Why Marketing Appeals to Me

Here are some new thoughts about why marketing appeals to me.  I love working on websites that aren’t premade or are templates in any way.  Templates are not great if you want to update them with new items or check on lots of traffic being added as they see your website.  Marketing appeals to me because I love being creative at times.  I have gotten good at all other types of work & now using marketing to make a living.  As experience for you gets better, so does your talents & skills.  Loving what you do & practicing increases the results you get as you test the waters for your website whether it’s a blog or just selling from a store website.  It all takes time & lots of effort to make it big.  It’s like going to school & educating yourself without paying for that schooling.  I love to do marketing & learn without a lot of children around who think their lives are like jokes & aren’t serious about what they do.  It gets you into a lot of trouble.  Marketing gives you a heads up about a lot of different niches & lets you be your own boss with your own hours to work also.  It’s taken lots of time for me to learn & get more practice by doing than looking in a book to get answers.  I use the internet to ask questions & get answers by searching with any & all web browsers I need to get the right information I want.  It does a lot to make the right choices when entering into the world of marketing.

All these ways to market products of your choice become who you are & what niches you provide for your products.  The websites are how you are seen in public & what you become as you work within that space in public.  Marketing appeals to me by what I chose to use & how I make those products work for me through what I know about them.  Living, learning, loving & losing are the major subjects that are guaranteed to be used in a business.  The faster you learn these subjects, the faster you get on with what you know in real life & become the best at what you do best.  Marketing appeals to me because I get the needed help for what I need to learn also.  My two websites that are used right now for marketing are Rods Esales & Content Marketing .  These links of my websites are absolutely full of marketing as you can see.  They both have lots of good marketing information to use.  My marketing techniques all come from using what I put on my websites & has gained me a lot of knowledge & power in what & who I get to listen to me.  There are banners to use to get started as affiliate marketers, too!  They are linked to Rods Esales, but are on the page shown on this blog.  Links & banners can be clicked on to take you to my website full of jobs for affiliates & books on marketing that have been pre-priced by others I have been an affiliate for to sell for the business’ I believe in that will fully take care of me when being paid commissions.  I have made these websites & learned a lot about how, what, where, who will see them.  It has been quite an experience to learn it all & tell others about my love for marketing here on this blog.  Check them out!  Take your time to see what I have & rate them along with giving comments if you believe in everything there being what I said it would be like here.  Give your opinion & let me tell you more about what marketing does for me!


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