A Better Way to Health

Better ways to health are so uncommon as we all never know what to get because of so many people writing or adding their opinions before actually researching the topics that they are writing about.  Health is so important to us when we need to rely on others to get information & all we get is everything but specifics.  When there are no specifics, we usually end up just going by what we are doing already & end up with the same results as we had before because nobody will say anything & take responsibility for what they know.  Knowledge is power for better health.  I will tell you that the only way you can overcome anything in life is to try it & make sure that you know what your body is doing which helps you to get results from what you eat.  Results also come from writing down what you eat every day & then working on getting to know what is in those foods you ate & take in consideration for the combination of foods you eat too.  By buying the foods you eat & getting the nutritional value of every one of these foods will help you as you gain what you are eating & what you are lacking in nutrition.  I have had to do this a lot & work at what I need to support all the health problems I have had. You can read the other posts I have written to get an idea of what these problems are & what & how I deal with how my body is working & how I deal with these problems at the age I am today.  This gives you an estimate of what it takes for me to keep up with my aging & the foods I have to have along with some food supplements to make sure I stay healthy after playing sports until I was 40 & trashing my body from all the wrecklessness I endured during that time.



Fruits & vegetables are a main source of all the minerals you need along with some vitamins you need, too.  Meats meaning all kinds of meat have a lot of vitamins & minerals that your body needs to provide for your systems inside that perfect body you have.  It’s not how much you eat, but what you get to eat because there are & will still be genetic engineering by all kinds of scientists & other workers who are recycling & trying to add more stuff in that we aren’t actually getting daily.  We need to be careful & get mostly organic foods & read labels on canned foods that have added items & question whether it is good for us.  Tradition has gone south & away from us so much that we don’t even think about anything but pricing & where a store is nearest to us.  We need to start working on making homemade foods like our parents’ parents did to provide food for their families.  This is the only way you know you are working to get the best health your body needs.  I am always working to find the best for me & go to get foods that will be as natural as they can be through grocers who make sure that food is better than those grocers who just get anything & everything for anyone & don’t care about anything other than profits.  Be sure to give me anything you would like to know about health through questions or comments that are helpful to you & others, too!


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