A Change In My Life Increasing My Health

There is a change in my life for the better because it increases my health for the better, too..  Have you ever changed your health for your life for the better?  Mine has!  I have taken a very big sum of years to make my life better after a vehicle accident.  What happened doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that no doctor cured anything for me when I took this step after figuring out that medications are like Band-Aids that just relieve the problems for a bit.  I have told you in earlier posts about my health problems as a kid growing up.  I have practically got my weight down from 239 lbs. as I was taking those meds that just added pounds to my weight.  I now am weighing 185 lbs. to this day through about 6.5 years as my weight would fluctuate.  I have had a food processor in a way & made drinks to help work off all the crap inside my body.  I had to exercise a lot & find various ways like much needed nutrition of fiber a lot, &  many juices to get rid of a cholesterol problem along with lots of oatmeal.  I didn’t do this from just any store or buy whatever was cheap.  I did this with lots of labels read, reading on nutrition, finding things that interested me while helping, listening to music, relaxing, lifting weights with a straight bar, dumbbells, & having a workout session in my apartment.  I would go back to see my doctor before he decided to venture into a different area of medical practicing & leaving from where the clinic I was going to for checkups on my cholesterol & few other things like sciatica.

Life for me has been a real rollercoaster ride & used to love them a lot.  I haven’t been on one for quite some time & plan to venture out & get my athletic spirit going 1 more time.  This time I can use what resources I have to adjust the changes I need.  During the time I was making changes, I did use a lot of natural health food shops that had better prices  than the big grocery stores for my health.  I still do to this day.  Places I go to eat, what items I buy & how far I go to get there have made a big difference in my excessive weight being taken off.  I feel sometimes & especially on here that I can help others in getting their health back on track & am working on a document with several pages that has great information about various foods & ways to get your choices for making your health better.  I have had such a problem with my health from an infant to growing up that now that I have what I need I can use it now.  Before when I was growing up, I did have a great metabolism & was very skinny from what my mom cooked.  We had lots of vegetables, a garden of food items, beef for soups & raspberry & strawberry plants that when full grown & had the berries, I used to eat them more than bring in any.  Nobody thought about it & I was feeling good a lot.  Now I have to remember how to mix these goodies to make a monthly check work for the whole month along with rent, utilities, etc.  I have a disability check which almost lasts for the time I have from month to month.  I sometimes have to learn what to eat which will carry me through the day.  So this document I plan on changing into a .pdf will have lots of information on nutrition & for better health.  I plan on either having donations or having a small price for this .pdf on health & nutrition to help me as I get through from month to month in various activities & put my activities on my blog & pictures of everything while walking or jogging from place to place within the city I live.  Hope to give everyone who sees my blog on a daily basis more about me & what I am or was all about.  Hope to inspire everyone as I get you all to partake in my great adventures of life after having a change in my life & the .pdf I will put out in a few weeks.

I use these ads to help me get ready for each summer to look as good as I can.  I am almost ready to start & work my body when the next summer shows up starting right now.  I take my health as being important to me to make me the very best I can be.  I will use these ads I found to make me a better life & get as healthy as I once was.  So take a look & use these techniques in order to get your body as fit as you can!
I do jumping jacks, stretch exercises like sit-ups, twists, touching tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes keeping my body as straight as I can. I do pushups, lift weights for what my body can lift, especially for the women who are able to start lifting 5lb weights using a bar or using dumbbells & working up to whatever is best for your body as you get toned in your stomach.  Work on this & will be back for more!  Have a healthier you!


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