Sports & Health

Sports & health go hand in hand.  One can’t live without the other.  All kinds of sports are done by people who have taken care of their bodies & know what it takes to compete with others.  Knowledge is power as it has been said over & over.  Love for sports & health make a big deal in the lives of those who compete, but also practice to become the best at what they do.  Sports is a thrill ride mostly & adrenaline junkies like me need to have that thrill to live whether on the edge or love the lifestyle that goes with it.  I have taken & played football on weekends where I would find a way to take that football & move it anywhere I wanted to just for the thrill of knowing running was a great exercise for my body.  The love of working out & playing sports makes your health become a necessity to what you do every day & all day long.  Whatever your love is in sports, the conditioning of your body is how you get really motivated to keep your health up in more ways than one.  It means that food whether junk food or nutrition is never really thought about.  Those who don’t do anything but sit & relax mostly are the ones who don’t need to eat junk food because there is no nutrition when your body keeps storing garbage which makes you bigger & increase weight.  Calories are not burned that way & exercising will burn a lot of calories in your body which then processes within to make more energy as your body uses that energy.  It is stored otherwise & buildup of all foods other than fruits & vegetables with some meat is all you need if not doing anything but sitting a lot.  Those who exercise, play sports & keep their health optimized are the ones who can eat anything & stay slim.  There are no already made cures that help.  Scientists & doctors who provide the meds & processed cures for people are making it worse on others unless they have the knowledge to look for better foods instead of just buying foods & drinks from whatever store is close to them.  Have you really asked yourself ever why going to a doctor so frequently & the health of others isn’t improving, but just doesn’t really matter at all?  Sports helps to condition your body & keeps your health optimized & have carbs to produce energy through the fats that are eaten.  It’s like any other profession that anyone does.  They all have to keep practicing to do what they want to do.  Life of a sports fanatic is great as long as you understand that conditioning & health are more important when you play.  My love for sports & my health have actually gotten me to notice what I had to do for my health & to increase my nutrition by using information to get past all my wrecklessness after pushing my body overboard when playing sports, working & achieving all the greatness I loved for myself.  Otherwise, dreams are just dreams without fulfilling them & living on the edge cannot be achieved without an ego sometimes.  Life is mostly a risk in whatever you do.  Just remember about nutrition, junk foods, sports & your health as they are how your body mind & soul are used & taken to the limits.  I have been preparing to be able to play sports one more time before I decide that my life is so full & nothing else matters.


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