Balancing Your Needs To Be Healthy

Balancing your needs to be healthy is all about making sure your body is truly balanced.  I mean that having your body truly balanced is knowing how to get past all the garbage from canned foods which include a lot of processing & removing nutrients that should be left alone.  Balancing your body’s needs to become healthy are through foods that tell you they have what your body needs.  These are fruits & vegetables that have minerals & amino acids for your body, cereals that have most of your required vitamins & minerals, pasta that has necessary fats & meat along with adding herbs & spices to work your body to maintain the necessary energy levels all day long.  Eggs that are cage free & brown have the best nutrients available for your whole body.  This includes what you need for memory & thinking, for energy, to keep your body strong & make you feel so good too.  These are just starters in getting you & your body balanced for a good balanced diet.

healthy resolutions

A picture of a book cover on balancing your body & life.

Balancing your needs to be healthy is making sure that your body is leveled out & not consuming too much sugar at one time, not getting too much of a certain food at one time, etc. as these foods then are what your body considers toxic because your body either can’t use it & wastes it away when getting rid of it or stores it away & is considered dead inside.  This is why your body needs to be balanced to remain healthy.  Healthy means that your body needs to use all the food needed that you give it.  By eating meat, salads, breads & pasta, desserts & snacks in between meals will give provide you with the necessary nutrients & make your body healthy.  Avoid the small meals in aluminum, & anything that brings you no nutrition which is pretty much processed & has already been cooked.  Living this life brings you nothing & will just bring you to slowing down in life while creating all kinds of health concerns over a long period of time.  You can have them as long as you use them as something to snack on, but won’t help you to be active for a long period of time.


A picture of a woman who is experiencing total withdrawal from daily activities.

Balancing your needs to be healthy also means that doing exercises & stretching will provide you more flexibility without being cramped up after sitting for so long.  When not exercising, your body just fills up & doesn’t process anything much & then it is sitting there like trash sits in a trash can waiting to be dumped into a dumpster.  This isn’t how your body works if you plan to stay active & want more out of life.  You can’t just expect your body to work if not active.  Your health goes down & your life just wears away.  This is why taking the time to have one person go get the necessary items for a meal, & other household jobs are better than trying to have two people working.  Working forever without planning anything for a family isn’t good either.  So take the time to balance your body’s needs so you can stay healthy.

home exercises
A picture of a woman who is active & doing exercises at home sitting on a chair with a good posture by stretching & keeping her body flexible while there is no activity & can do it peacefully.

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