Winter & Halloween

Winter & Halloween are such a great time of the year.  I used to love tromping in the snow while going trick-or-treating as a kid.  Trick-or-treating was fun as you feel scared during the night & think of all the ghoulies, witches, zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc. in the night.


As I went from house to house to go trick-or-treating, I was always looking for everything scary while in the cold & wintery night.  It seemed that every Halloween I went out there was a full moon which added to the scary effects while walking around the neighborhood.  We didn’t have very tall trees, but still was scary as ever.  I would look for a witch to fly in the sky & know Halloween was here.  Rooftops were not as pointy as this picture shows, but they were either flat or had the point leveled off about 3″-4″ from top.  This made it very weird for a Halloween night in the start of winter.  Halloween is a very grisly looking night too.  Winter has the added effect to bring on what Halloween would or should be like.  With the sky almost black, but very dark blue, Halloween & Winter are very similar for this 1 night.  This is where life for the dead appear & scare us all night long.  We get scared too easily as everything seems very real for the night.  I wish I was back in the life as a kid to experience it a lot more.  This makes me think of a TV Show of The Munsters who often scared other kids to death who wouldn’t go near the place at all.  Another TV Show was “The Addams Family who had some really strange people & things like the hand that made you wonder about how it actually could have been alive when it came out of the box after opening it.  Here is a trick-or-treater who is going to a party instead of collecting candy for the night & it was too dark for her there.


This woman looks like a witch with red hair with her red lipstick on her lips & with a very thoughtful look as she has her 1st finger next to her left cheek thinking of where this party is she is going to.  She is wearing a green coat with a hood including fur from a wolf possibly & may be thinking of a great place to go on her broomstick during the night.  She is smiling while standing & waiting to see  how the weather is in case she needs to add more special effects for her night of darkness.  Life like this is very great for her on this night.  She is scary for the kids who have just come out to do their trick-or-treating & are enjoying this night, too.  They bring their bags for candy, too!


The kids all had bags like this for Halloween night in the winter season.  These bags were orange with skinny shins & curved, pointy shoes in black with purple polka dots on the shoes.  It said, “Witch way to the candy” as the kids carried them down the street.  They all thought this was a good idea as they all went in a group together to get candy or play trick-or-treat to those who didn’t serve candy at all.  They thought this was a great idea to add to the special effects of their costumes for the night.  As soon as they were done getting their candy, they went to a place where it was like a castle from a TV Show called Dark Shadows that would add to their night of fun.


This place was the haunting grounds of a cemetery with a house that was a castle of all kinds of points at the top.  The color was grey & sky was dark with really dark clouds that had been overcast as they took a tour through the castle that had been cloned from Transylvania.  Everything looked petrified & very cold to the touch.  They had a fence & gate that were tall & pointed at the top made of very cold iron & steel.  This castle has a staircase in front leading to the front door where the outside looked of darkness & very tall with lots of rooms.  There was a light in the room to the right which made those kids feel eerie & scared to the bone.  They decided to go anyway & see what this castle was like inside to complete their experience for Halloween & winter which gave it the eeriness that they felt all night long.  This was an adventure they soon would talk about for days to come!  As they neared the end of the night for themselves & no school until Monday, they would continue their quest to a spot behind the castle that had another eerie looking sight.


This was a skeleton of a person who had died after sitting there in that place for a good long time.  It was snowy & wintery as there was a forest right behind the castle the kids had gone through & decided they would make this their final stop for the night.  It seemed that the sun was shining through afterwards but it is a light to show the eeriness as the snow is deep & the death pole sits in the ground where the skeleton has been sitting for a while.  As eerie as it looks, the night of Halloween gets magnificently crazier for the kids as they trot on down the road back to their homes to tell of their experience of Halloween night during winter.  Moms & dads are all waiting to hear about the kids’ night of Halloween & Winter!


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