Health Cures: Balancing Your Body

How do you balance your body?  Getting health cures!  How do you cure your health?  Balancing your body.  Does balancing your body actually work?  Health cures are balancing your body.  Balancing your body means making sure you have a balance of solids & liquids for one.  You need fruits and vegetables to get minerals.  Having meat as in beef, chicken, tuna, seafood, turkey, etc. have your major part of vitamins along with other nutrients as well.  Liquids need to be drank like milk, fruit & vegetable juices, water, smoothies, etc.  Fats are processed with proteins.  We need to know what is good for balancing our bodies.  Here is a couple of examples to see:

descriptive                          This pyramid of foods are an example of the ways to balance your body as health cures through healing.


This pyramid has all the essential vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins amino acids, fiber, processed foods, carbs, and fuel for energy for your body.  These pyramids are to give you ways of making sure you stay healthy & balancing your bodies.  We also have dairy products that are milk, cheese, yogurts, cottage cheese, etc. We use calcium from the dairy products to maximize our bones & teeth by strengthening them.  The calcium also is readily available throughout our body’s fluid systems in order to maintain proper health and to keep from taking from other places in the body when our calcium levels are down.

Health cures are also a way of balancing your body to provide you with being complete and like the person you desired to be like your kids in having energy and flexibility.  Your younger years with so much energy and flexibility are used up in working to make your families exist by keeping them healthy.  These health cures aren’t just one thing that someone has found, but a need to balance your bodies by using the foods in these pyramids in different serving levels in order to stay as energetic and flexible like your kids are.  These nutrients we get are vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, herbs, spices, proteins, etc. through the foods we eat.


This chart above shows the serving levels for each basic food group that your body needs and to stay healthy without needing to see doctors or having unbalanced systems that don’t work which make you ill or sick besides.

Health cures and balancing your body isn’t about just picking the foods you like and expecting that to work for your bodies.  Your body doesn’t want what you want as it becomes toxic with too much in one area.  Balancing your body is how you get energy and stay away from diseases that make you go to the doctor and have time off from work.  If you enjoy working, playing and living, then any time off from what you love to do isn’t balancing your body.  Balancing your body doesn’t mean eating steaks and potatoes so much, but to take in more fruits and vegetables with nutrients your body can work with.  Depending on your ways of eating and going to doctors without really paying attention to your own health means that you aren’t and don’t know how your body is for health.  When eating what you want and letting your body go through a stage of being unhealthy, it is very unbalanced and your body needs to stay balanced for you to cure all your health problems.

Health cures which are of balancing your body are completely in utter chaos if you live the way the world lives around you.  Life is about you and expecting to stay healthy is more than trying to keep up with this world.  If going, going, going is how you want to see yourself like the energizer bunny, your health should mean a lot to you.  Doctors and hospitals won’t be in your thoughts at all.  It will be of balancing your body and knowing that diseases are nonexistent as you cure your health by balancing your body.  Going, going, going can also bring your health down when your body starts to shut down which brings a lot of time off from your daily activities.  My life was like that, and is why I am making this post on health, as I have heard a lot from others by word of mouth why they can’t be like their kids after they have been through a lot in their parenthood.  I wanted to let others know about health through the times, of how I was like the energizer bunny in a way, by being so active and not really understanding how my health should mean a lot to me!  I am letting others know now by telling them of health cures as so many people out there are just looking at a small picture which doesn’t help to understand where it is supposed to lead you to.

Health cures and balancing your body is also through a lot of rest, getting enough sleep, having a schedule to work with, exercise, and proper nutrition through these images in this post.  Health cures are what keep us away from the diseases in our lives and the world’s lives.  With enough servings of food in each of the groups, you will be balancing your body a lot and becoming the energizer bunny again!  Make sure your body is balanced through these charts also which show your acid and alkalinity levels for proper balancing of your body totally:


These charts show acid and alkalinity levels and how much to eat to get proper nutrition by comparing the foods you pick and eat showing whether you need to add to it to get proper nutrition.  Where do you need to be in balancing your body and curing your health?


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