Returning After Recovery!

I am returning from a nice long vacation of gradually getting my health better. Returning after recovery to become more involved as I become more flexible & more importantly, mobile & doing lots of working out & doing exercises that get rid of the stiffness I once had. I am in my early 60s which is no easy task either when spending about 25-30 years of my life looking for ways to use my time when down & had to sit a lot. At the time I had an accident from a small truck, I was driving home from my union ironworker job in October that the roads at the end of the day were slick & icy, through the mountains returning to Denver where I lived at the time & going back from Denver to Colorado Springs & other places in Colorado, to work as well. I had gone through getting a chiropractor, to help relieve this injury I had but had been riding a 10-speed bicycle to the chiropractor since I had no car or other vehicle to use. That never worked since the angle I was riding was not helping me after the chiropractor gave me the treatment. I finally had to get out of the union ironworking since I had nothing to add my share to what I was doing. I just rested with a lot of pain killers & muscle relaxers that pretty much left me a weakling almost.

I am returning from the life I had before of not being able to get around & walk everywhere that mattered. I can now walk to the bus stop, go to stores, able to keep from being all clogged up & having food that used to just sit, taking up space. I have found that I can still work & do things by volunteering that help my body use the calories I eat every day. I once was lost & now I am found through God himself, giving me strength to carry on & make me better & a whole new person again without feeling a lot of pressure before. I am not homeless anymore as I was & have a great place to live & call my home. I also find myself helping others around in the area with small, odd jobs giving me joy & comfort through the rest of my days, while exercising through these times that are so helpful to all including me. Knowing how to get back after a long road of destruction & making my life & my body a worthwhile place, & hopefully get others to know that rejuvenating or reviving your body can work through lots of healthy eating, exercising, sleeping & taking control of your life like I did. It really makes a difference when good thoughts & help make it happen.

Adults & teenagers alike can have some pretty nasty health problems when born or just get them during their lifetime. These health problems or even breaking bones can take a while to get through or get worse if we can/aren’t careful how we handle them. Nothing gets healed within a few days if activities involve going to the hospital or days in the hospital. These times can be really rough if all alone. What we do with our bodies sometimes should really not be done which matters after the fact. That’s when the realization snaps you out of your shock you go through after an injury has left you, making you feel like a guinea pig after from the treatments, if they happen not to work at all.

When you are off for a long time, you can start reading books, dream play videos, watch TV or make new goals that you can do while waiting to get better, only if you are single. Computers or cell phones can surely help when in need of anything that can help your situation you are in. It takes a lot of dedication & doing things to get back into the flow of what you were doing before the accident.


WWE: Why This Business is Failing

WWE: Why this business is failing is beyond the owner and his family. Why are they constantly needing the same wrestlers as champions and screwing up their wrestling business? Do they understand what it is to be a complete failure when there is no changing up other than wrestlers going from RAW to SMACKDOWN? WWE will soon become like all the other wrestling companies that were stupid in how they made everything just messed up. I can tell you that AEW is exploding and making things happen through all their wrestlers and through Cody Rhodes and his wife. WWE thinks that dictatorship is how everything makes fans pay attention, but it doesn’t. Managers are gone except for Brock’s manager who thinks Brock should have the belt all the time. How dull is that? Does it make it boring? Why can’t the McMann family that is running the wrestling business tearing it up by creating so much chaos that then the whole wrestling show becomes a reality show? Is this a wrestling business or just a chaotic mess? All the wrestling stars are great, but if the other wrestlers that are there don’t get anything for pay, why would they stay there just to make money for the owners, since the owners think they are the show? Make a sit-com about them instead and let them be their own lifeline. The suffering of wrestlers that makes a wrestling business should be quite unhappy with what they deal with. The wrestlers that moved on to places that could use them to get what they want or need. Is WWE a floating business that is about to sink in their own drama? Why should that be?

I think that Shane McMann was the only true person who ran the business was the greatest of any of the McMann family! Shane knew how to utilize the wrestlers and make money for the business and is now gone I believe since there is nothing going for WWE.

