Six book publishing lessons from Open Road Media’s first three years

I am seeing a difference in how this book publisher helps book writers in all they do. This is 1 book publisher that can handle taking on book authors & helping them get beyond nothingness.

There are other ways like selling on Amazon, EBay or even through WordPress. Each one you can put a price on to sell to readers who are interested in your book(s). Get this book which will give you the information you need so that you can price it & sell it on any of these 3 online outlets or even other online stores you find which will get you started in selling & promoting your own book. This way you will not have to wait along with sending it to book publishers also if that’s the way you can sell it.

Here is my link to getting a new EBook called “EBook Publishers Secrets”.
It is my new website: that is just for people to read about EBook Publisher Secrets which will help to gain knowledge of how you can make money as you are waiting for book publishers to accept your better manuscript or book you have taken the time to write & let the world know of your new book. By selling it online, you will have given the public a preview of your latest & greatest story or accomplishment of all time.


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