My Life Age 6

In my life of 6-10 years of age, I had numerous activities I did at home & out with friends.  I wasn’t the only kid in the family anymore.  There was a new addition which was my brother who was born in December.  I wasn’t the center of attraction so I went out being the good kid for my parentsMy dad was working at night at the mailing facility in downtown Denver while we lived in Lochbuie, which was a trailer park & close to my mom’s parents.  They were so good to me when I needed to go there & be taken care of.  I had a lot of love for my family of parents & grandparents.  They loved me as I was the worker & played to stay busy.  I stayed away if there was no one at home or my dad was sleeping during the day since he worked most of the night. 

At the age of 6, I was usually helping my mom as she had to take care of my brother since he was less than a year old.  I did the home cleaning which was the dishes, cleaning the table & stove after doing the dishes, & also the sweeping of the kitchen floor & vacuuming of the carpet.  When I was having problems with putting the electrical plug in the outlet, I would get a charge from putting 1 prong of the plug in & then take & put my thumb or first finger on the other prong & get it in that way.  I would get zapped & let go.  I would do that a few times before I learned how much muscle it took at the time to actually get it in the outlet.  It would give me a burst of energy as I learned how to get it in that outlet more & more.  I never ever had water on my hands & tried that because I knew then that I would get more than zapped like before.  How did I know?  I read about electricity & water in the encyclopedias that was bought for me when I needed them to learn from.  I learned a lot from those A-Z encyclopedia set of 20 books.  I studied those books a lot.  I went to school during the day & would go to my grandparents after school until my mom came home at a certain time.  I would go after my mom called & let her parents know she was at home & I needed to be there, too.  I was there to eat & help out some & do my homework I had every night after school.  When I was at my grandparents, I got to watch a water fountain they had out in the front yard.  I liked it when I was so close to my immediate family members.  They all made me feel at home.  I worked for my dad also when he was gone a lot or in bed too after work.  I would use the lawnmower to cut the grass in the front to the back since our trailer was on 1 side of the property.  I would get to use the grass clippers on my hands & knees since we only had the hand held manual ones in the shed.  Doing work & chores were always something I just accepted as being part of the family.  I felt so close to them too.  Life as a kid wasn’t always fun & games.  I got to play, but school work & chores were to come first.  Those were the rules at our house along with pets being taken care of before running off to a friend’s house or going anywhere.

Since I was brought up in a Christian family, I went to church every time my parents went.  From being a baby to now as an older adult, my life was more about knowing what was right & wrong.  I was taken to church as a baby & was brought up in front of the pastor so he could show all people in church who I was & they all could say how cute I was later on.  We went to activities afterwards which included volleyball or football at a park close by the church.  When going to church, we would always travel back & forth to Denver to be with people we knew a lot more & loved to be with.  This church was a Church of God affiliation.  My mom loved to travel & drive a lot.  They were both brought up in Christian families as well.  Church was in their blood.  I learned a lot & also made friends there always & well liked.  While I was in service & sitting, I would need to use the restroom they had in church & ask to go.  After I was done, I would head for the spot they had the remaining donuts at checking to get them if there were any left.  I also ate a lot all the time.  After church, we head for any buffets around for my parents to take me since I ate a lot. Mom & dad took me there to let me eat all I wanted at a one time fee instead of having to pay some crazy prices like now for the 3 of us & my baby brother.  It was like $6/person then.  As I was growing up, they still paid less than like a McDonalds or Wendys that was around.  These were our family outings for the week.  We would always go with my parents’ parents to have a real get together.  We spent the whole day with them.  We went to visit people in nursing homes as well.  So learned a lot that way & tried real hard to stay out of trouble.  I would get in trouble once in a great while if trying something new. 

I would study after school & watch TV to keep me thinking since I had this memory problem & would need help sometimes in meaning of words or help with math problems a lot.  I was able to do this & do homework, too.  Then after a while, I just sat & either got bored with homework or really interested in the 1/2 hour TV shows.  I would watch “The Munsters“, “Addams Family“, “Gilligan’s Island“, “Batman” & more.  So I guess my dad thought that I would get behind, so he told me no TV until I got my homework done for school.  Anyway, I would get my schoolwork done & then watch TV before we ate supper & then would have a little more time for us to have our study & prayer time which brought out a lot of issues we were able to talk about within the few days we could squeeze that time in for us.  So I learned & took it on myself to be better & do what I needed at the age of 6.

Rodney Gottier


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