Vince McMann had a great business going until he gave it to his daughter, Stephanie and Triple H. This was their downfall as they had no business culture or wisdom. They thought that wrestling should be started with Triple H and end with Triple H. Then it went from breaking up the greatest teams of wrestling and all that did was bring separation and wickedness that destroyed this wrestling business. Vince McMann, I think should have given the company over to Shane, but I also think that Vince had a falling out, because of Triple H and his fierceness that Stephanie got it instead. Stephanie had no business knowledge and I really think that she was in trouble from the get-go. Her thoughts were a miserable mess and her playing dictator just ruins what the McMann family had for a company. It would take a miracle to get WWE back to where it should be through new wrestlers and changing attitudes from wrestlers that are too domineering. If the attitudes of certain wrestlers aren’t changed and disruption is not changed, then how is any wrestler going to feel like wrestling in a script if the script is just a downfall, too. I also think that there should be shows outside instead of inside, including smaller shows to bring crowds in that can watch as in fans to applaud or boo the wrestlers of their choice like it should be. That would keep the show going and the people interested more about WWE. What are the guidelines of each city that they could not do something like this? It would change the drama up some & get different outcomes by nothing being the same as in 1 big show. Who could make this happen? Are there any real people who could bring the character of WWE back? Why doesn’t anyone as in owners want any thoughts to change? Are they just plain ignorant, thoughtless and uncaring? What shows now in WWE is too boring and too many reruns of the same garbage in thoughts. Who kicks Triple H and Stephanie to the curb to bring a better WWE? Who has the money to do the same thing that most falling companies and their owners are not able to do and recreate a falling business?

110 Positive Affirmations That Will Improve Your Mindset And Your Life — Bournemouth Girl

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash There is so much value in appreciating yourself and what you have in your life. Affirmations and positive statements that you repeat to yourself throughout the day or write them in your journal can prove invaluable to maintaining a positive mindset. When you practise positive affirmations regularly, you help […]

110 Positive Affirmations That Will Improve Your Mindset And Your Life — Bournemouth Girl

PS3 PlayStation Parts Selling on Mercari

PS3 PlayStation parts selling on Mercari that I am trying to get rid of these parts before moving this month. I have these PS3 PlayStation parts from different model types, & also 4 complete PS3s I took from being in parts, to get them working, including getting better parts for them & can refurbish these PS3s to make money. These are the parts I have put on & will add more to here as I get them on Mercari.

Here’s the list:

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  2. Sony PlayStation PS3 Japan CECH-A00 Power Unit Box Used=
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Life In the Woods

Life in the woods is definitely a way to have a pleasurable time. The woods are the most fascinating & desirable places to be alone & be away from others when you need moments of peace. You can find out how much you can endure through living with animals & other wildlife. Life in the woods is with you & nature, feeling the most interesting & freshest air around. Being in the woods is better than in the city, where the smog & pollution are around to pollute your body & lungs just as much as if you were smoking.  Pictures can be taken of wildlife & possibly the wild animals you wouldn’t notice if in the city because it needs all that freshness that is around.  There are positives & negatives around when either living in the city or out in the country.  The country is in the woods where there are a lot of trees, leaves, bark & wild plants that are mostly considered herbs for taking care of your health naturally.

There is so much to do in preparation for living in the woods.  Life in the woods is made by camping out or even building a log cabin & naturally insulating it.  This can be a project by having to collect trees from all over & making logs or just buying the logs already prefabricated.  If not, you measure & cut them during the hottest or best time of the year.   There is a need for electricity with a generator & even having to learn about hunting to get food & out in the wild to find running water before you make wells to have water when you need it.  All these ventures take time with family being together, working together & spending time together as 1 unit if not all family members out doing their own thing.  That does also mean learning about wildlife & the dangers along with it.  These dangers have to do with wild animals, etc. and knowing how to be well protected before even starting a venture on your own.  Do people know the positives & negatives of life in the woods?  This is just a start.  How much work is involved when preparing to make your life in the woods?

Few Things Highly Confident People Don’t Do

This is from another blogger who thought about people running businesses & I thought it was a great learning tool for me.

Miss Dollar

Highly confident people believe in their ability to achieve. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else put their faith in you? To walk with swagger and improve your self-confidence, watch out for these fifteen things highly confident people don’t do.

They don’t make excuses.

Highly confident people take ownership of their thoughts and actions. They don’t blame the traffic for being tardy at work; they were late. They don’t excuse their short-comings with excuses like “I don’t have the time” or “I’m just not good enough”; they make the time and they keep on improving until they are good enough.

