut them during the hottest or best time of the year.   There is a need for electricity with a generator & even having to learn about hunting to get food & out in the wild to find running water before you make wells to have water when you need it.  All these ventures take time with family being together, working together & spending time together as 1 unit if not all family members out doing their own thing.  That does also mean learning of wildlife & the dangers along with it.  These dangers have to do with wild animals, etc. & knowing how to be well protected before even starting a venture on your own.  Do people know the positives & negatives of life in the woods?  This is just a start.  How much work is involved when preparing to make your life in the woods?

Work For a Living

Am back to work making my life a little better.  As you all remember that I was messed up with sciatic nerve problems so much, I have been working on moving a lot more so I can get better.  As I get better, my body works against me & I have to fight to make it work the way I want.  I have been using dumbbells to increase my muscles in my arms & at shoulders.  These muscles affect me when I work more because I am lifting more things when I work which increases my stamina & perseverance.  I get increased energy through this small workout & stretch every other day.  I have to eat better to get rid of the increased problems I have while getting stronger too.  Life seems like its better way to live & help others while working for their health problems like their eyesight & keeping their eyesight better with foods like fruits which give your eyes the necessary fluids when using a computer a lot for work.  My wife really loves that I work out & bring her a lot of life when I am doing daily activities with her & working to make our home a better place.  I use teas, coffee, cereals, making smoothies, soups, chili, pancakes, canned pumpkin for natural steroids, vitamins minerals, amino acids & lots of fiber.  These all help to get my body back in shape along with keeping it all intact as you get older, you lose more nutrients & have to increase all your nutrients for you to be as good as when you were younger.  I have to research a lot so I can get my necessary nutrients working in my body & have everything I need & be as active as I can be each & every day.  These times that I work, I feel very good & can say that I can go to bed without needing to use pills to put me to sleep as much as I did when I was young & had allergies.  Learning about all your health problems & using natural foods & nutrients along with exercise brings more of your body’s systems to use more of those nutrients than from using pills from the pharmacy.  You really have to like wean your body away from the pills you get when you use natural foods & get those nutrients back in your body.  This is how I was able to get back to work.  I am so glad that I didn’t use any surgery or have parts of my body removed like internal organs that you really need each & every day.  I would love to see others try this & ask me for any way you can get back to what you used to be.



How does discipline work for you? Do you need to make things with help instead of filling your thoughts with things we all say no to in the 1st place?

Light The Trail

Discipline is one of the essential tools needed to control and secure success, if you think you can attain success without discipline, then know you’ll fail. If you can not control yourself and your life; if there is no order and method to your life, if persistence missing the battle is already lost.  Success can be illusive and daunting, the road is littered with pitfalls; it can be a constant uphill battle, that at most times you seem to be on the losing end, most times it seems it would be so much easier to give up, it is easier still to become distracted; you could do something else, something less demanded and less painful but you want to achieve to win to be on top, if there is to be success, there must be discipline.

Discipline is the positioning of  your mind, and your life…

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Responsibility & why we need it. Why is responsibility so important? Don’t we as adults need to teach our children about responsibility as they grow up instead of letting them learn after they are already out the door & on their own?  What does responsibility mean?  How responsible are we as adults?  We as adults need to not work so hard to pay bills we can’t afford, because then there is no time for your children to learn what responsibility is if there is no one to keep show them where they are making mistakes.  We need to help them learn how to correct their mistakes which shows them how we as adults can be responsible in what we do.  Responsibility is like anything else as you are trained & are training your children, you learn to be better & make better decisions which increase what your wisdom is & how it affects you & your family.

Responsibility by the dictionary means that a person who does a task or is out & about in whatever he or she is doing becomes accountable for his or her actions.  This means that the person who happens to empty trash is accountable for where they empty it & making sure if there is something dropped will be picked up so that there are no problems later on.  This person has to know that they are not littering or out spraying bridges or getting into trouble at all.  If getting into trouble is how you consider being responsible, then you will end up either getting your parents involved or finding that you as the person who did this will be accountable & responsible & will be having consequences through your actions.  Responsibility is important throughout your whole entire lifetime.  You as a person cannot look up to others expecting to become them, or whoever it is when learning responsibility, as the actions you perform & copy could get you into trouble as well if not thinking about what is going on.  Responsibility is included in the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night.  There are actions also if you happen to do something if asleep, too.  If you lose something in the middle of the night while asleep or something else, it will be your job to find out what happened to that item you lost or misplaced at that time.  Responsibility is about you & you alone.  This means you cannot blame others if you are at fault.  That is why responsibility is so important when doing anything even if it is at work also.  Do not blame others for your mistakes!  Stand up & be the person who knows how to do what is right & will never get into trouble where you miss family & loved ones you have close to you.  Know what is right from wrong!  Believe in yourself & be accountable for what you do.

