Life in a New Body


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Have you ever thought about being normal again? Does your kids & their flexibility while they’re young make you think of when you were their age? Recovery is the way to go to become like your young ones.  Healing & your health have a lot to make your body recover & give you what we call the “Fountain of Youth.”  There is a way to become as flexible as your kids are if you truly believe you can.  This way is of not of having surgery, but to use any & all natural ingredients which will help you to get back what you want.  I did it & so can you! I had to research it since I didn’t have a job or have anyway to keep one. So I went out to the library & started looking up natural ways to make me young again after trashing my body from playing sports so much! I know people who tell me that there are other ways to get better, but that’s not me when I lose parts of my body!  Losing parts of your body means that the rest of your body breaks down also. 1 by 1 & piece by piece, your body finally stops working. When your body stops working, you are no longer living. Those of us who consider staying with it are the ones who fight back for survival!

Doctors are great at what they do! When getting your body to recover, talk to your doctor & get him to give you advice on who would be great at homeopathy (doctor for natural ways to repair you with vitamins, minerals, amino acids & other natural ways which keep you away from surgery). I did what I needed to repair my body & am physically up & running in no time with rest & exercising my body!  I have had to go back & see the doctor time & again, but nothing that doctor can’t tell you about when they tell you the problem.

After seeing doctors & having them give me the right types of exercises to do that are allowed for the injury I had, I did them for a few months to get flexible & be able to make doctors happy.  I then had them test me again to know that I could go on to my workout sessions. Along with taking nutritional shakes that most people will frown on, I will add fruits that are all liquefied with the nutritional shake which helps to add more nutrients to it & replenishing what my body has burnt up when working out or just exercising.  I know most people can’t workout, but can use an exercycle to help you exercise after walking the block & coming back home.  This will help you strengthen your body & muscles that have been unused for a while.  Use that information to go back & relay that information to your homeopathist who helps you get better. They put you on the right track helping you to stay alive & nourished! Once you get to that point, you have made it to where your kids are in life!

Rodney Gottier

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