Minerals: Soil and Food

Minerals: Soil and Food.  Where do our minerals come from?  Foods that include fruits and vegetables have minerals in them.  How do minerals start?  The minerals start from the soil and enter our foods from the ground.  These minerals enter our bodies from those foods we have eaten.  Minerals: soil and food need lots of moisture that comes from the rain & snow in their seasons.  Soil is used by trees also to bring us fruit off of them that are full of minerals.  We need these minerals for our health.  Nature and how the earth was started is how we got our minerals from the soil & into our food.  The food we eat now has the minerals in them.  Naturally, we are led to believe everything that comes in plastic bottles for supplements are the only nutrition we need.  Do you believe that?  I will tell you minerals are mostly in the soil and food.  Food like plants and vegetables growing in the ground are the most abundant with minerals.  Our soil in different states have become full of erosion, farmers have irrigated with have eroded away or stripped from the soil and ground by mining.  We have pretty much found ways to disrupt our minerals and leave the earth a mess through so much environmental craziness.  This disruption has brought us nothing but deficiencies in our bodies and we let minerals in our soil and food sources go to waste.  We have let others decide for us and as we finally find out what those deficiencies are by way of using hospitals and our health problems.  We see doctors because we have mineral deficient bodies that they are fixing all the time.  Do we ever really learn from our mistakes?  We need those minerals in our bodies for them to function more.  The soil and food from the earth are becoming ever so deficient of minerals, also!  We will need to take in more minerals produced from the soil and food we eat, that help us to have good health & nutrition and keep us from overriding the hospitals and doctors’ offices so much.  Our soil for the foods we eat has been destroyed so much that we don’t think anything about it.  It means our lives.  This deficiency in minerals may leave us with no energy to move and we would exist as almost nothing because of what we think are great choices.  Vitamins we use need minerals to work to process into our bodies for our energy and good health.  Without minerals, we become like gelatin and do the weeble wobble but don’t fall down thing or fad.  Minerals in our soil and food are so needed to give us our lives back.  We don’t need the sodas and sugar that have consumed our lives so much.  We should start giving our kids the right choices through what we know and not from opinions we get of others.  We need to be more aware and believe in what we do for us not to become the people that we see in the news everyday.  Seeing those people means that our society is breaking down from health problems and being mineral deficient which is where our lives will go without good soil and food.  Minerals should be one of the main topics or subjects in our lives.  Be the ones to have minerals from soil and food to have the best in your bodies through good health!


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