Constant Dreams Or Life Changing Goals

This post was my 1st post & felt it should be reposted to help others bring new light on what dreams can do. Along with related articles at the bottom, I used them to help me give my fellow readers some more about dreams & how they work through your mind. Goals can be set & the dreams afterwards can either make or break you when making them a reality just by your actions whether they be bad or good. Actions that are bad truly affect your goals later on in life. Actions that are good will bring you happiness & thoughts of how you can make them better. This is why I thought to repost this 1st post to shed some better light on it as I wasn’t very good at it the 1st time when I did that!

cslewisimageIt’s a C.S. Lewis image
of You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream found at

Life is like reaching for the stars. Stars are out there, but the only way to reach them is by making goals & achieving them. Life needs goals & also needs to make goals that are in short-range which helps to achieve your long-range goals. Short-range goals are goals that are made day-to-day. Long-range goals can be achieved by making them for a certain period of time which is like going from 1 year-10 years or more or less. We achieve them & then make new goals to be reached in order to keep our interests up giving us the motivation we need to make our lives interesting & worth living.

The dreams we have are nothing but finding another goal or something to reach for.  These dreams are what we look forward to in our lives as we live to make our goals necessary to reach for.  Kids may never know what dreams are unless they understand what these dreams are supposed to be.  Dreams take us anywhere we want just like our creativity.  Dreams are vivid moving pictures in our minds as we relax & let our minds just run while we are asleep.  My dreams were of comic book characters & they were as wild as the TV showed which would really scare me as a child.  No one ever really explained to me that whatever you dream can never really hurt you as you dream them.  You may dream something at times or all the time & they will have an unexplained reason that you may never know.  Going to get someone to help you understand can actually give you confidence or misery.  The only way you will ever know is looking through your past or at what you have seen a lot & that usually triggers what your mind gives you through your subconscious mind.  Dreams are great & when dreaming of money or having a good life always makes you feel better too.  So give yourself something that will make you rest & sleep better.

These goals can include anything about friends, neighbors, people, our interests, a job, places we love to go, things that we do in life, how we live, working from day-to-day, food we like, our dislikes, houses, apartments, where we eat or dine out at, our relationships to others, dreams, the wildness we have as we grow up & become adults, new items we buy, what stores we go to, etc.  We can make all kinds of goals to get us by from day-to-day, week to week, month to month & year to year.

Adults or parents are a great way to learn from & give you suggestions as you live from day-to-day.  We can even talk about our goals & get opinions or feedback on good or bad decisions we make which can help or hinder what we get done in life!  Life here is all we have!  What we do in life can make a difference for someone else that we know & also can give or get feedback which improves or screws up how we make our lives great or not!

Goals that have been achieved are those that stay with us forever, but can also edit or change how we think about life & what we do!  It really can create a whole new meaning which creates even more options that can help with your decisions that are made by you.  Friends have a lot to do with how we see & think about the goals we want to reach for.  People in general whether in public or private can make a difference in lots of decisions we think or do & talk about.  These decisions can also help you find pictures that show the ways that you can make a difference throughout your life whether to parents or selling yourself as you grow up & get jobs that are making lots of money or just doing jobs for minimum wage.  This is how we make decisions & the goals we want & achieve too!

I as a person made some goals, but moving can change goals for you increasing or decreasing your chances of having to wait or getting them right away when with parents or on your own.  This was a hard thing for me all the time, so I picked sports mostly because I could do sports a lot.  My conditions that I had when I was going from a baby to a teenager made goals hard to accomplish when I was moving a lot.  There were so many emotions & I used to use them when I played sports & created so many goals for myself that most were not reachable when having to repeat the process of getting friends, neighbors, being able to get used to them & the feedback I got from my parents for most of the friends I decided to hang out with.  I would respect them, but had problems with what went on as I was going through life.  Goals can be changed & we can change with them so much as we go through life!


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