Adults need to be accountable & responsible as well.  They are no better than anyone else in this country.  We have equal rights & that also means that we have an equal share of what we do & what is done that is wrong that can be brought before your superiors.  Responsibility will take you to different places in your life & bring you a better life or will be a messed up life instead.  We as adults should already know this in all situations as we were taught at home, school, outside, inside & also at work too.  Adults are no special case for not having to be responsible & need to be on their best behavior as well.  There are so many professions & things we do in our lifetime that make us who we are & be accountable as well as responsible for what we do.  Rules & regulations are there to keep all of us in check along with how we deal with our own internal actions as well as our external reactions from others when in daily activities.  Life isn’t about chaos & what we can get away with in this world.  It is just like Steven Segal’s movie, “Above The Law” where things happen around you & you take the situation & be responsible for what the outcome is.  If we are the parents to our children, they would act better & not have the say so & try to be like others that aren’t taught anything about responsibility.  Actions, reactions, decisions, methods, etc. are all about being accountable & having responsibility.

Please take this as a way of teaching others & your own family members about how having responsibility works for everyone!

WWE Power: Good And The Bad

WWE Power: Good and the Bad.  What is the meaning of all of it?  Who brought on all of these proud wrestlers for this week?  We had Stephanie McMahon mention Kane the Killer & Demon who made up his own mask when couldn’t have the one in the office of Stephanie McMahon.  We have Daniel & Brie Bryan who are now married & how Stephanie McMahon tries to say she is giving a gift from the McMahon family to Daniel & Brie Bryan in giving a wrestling match with Daniel Bryan & Kane the Killer which ends up showing Daniel Bryan 2 weeks before Extreme Rules this Sunday having a neck brace from Kane the Killer’s Pile Driver 3 times that left Daniel Bryan on a stretcher.  Where & who really has the power of destroying wrestlers because 1 or the other want to show just how extreme they can be?  Does wrestling really become so chaotic that no one can justify the means?  Or does any of it prove anything at the end if there is other wrestlers messing up a match?  Is this all just a put on for a show or does some of it get carried out into the real world?  How come there aren’t police here or other wrestlers venturing out to help with the mess in matches when there are injuries that can put these wrestlers out for the rest of their lives since this is their way of supporting their families?  Can what we see on television be taken into the real world, & actually make the owners of wrestling here responsible for what goes on, after the ad of bullying was shown to be nothing good, yet it is brought back into wrestling as a way of life?  I can say that Bray Wyatt is definitely a bully who needs his head strummed from ear to ear along with his other buddies who he calls his brothers that never change their clothes ever.  Does this show they have nothing else to wear & that WWE will let anyone come in just because they have an attitude & are crazy?














All these pictures I have listed here are to resemble what is going on in WWE & the power they all have to all you wrestling fans here that watch WWE all the time.

WWE Power: Good and the Bad.  WWE Power starts somewhere, but does it really need to turn into a drama sequel?  Why do we still have wrestling matches that never have any more wrestlers than what WWE has right now?  What is  really wrong with the wrestlers who were in the spotlight?  Wrestlers are wrestlers and need to be shown how to bring on themselves to make the audience & paid viewers, outside of the arenas who watch the matches increase who their real persona are.  Who are they trying to portray when they make a name for themselves?  One wrestler that really needs help I think is Damian Sandow who tries to ridicule others when he is coming into the ring getting the crowd to boo him a lot.  He has knowledge, but needs shows nothing afterwards.  That to me is a joke.  You would think that this wrestler would find something that would motivate him to win, not come out & do his routine & lose.  He just doesn’t have it other than being a person who wants to aggravate & never knows how to wrestle at all.  I wish there were more wrestlers like RVD, John Cena, The Shield, Rey Mysterio, and oldies like Roddy Rowdy Piper, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, The Four Horsemen, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Diesel, Dusty Rhodes etc. who know how to wrestle by instinct & knowledge of their attributes which make them good wrestlers & can show who they really want to be & where they want to go in life while wrestling.  I have 1 last thing to say which is when Evolution & The Shield come into the ring and where Ric Flair goes to show the Evolution how great they were, but went to The Shield and recognized who they were as the new Evolution which built them up even stronger as a team.  Why does Evolution not understand that showboating is talking the talk, but don’t understand when they are getting older that they need to walk the walk also.  Daniel Bryan will be the one to wipeout Kane the Killer in Extreme Rules also.  He has the knowledge and the muscle to take Kane down another time from all the pain he is enduring.  Hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did.

Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Success & where does it come from? How can I get that type of success?  Where do I start to make entrepreneurial success become real for me?  Does it mean that it is a lot more work to make entrepreneurial success real?  Jobs are getting very scarce that give you money, the type of benefits you want & need if just looking to make your success in life real, knowing that giving of yourself for a lifetime of 20-30 years will be jumping from place to place.  In the past, life & having a job were better than now.  So for entrepreneurial success to work, you will need to start with money on hand which takes care of everyday financial support.  Entrepreneurial success has to come from thoughts of a product or service you will be doing to make the money, ideas for ads on your product or service you plan on doing but not like some ads on the TV that are shown that seem unrealistic just to get people to buy what is going to be sold, a website & webhost, whether you have a store online or for real in a business district or both, where you will sell at in the business district where customers will be at a lot as in a location, how to publicize your business in order to get people to look at your product or call to get services you offer, being able to schedule times to have your service(s) put in to homes or just doing things away from your shop or website, etc.  There are always going to be new experiences that you will encounter as you do business that will bring you more success or you will learn from your mistakes.

