Marketing For My Health

Marketing for my health is absolutely essential as I get my health so much better.  Marketing is all about boosting the ways of health to the very top of my food chain.  I market my health from what I eat & the amount of exercise I do to bring my body to the maximum health I can.  We start off with what I have eaten the last month for breakfast & the supplements I have taken, & also to increase how my body has reacted & been getting better as I go out in the coldest days of December.  I started off for breakfast with a 10 grain cereal that I cooked within 10 minutes & has fiber along with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.  These are all used in your body to give you the most benefits & heal or prevent anything your body has, or will get in the near future.  This accounts for colds, flu, cholesterol & heart problems, cancer, menstrual problems for men & women both, mood swings, behavioral problems & all kinds of mental & physical problems that mess with your life or tend to make it harder for you as you raise children.  I had wheatgrass added into my cereal when it doesn’t have everything I need as I am trying to rebuild my broken body.  This was after I waited for my hot cereal to cool off & as I was eating it, I would drink water to keep it from bulking up so much along with letting it work the nutrients in my body to get ready for my walk of almost 10 miles round trip.  This & drinking coffee to start the hot cereal for burning energy & also putting fiber in the parts of my body it needed as I make this walk.  I walked in 25 degree weather & was snowing some which added to the difficulty of what I would experience for that time learning about how fiber transfers & works in the most needed parts of your body.  This part of my body that had been worked on by adding fiber was & hasn’t been that good for a long time finally got the fiber in the spot of where I had the sciatica at.  Along with fiber being put in the most needed places to repair your systems & body parts, it always is good to keep water with it so your body takes in all the nutrients it needs while your stomach digests the food you put in it like I did with the hot, fibrous cereal.  That was my day after 5 hours in the cold & felt good the next day when all the food had finally been removed from the body.

Marketing for my health is a way to let everyone know what you can really do to make your body stronger, healthier, repair injuries or complete parts of your body even after trying to paralyze it.  We do this through our actions & the ways we eat.  Health for us means maintaining what we have & keeping a balance by keeping a record of what our bodies are taking in to actually know whether we are over the line or not.  Marketing for me about health practically gives me something to work for because I have taken the right steps to make myself totally better, but people in the U.S. are in dire need of becoming better than what they are.  So I say, “Health in the U.S. is greatly reduced & we all need to experience something better & use what we had in our traditional ways.”

Health is a niche in marketing which is considered a part when thinking of a community who need more than just this.  There are other niches that people can get into, but this is my niche & use it for helping others understand, grow & believe in making themselves healthier again.  As we stay healthy, we know how to make use of our time & helping our children become healthy, too.  We love others & should help them learn about good health since tradition has gone from good to nothing here in the United States.  We have doctors & health professionals, but none of them has any idea of teaching something we should already know about.  We are taught this in school, & we then just merely given a chance to go to a store & all we do is get everything that is low priced which has no nutritional value at all.  Why do we let our lives get thrown into shambles & never really plan for anything even when we make appointments or dates for parties that tend to be slammed together with everything else?  Life is great if you take some time to relax for yourselves & give yourselves a place to relax at least for a few hours in a day.  These hours that I am referring to mean for those people who love to put their lives into a very, very busy time.  This is what we call stressful & stress is already at the workplace.   What we call great for food is letting our kids get what they want & all they want mostly is sugar.  Anything else they want or getting TV dinners or something that doesn’t have much nutrition is seeing them start to get like the elderly.  Why do we let ourselves become negligent or complacent by not disciplining them?  This is what I call stressful & getting to see kids & adults going down the tubes in their health!  Using the basics & finding places that have good, wholesome & natural foods is how we should be.  Getting fruits & vegetables that haven’t gotten sprayed because bugs are the main concern & asking about the foods we buy in order for us to become healthy makes sense.  We would save more by buying better foods & not paying the doctors so much to fix our health problems.  I don’t really get that!  I believe in marketing on health for anyone & everyone to become healthier before they all just have so many problems no one can be taken care of anymore.


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