Insulin Production & Stabilizing Levels

How many people in this world can say they have their sugar levels & insulin levels under control?  This is hard to do when your insulin levels are getting out of control & make your body increase in size.  Body weight is never stable & exercising helps but is never quite the same.


Using this image to illustrate how to avoid so many diabetic, insulin, & overweight issues which have a problem with the body being able to metabolize all the fats, sugars, amino acids & carbs we put into our systems just seems to throw it all out of kilter.  We need to align our systems in our bodies to get them working right & feel great again instead of in the dumps.  There is an adjustment you can use naturally to slow down the insulin & you sugar levels which will also stabilize those levels also.  This is how the insulin works in your body which leaves you happy & generally has you thinking you are fine.  Insulin is stored in the pancreas & regulates food metabolism & storage.  Insulin takes control of your body & will adjust to what foods you eat, how much sugar is actually in your body & will stabilize the levels accordingly.


This is an image of how insulin works through the body.  Insulin is moved inside of your cells, turns amino acids from protein into muscle & fatty acids into fat.  Sugar is stored in liver & muscle first.  The excess of sugar is stored as fat through triglyceride conversion.  Secretion of insulin is increased in all food groups.  As an example, a low-fat diet full of excess carbs causes the pancreas to overproduce insulin.  The bleached foods which are the color of white have been refined & the nutrients from them have been stripped away.  When an overabundance of sugar is in your body, your weight will increase & your thoughts go wild on you.  The pancreas can get to the point of being overworked & have nothing for sugar supply to keep making insulin which leaves it to stop & not continue functioning.  This causes the blood sugar to elevate & because there isn’t enough insulin, your body becomes a diabetic which goes out of control.  I’m sure now you are plainly confused & asking where this is all going to.  How do you feel now knowing there is a solution to the pre-diabetic effect & figuring out how to slow down your insulin & sugar cravings that your body is using up in a matter of seconds it seems?  It may be like minutes instead.


This picture or image is to show how the pancreas & other vital organs store & use the sugars we give them through the day.  I will tell you that your body is very special & if you are not in tune with it, health problems will increase which isn’t a good sign.  Naturally, foods you get should start at a farmers’ market or grocers who actually have organic foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts & herbs if vegetarian.  Meat is definitely good for increasing the process of slowing down your sugar & insulin levels & absorb all the over abundance of insulin & sugar your body has accumulated.  Your body will slowly make use of everything you eat, but if you don’t exercise for at least 1/2 an hour, this food just sits & does nothing but go in & out of your body.  Don’t exercise too much to the point of your body being so fatigued & sweating a lot or you will need to replenish your body with more nutrients to make it rejuvenate your energy supply.



You can get vegetables that will help use the insulin & natural sugars to work through the body from the vitamins & minerals that they contain.  All kinds of great nutrition can be added to your body to help use the sugar & insulin to stabilize it.  Using fruits like berries, oranges, kiwi, etc. in a fruit salad without the whipped cream is great for reducing the added sugars in containers & cans, too.  These fruits are a great way for your body to maintain glucose & insulin levels within the body’s cells which control how much gets used in & out of those cells in the body.  Falling asleep to let your body rest will function the correct way after a good workout & getting your body exercised.  Here is the solution to slowing down the insulin that your body has been over-producing & should correct other health problems.  These health problems that are using insulin & burning up the sugar in your body in a matter of no time at all are controlled by: 1) chromium, 2) brewer’s yeast, 3) whole-grain breads & cereals, 4) all kinds of meat, 5) shellfish, 6) eggs, 7) zinc & all help in stabilizing blood sugar & your insulin levels.  Don’t forget to exercise at least 1/2 hour or more.  The nutrients you use are all processed to help your body function & work the correct way.  Zinc will help to change testosterone to estrogen for women that are having PCOS.


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