They don’t avoid doing the scary thing.

Highly confident people don’t let fear dominate their lives. They know that the things they are afraid of doing are often the very same things that they need to do in order to evolve into the person they are…

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Read Aloud with Children

If we were to have to stay at home with our children more, would anybody find that training their children & other children online would be a hard thing to do?


Recently I have been working with my son on reading aloud, because his reading test at school shows his reading speed is below average. I am not too concerned about his reading speed, since I know he can read fast when he doesn’t have to read aloud. But I do want to work with him on reading aloud as a way to improve his self-expression and story telling skills.

To do a good job in reading aloud, kids have to learn to coordinate multiple tasks into a smooth process: “read by eyes”, “process information by brain”, and “read out aloud”. My son is good at each single task, but is not so good at putting all tasks together.

What I have been doing is to find short stories for us to read to each other. One book my son has enjoyed is the FREE Aesop for Children from Libray of…

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The Art of Getting Chosen

The art of getting chosen comes from what you do, what you learn, how far you take your learning & applying it to what position you want to be chosen for!  This applies to everything you do in life when you are getting into contests or even trying to go pro in sports. 

Taking a place on a team in being chosen means a lot to a team working on a specific project or job being done. Taking the time after being chosen to check out what it needed from you, how you get resources, taking the time to listen to what is being said & what you as an individual put into the statements & ideas that help you all as a team. This also brings in what you remember and provide in this team effort to fully understand your part or position that you are asked to do. You bring to the table when asked, that is to let others know what your skills are for your part & whatever you can provide in other areas if you have ways to help in other parts too. This shows that you are quite knowledgeable & may get picked for other jobs or projects later on. If done right, someday you could even be a leader of a project. 


The people below a leader are picked for a project that the subject probably has already been chosen, which gives the leader a 1 up to knowing who is and has to be on the project. This can also be a job in a restaurant, getting an office job, doing construction, knowing the managers or supervisors that you have to make conversation with, in order to be chosen and keep a job for as long a period as asked for. As a leader, you need to know how to communicate and go through different phases and be in control of what must be done. The leader also must know how to apply him/herself to posting ads or being open and very decisive to what they want. There is no going 1 way and then back to something else that would confuse your crew when giving orders or putting your foot down to reinforce what you want done for a day, week, month or even years. A leader has to have lots of knowledge, be in control, do tasks that he is being expected to do and doesn’t just sit and act like he has no other thing to do each day. That leader needs to be on top of everything and have others around who can report back to him/her about each and every job or position that is part of the overall task for the business or project to succeed. It takes brains, brawn sometimes, intelligence, how and where those chosen are being put that brings the best out of those chosen for that part or position to accomplish the tasks needed for each and every day during the period that part was asked for.

A leader will go through a lot of never-ending tasks and classes that will get him/her to that spot needed to fill that leader position. It might take a few weeks, or months that go into years, then bring that all-knowing intelligence to someone over him/her that shows what they can do as a leader along with speaking out a lot. Speaking out a lot means more opportunities and better jobs, bringing accomplishments and successes. These accomplishments and successes will be what is placed on a wall to show the incredible parts or positions that make it known to all about everything this individual has done in his/her life. Being chosen underneath an individual who has managerial or supervisory positions will give them an understanding of the wishes and wants of that particular manager or supervisor and his position he/she must do to keep a product or project rolling until done. Those under this manager or supervisor need to be very thoughtful, coordinate, inspire, help in other necessary jobs to be done and no argument at all. There can be questions and no question asked is a most foolish one if that person or individual doesn’t ask it. If that question isn’t asked when comes to mind, it can take you out or even keep the whole team from knowing something that you only might have helped set others straight if asked. that might even have a manager or supervisor possibly needing to get more knowledge from his superiors.


Life on a team is so great and can get you better spots when needed to. That means that if you are on a team or in a company and don’t let others know about times and dates that come that keep you from being there that day, it may end up in you being out the door and missing something that was very important that day you missed. So much can be messed up if not there and especially, like sports, other individuals expecting you to play would damage a team playing towards a championship or Superbowl like pro football; also, possibly if doing a presentation in class & the grade you get is set for the day you miss, that makes your team miss out on a better grade. Excelling in life and on a team gives you a bigger chance at being bigger than most that aren’t excelling at anything. Those left behind will be nothing and can achieve nothing in life. If they do achieve anything, they must put forth an effort to get where others are in a quicker time and never let struggling ever wear them down. These are ways to really get noticed!

determination and purpose that bring you where you want to be!

