Do you know there are differences in what sugars you use?  Are you debating on the use of sugar & its benefits for you or family?  There are different kinds of sugars that we all use & our body needs.  One of them isn’t good for you & we call it refined sugar.  Refined sugar is got nothing for nutritional benefits.  Artificial sweeteners aren’t good for your body & have no nutritional benefits in them that your body needs at all.   Adding sugars to what’s added in dry or cold cereals isn’t good for your body. 




These pictures above are showing fruits & natural sugar in the fruits that help with all other types of nutrition that your body works with.  They all help with other health problems you have that can be decreased in size as you eat more of these fruits with not as much initial cravings & leave you fuller than when you just have sweets & pastries all the time!  Use lots of fruits to get the sugar your body craves.  These are sugars you want in your body.  The sugars also you want in your body are a natural kind.  One of them comes from honey & another is called Stevia.   There are other ways to get sugar naturally.  Make sure you always exercise to give your body the needed nutrition throughout your entire body for it to use it & burn calories off your body doesn’t need.  The sweetness in honey comes from how dark the color is in the bottle it comes in.  The darker it is, the more nutrition it has.  The lighter it is, the less you will find other than carbs & is like a refined sugar in a way.  It does the body no good to have it unless it has nutrition to it.  It’s like going out in the morning & exercising & then coming back home & going out again without having eaten anything all day long.  Sitting or relaxing when taking certain sugars does your body nothing other than just letting the sugar flow through your body giving you a hard time & wondering why either your body is emptying out  or just plain getting stored for other times.  When sitting or relaxing a lot like at work & no exercising, it will keep building up & you will gain weight as it keeps storing inside your body until there is a problem.  Make sure you exercise a lot to keep your body at its best!  When problems in health are about sugars, whether milk or any other food form, there are usually problems in your body not having been balanced with all your systems.  Make sure you know about them by asking your doctor to get you remedies that are good for your body along with the meds or prescriptions they give you to help your body become balanced for all the nutrition you need like when you were a baby & a little kid.  This gives you the energy & time to become healthier & better like your younger years. 


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