Entrepreneurial success comes from you & how you make your entrepreneurial success happen for your type of business you will be doing.  Entrepreneurial success takes a lot & won’t be an overnight thing that you just get.  It will take time & the more you work at it, the more you will achieve what you want for entrepreneurial success to become the life you are looking for.  Getting this type of success as an entrepreneur has lots of downfalls as well as being on top & working competitively.  It means lots of work getting jobs or contracts for your business, making your clients happy in everything you do to get them to be repeat customers, taking part in having surveys done that will help you know & understand how your customers feel about you & your business & whether changes need to be made to help you increase your income & profits day by day & month to month.  There are policies you will need to make in order to keep clients from wrecking your success as an entrepreneur.  The policies I am talking about are about security of your website & business outside of the computer, the policies for employees if have any under you, policies about your services or products you carry & policies you have overall for your business to make it successful for you as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial success isn’t easy as some make it out to be.  When making your success happen along with making it real, it takes just as much time as if you had gone to school for a number of years to know the ins & outs of what your success will be.  You need to know what type of business you are going to start, the ways in which you will be flexible & operate by what your knowledge is of the product(s) &/or service(s) are, becoming a business person with business being at the top of your list & giving it all to be successful as an entrepreneur, knowing when to become flexible in your ways & when to know about taking control of outcomes if ever in court if have disputes with clients, being able to make returns to customers when dissatisfied & knowing your products well enough that you can say that they are yours or from another company also.  Your clients are how your business keeps going & how your success as an entrepreneur brings you the type of life you imagined.  Life as an entrepreneur & having the success with your business only comes from how you operate your business & how you keep your clients coming back for more.  If they love what you are doing & love how you will keep bringing them back as repeat customers, you will have the entrepreneurial success you that a business needs through your standards, from the time & effort you put into it also.  Life as an entrepreneur can be very rewarding & happy if you love what type of service or product you carry & you know your clientele & how they love what you have to offer from your business & the type of performance you show when dealing with them.





Evolution: Does It Really Exist?

Evolution: Does it really exist?  Evolution & WWE are outdated, but Triple H doesn’t think so.  When Triple H had trouble getting his matches done on his own, I really wonder if stardom was what he really wanted.  Evolution over the past few weeks seems to be doing nothing but filling a special event with nothing but dumb ideas.  As WWE is supposed to be bringing a moment of greatness, they sure are filling their hours of matches with boring talk.  Why is that?  Does Triple H think that he can rule over the great WWE & expect everyone to watch nothing but boring talk?  It may bring something to the podium that he has in front of him, but I’m sure that soon watching TV on any of the channels that WWE has going for them will soon be dismissed as the fans will decide that talk is nothing & action is everything.  Triple H & his words will drop into the matrix zone, but wonder if his actions can really take on what he says on TV.  Evolution to me seems to be a joke until something is really done about how WWE is being brought to getting their ratings up otherwise.

Evolution: Does it really exist?  While Triple H has brought back the return of Evolution to WWE, he thinks of ways to make demands for creativity while destroying what wrestling really was.   Before Evolution existed, Triple H had to bring on a lot of people which includes Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton & his hammer he used in every match that goes to show that he wasn’t really wrestling, but using his madness to fill time in the wrestling world.  As The Shield now tries to get Evolution to act upon their words after using all the wrestlers who don’t wrestle much, but come out to insist that Triple H & Evolution are the bottom line, this is nothing but child’s play where nothing is solved at anytime & the future of WWE will just drop to its knees through Evolution & Triple H’s garbage.  The outcome of this match with Evolution & The Shield are going to be the same as it has always been with Evolution creating chaos & getting others to work The Shield over before Evolution gets the win over The Shield.  I would include wrestlers who think they have a chance at wrestling but will find out that the wrestling world will just stop completely like a soap opera ends after a number of seasons.  I know a few people where I live that are getting totally against any wrestling at WWE.  Why do we let this go on?  Why don’t we as fans bring something that we can enjoy instead of seeing the same garbage week after week after week?

Evolution:  Does it really exist?  My thoughts are to keep pounding away at how Triple H acts like he is tough, but does nothing to increase anything for me or anyone else who finds that Triple H & his antics are getting lower & lower by the minute & hour while YouTube & any other internet filled TV channel that has wrestling on it is just going to drop them while they provide the worst shows as time goes on.  How many TV channels on the internet will think that ratings & people watching along with the WWE Network are going to last forever?  I will give Daniel Bryan a great applause if he can get people to watch wrestling away from the shows that Triple H tries to provide as Daniel Bryan said once on RAW.  I hope he can bring the “Yes Movement” into the show to create some controversy that will get Triple H to understand that we as people are the ones who keep his network & WWE on fire.  Yes to Daniel Bryan!