K.S.@ksfinblog: Global Analyst


The art of getting picked for a job, interview, network is hard, capricious and makes you wish you could tear someone hair out.

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CoronaVirus Lingers!

As the Coronavirus lingers and wears on in our daily lives, we all our found to rest and find ways to encourage each other.  The Coronavirus wears on us all through our minds whether we are stuck inside or not, more if stuck inside away from our family, friends, neighbors and our social lives altogether.  As the Coronavirus lingers, we need to have patience and find ways to interact online and get our needs met online, also!  The Coronavirus is giving the bigger stores more income, and we see that the smaller stores are trying to help everyone out as they limit how much of the crucial needs that others are getting so much of.  What can we do to change our lives while this Coronavirus lingers? I sit here chatting on my phone, play online games, etc. which keeps me from losing my sanity and thinking about what I miss outside.  When getting my needs met online, I am helping the shipping companies as well as the post offices as much as possible.  I may be alone right now, but am healthy because I know how to keep my balanced life going by using anything that increases my body health and immunity.  This I suggest to you all including any ways possible in getting all types of anti-viral antidotes used and spread the word to everyone you know to keep your lives from being infected as well as others and also for helping those who are or may be infected around you.  This all helps to slow down the amount that the Coronavirus can spread more!

herbs and corona virus — Everything Matters

a few thoughts on an article I saw. the FDA is cracking down on false claims, which is okay in and of itself but the take away it seems is to shun herbs altogether which is not okay. Below are my brief comments. This is the link to the article: FDA, FTC slam 7 companies […]

via herbs and corona virus — Everything Matters

Corona Virus

Corona Virus is just a virus that works to destroy our bodies.  There are viruses that are just like it & we are spending a lot of money on figuring out how to get rid of it.  There are ways to get rid of it & I have posted about the virus problems which includes the CoronaVirus & what you can look for through it all.  This CoronaVirus is like all other viruses that hinder our health & keep us from getting back into the swing of things we do from day to day.  Trump as president has no answers but can mess with us all through not exactly knowing what or who to take care of.  This CoronaVirus is a way to jerk us around through what he wants us all to do.  There are solutions which I have put on my healthywaystolive blog which will give you different ways to get better or even keep this virus we have away from us each & every day.  This virus is all a worldwide concern & through loved ones we have.  Make sure to do what you can to keep it away from everything we know & have which tries us & works on our thoughts always.  Please work on getting better through this mess that is destroying people around the world!

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business is a constant need after you open up & after you close.  Your business before going online with a domain name is quite crucial.  What you do as you open your business is creating ads 1 way or another.  These ads should help when you put them up in the window(s) when you have a brick & mortar store.  Ads work to get customers into your business & help you sell the products that you inventory.  These products are all about your business.  The business needs marketing by word of mouth & repeat customers.  Marketing comes in so many different types & using 1-2 can really get you started in your business.  Right now I am marketing by word of mouth & online through 2 different blogs.  What I do is get people who are in need of what I sell by bringing up these store links through eBay.  eBay is a selling & buying platform for all kinds of products for sellers & buyers to be aware of.  Marketing wherever you are & in whatever business you get in to is your communication to the outside world.  When you have a business go online, then you can really get noticed outside the place you are in locally.  That means you not only sell locally, you can sell regionally, statewide, nationally & then globally.  It all depends on what kind of time you put into your business.  This can take time & there are also ways to get to people you want as customers & their needs.  Their needs are what makes sales for you & your business.  I go to places I know & get items from others & relate to people I know about what I sell.  These places are everything when running a business.  The people you know that become customers that buy from you & know you well are the people who after taking your products, will start to tell other people they know by word of mouth & start a big trend & make your business grow.  So marketing your business is better & smarter which gets you so much more down the line!

Food: Nutrition Always

Food: Nutrition Always is a slogan we all need to keep!  This slogan means living and committing to all forms of food that we eat.  Refined food like sugar, flour, etc. that sells for almost nothing doesn’t make your nutrition in food help your body.  It leaves you empty on its own unless you combine that refined food with other food that will give you nutrition.  Refined food is just a cover.  Food: Nutrition Always which you need a balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc. which using herbs and spices are always good by adding in to your food in small doses.  Being healthy is how illnesses and other health problems like major ones as in cancer, depression, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. need exercise and lots of water and other fluids.  All types of vessels in your body will stay clogged a lot if they are not diluted by fluids after eating lots of solids.  Salads will help very much as vegetables have lots of water content.  Your body is filled with mostly water and blood.  Aches and pains are included in everything with illnesses.

When I ask these questions, they are to help bring you to a reasonable state of mind and clarify food is a good thing.  What is the reason for food when you start from a baby and grow up within a family?  When you have little ones and don’t pay attention to your own body, your little ones as they grow up will follow what you do.  Food, either organic or not organic will help you.  Organic food has its own nutritional values compared to foods otherwise.  The other foods have extra stuff that your body takes longer to work with unless you use prescriptions when seeing a doctor.  Foods do work through illnesses, but you should know that when you have illnesses there are no cures.  Your body needs a balance in all levels and if the balance is low in 1 area, you need to get it fixed by eating food(s) like a lawn or your plants or whatever you grow in a garden.  Everything in life needs balance.  I will tell you that cures for any illnesses are fixed by nutrition in foods, spices, herbs, etc. and they will need time and rushing anything does slow your body down.  Everything you need comes to you in pieces and not all at once.

Illnesses We All Have

Illnesses we all have make no sense to us as we continue each and every day living the life we chose.  Illnesses keep us from being normal; from getting up to get to jobs or everyday activities; from being able to drive, see, think, walk or run, etc.  All these illnesses are just a way to tell you that your body is not in balance.  Not all these illnesses have to kill us!  They really don’t.  The body needs to get back in line like anything else you care about, like in animals, vehicles or even your homes.  When they fall apart, we either send them to see someone or bring a contractor over to fix the problems we have.  Why is it that we never use what we learn from our grandparents for eliminating easy coughs & colds?  Your grandparents never had to find someone that brought on miracles to kill a cough or cold.  Why is it that we don’t have time for making sure our bodies are taken care of without the high-priced fixes doctors make you think you need?  Let’s say that I am you when you are dealing with cancer.

Cancer of any internal or external part of your body including anything like leukemia or something that has to do with needing bone marrow can all be taken care of by simply using fruits and vegetables with very dark colors.  Getting bone marrow naturally is by taking the bone from a chicken or beef or maybe pork and softening up the bone so much that the bone itself which after softened is like a fabric you can cut from end to the other.  This has to do with athletes, mothers, children, fathers, etc. in which the body I say again is not in balance.  It is missing nutritional items that people can’t duplicate into pill form and expect the pills to fix you or cure you entirely.  Pills you get from a pharmacy & centers for cancer or anything else is not the answer, but the way to get answers.  They have licensed personnel that handle stuff but should teach others about the choices they make if a patient.  This goes for a lot of children or parents of children who have kids as patients.  Choices of how to get back instead of letting them die to bring hope to parents who are crushed after their kids die.  There is only 1 cure for everything in this world which will bring us all what we want and that is balance in all systems in your body.

Athletes in sports including families like a mother or wife of a football star, maybe those who fight around the world for our country in the military, or a wrestler who takes on an extreme pain threshold including injuries to the head and neck really need to get a lot of nutrition during their prime.  These are the best performers or gladiators fighting & needing lots of ways to be physically taken care of.  The people in the military are the most who get worked & come out tore up in more suffering than they know.  Therapy for all is needed by way of knowing what the body is missing and finding a way to get to the problem any way you can.  It can also go through people that have been in the military a lot.

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Can President Trump Be Trusted?

Can President Trump be trusted?  President Trump I believe has made definite changes.  How does President Trump think he can predict the future?  Is he all-knowing?  Is he a magician?  Does President Trump have fortune telling skills?  President Trump wants you to believe that the world revolves around him and his ways as he shows you his power with money.  The only way President Trump is considered accurate by me is when he shows that his actions speak louder than his mouth.  What we have here is someone as the president that considers that everything can be manipulated by him.  It is true that President Trump can twist everything he says around and make all you people believe in how he makes life worth living, if you all take every word he says as truth!  There is nothing I see in his words that have actually been laid out with and by his actions.  “Actions speak louder than words!”  Just because President Trump has money, he believes that money is the way, truth and life.  Why is it that we all are bound by someone as the president that can’t even tell the truth and has had various times when he has been put on the stand?  He can throw people out that know the truth as if the government is like a business.  The government isn’t a business, but a place where a bunch of people who elect others as Republicans and Democrats are to stand tall and proud, are expected to trust those Senate family to be better and not have to bring chaos just to make the world revolve around their fingers.  The senate isn’t even able to understand what President Trump is doing.  Is President Trump for real and why is President Trump so shifty in his ways?  Here is a lot of questions for everyone who reads this!  Just believe in who you are and not in what we as a country are right now!

Does Trump Really Care How He Has Changed Us?

How do you feel about Donald Trump as our president?  Donald Trump really acts totally like the government is his throne, his business, his place to spit on all others & consider himself better than us all.  He even ridicules his help he brought into this place of his.  Does Donald Trump really know that he has run himself down instead of running us into the ground?  What lifestyle did Donald Trump have while he was growing up?  Did he come from the British or UK with his evil ways?  Was Donald Trump rejected & a pathetic bully when he was at school?  Donald Trump has no right to be down on anybody but himself!  Donald Trump as president surely has decided that we are all losers when he should be thinking that about himself.  What a mockery!  Where does it say our government went from democratic to full on king & queen with the Whitehouse being his castle?  It’s a good thing he can’t kick the senate team out like he can his employees as he acts as if he is an employer.  Has anybody tell him that his throne is back at his business he left behind since this money he gets from being president is his only money he retires on.  Donald Trump hasn’t changed us; he has changed himself for the worst!  Why does he not wake up to reality since he has been living in a fantasy world that he craves so much to be in?  Changing us can’t be done, but Donald Trump can keep changing himself right out of office & onto the streets without pay!  Try that you miserable old man called president.

Donald Trump As President or God

Donald Trump as president makes for a very barbaric time.  Since I have had thoughts of how our government has changed, I think Donald Trump is the worst even if he has votes from a lot of people.  Donald Trump has shown he can get rid of a lot of people’s thinking towards what he had put up when he was getting people to vote for him.  Now that he has become president, he makes decisions for us as he thinks we can’t decide for ourselves & thinks he is God to everyone.  Donald Trump should take a permanent vacation.  He should not be paid for his works that have ruined the kind of deals that screw with us all.  Tell me what you wish to have changed unless he is voted in for 3 more terms.

Donald Trump had a good time when he first started.  As he works to playing king of the mountain, I really wonder if there is anyone who would vote for him now.  Donald Trump thinks he is God which he needs to think again.  As Donald Trump seems to learn how other governments think of him, he really is nothing as he stays within the confining walls of the White House & considers it his castle & domain.  Does Donald Trump have my vote?  Not even!  His ways show through his children also, especially through his daughter who thinks she should act like a goddess whose garbage over time shouldn’t stink.  He has brought into our government a socialistic environment as opposed to our democracy which gives us a lot more freedom than we would have through kings & queens running us ragged or taking money that we work for until we have nothing left.  His decision making stinks too.  This is an outrage I love to post as I see more & more of who Donald Trump really is.  Where does Mr. Trump as president get his despicable works & ways from?  He sure knows how to be a controller without sticking his neck out the door?  What would you do if you could change a government like this?

I have been looking at President Donald Trump who as our voted in president is not only a clown but a person making fools out of us all.  By showing that he is a businessman only goes to show that he has no business in the government.  This coronavirus has turned us all into little mice running around & acting like we are in a maze that will never end.  President Trump acts like he cares & sits on his butt keeping anybody & everybody away since he is all about communism & socialistic values that we are being trained to live with now.  This is how we will live if we don’t get a way to work above what he & al the rest of the political leaders & scientists are doing for a way to respond to this virus.  The coronavirus is just a virus & since President Trump has no cares for what the citizens are doing, I consider him another Adolph Hitler.  He will be using China in his next voting deals to keep him in office if we don’t look for someone else.  We need to complain & petition as much as possible to keep this maniacal rat from getting another term in office.  What do we do if we all just sit & spin like there is nothing we can do or work to get rid of this virus & President Trump?  Are we really that naïve?  If we care for freedom as much as we do, why do we not find other ways to get an income through the internet instead of relying on businesses that are shutdown?  Can’t we try working to make our lives better on our own or do we not know what that is?  Hopefully we all can get a better understanding of what this president & other political leaders are really worth!

Decisions the Government Will Make For Us

Do you believe that the government should decide who what where why & how we do things from day to day?

I am wondering if we all really want to have the government decide & make decisions which stop us from having any say in all kinds of problems or what goes on in our lives.  When we do, we are giving up on what we can do & let the government speak for us.  This includes the presidents we have & put in office.  This means that including Donald Trump as president for our country, we are not giving our say that could turn our country which is democratic or free into a socialistic or communistic country.  If this country would go communistic, the government would flat out run our lives for us 24/7, all year long.  Everyone might like it for a time, but think what you give up until the world is gone or what we give up for the generations to come.  Think of how the government can screw with our working environments, social environments, when we wake or sleep, when we eat or can buy anything we can get now all day long or night which turns into an all day affair, etc.  This to me doesn’t seem like a great value to our society.  We are pushed around by everything around us & everybody including the police who can be like gestapos as in Russia or China.  Does this matter to you?

Life In the Woods

Life in the woods is definitely a way to make a pleasurable time. The woods are the most fascinating & desirable places to be alone & be away from others when you are needing moments of peace. You can find out how much you can endure through living with animals & other wildlife. Life in the woods is with you & nature, feeling the most interesting & freshest air around. Being in the woods is better than in the city, where the smog & pollution are around to pollute your body & lungs just as much as if you were smoking.  Pictures can be taken of wildlife & possibly the wild animals you wouldn’t notice if in the city because it needs all that freshness that is around.  There are positives & negatives around when either living in the city or out in the country.  The country is in the woods where there are a lot of trees, leaves, bark & wild plants that are mostly considered herbs for taking care of your health naturally.

There is so much to do in preparation for living in the woods.  Life in the woods is made by camping out or even building a log cabin & naturally insulating it.  This can be a project by having to collect trees from all over & making logs or just buying the logs already prefabricated.  If not, you measure & cut them during the hottest or best time of the year.   There is a need for electricity with a generator & even having to learn about hunting to get food & out in the wild to find running water before you make wells to have water when you need it.  All these ventures take time with family being together, working together & spending time together as 1 unit if not all family members out doing their own thing.  That does also mean learning of wildlife & the dangers along with it.  These dangers have to do with wild animals, etc. & knowing how to be well protected before even starting a venture on your own.  Do people know the positives & negatives of life in the woods?  This is just a start.  How much work is involved when preparing to make your life in the woods?

Work For a Living

Am back to work making my life a little better.  As you all remember that I was messed up with sciatic nerve problems so much, I have been working on moving a lot more so I can get better.  As I get better, my body works against me & I have to fight to make it work the way I want.  I have been using dumbbells to increase my muscles in my arms & at shoulders.  These muscles affect me when I work more because I am lifting more things when I work which increases my stamina & perseverance.  I get increased energy through this small workout & stretch every other day.  I have to eat better to get rid of the increased problems I have while getting stronger too.  Life seems like its better way to live & help others while working for their health problems like their eyesight & keeping their eyesight better with foods like fruits which give your eyes the necessary fluids when using a computer a lot for work.  My wife really loves that I work out & bring her a lot of life when I am doing daily activities with her & working to make our home a better place.  I use teas, coffee, cereals, making smoothies, soups, chili, pancakes, canned pumpkin for natural steroids, vitamins minerals, amino acids & lots of fiber.  These all help to get my body back in shape along with keeping it all intact as you get older, you lose more nutrients & have to increase all your nutrients for you to be as good as when you were younger.  I have to research a lot so I can get my necessary nutrients working in my body & have everything I need & be as active as I can be each & every day.  These times that I work, I feel very good & can say that I can go to bed without needing to use pills to put me to sleep as much as I did when I was young & had allergies.  Learning about all your health problems & using natural foods & nutrients along with exercise brings more of your body’s systems to use more of those nutrients than from using pills from the pharmacy.  You really have to like wean your body away from the pills you get when you use natural foods & get those nutrients back in your body.  This is how I was able to get back to work.  I am so glad that I didn’t use any surgery or have parts of my body removed like internal organs that you really need each & every day.  I would love to see others try this & ask me for any way you can get back to what you used to be.