Energy For Athletes

Energy for athletes is something great if it improves your times, endurance & stamina. The endurance is the length of time you can be active in sports without needing any help from food, drinks or the sidelines.  Stamina is the physical or mental endurance by making goals & accomplishing them without stopping.  Here is something good to tell all you athletes & those beginning in sports.  I have found 20 different supplements for your athletic body which will give you energy.  Here are the energy pills for athletes & beginners: 1) HMB or b-Hydroxy-b-methylbutyrate, 2) branched chain amino acids, 3) caffeine, 4) carbohydrates, 5) carnitine,  6) CoenzymeQ10, 7) colostrum, 8) creatine, 9) dimethylglycine, 10) fat, 11) ginseng, 12) glutamine, 13) glycerol, 14) gynostemma-pentaphyllum, 15) phosphate, 16) phosphatidylserine, 17) polylactate, 18) protein, 19) pyruvate, 20) sodium citrate.  I bet you are asking, “What kind of supplements are these & what good do they do for your body?”  These supplements create energy for all athletes, & some are only useful for beginners as their bodies aren’t & don’t have enough when exercising, practicing or actually competing.  The serious athletes generally stay with a strict diet that gives them everything so they can compete, practice & exercise for the period of time they schedule themselves.  Most of these energy supplements won’t hurt either the serious athlete & won’t do any harm to the beginning ones either.

Energy for athletes whether beginning or serious will bring a energetic body to a new high after working out by exercising or practicing.  It is best to use these more during your periods of competition as they will keep your body flexible, give you the stamina & endurance you will need the longer you train & compete during an endurance race.  Endurance running & competing which has your body using the energy in it brings speed, agility, an ego that brings you high spirits when competing, total fulfillment & coming back for more.  This energy for athletes gives you something to prove to yourself & others who is the best or how your body improves when doing these types of sports & competing in them.  Athletes always are looking for something extra all the time to help them get better & stronger in whatever sport they compete in or are even exercising to be at the top of their game no matter what.

Energy for athletes are what is considered a total workout & feeling that you have made it & actually been great throughout the whole event.  Here are the supplements once again & will explain them 1 by 1 to give you a brief idea why they do your body good.  Here is the 1st one to start with which is HMB being a breakdown product of leucine, which is an amino acid that works with & regulates protein metabolism; branched chain amino acids are needed since the body can’t synthesize them & can be found in whey protein, eggs, meat, fish & milk which help to provide & bring the energy to all your muscles so they won’t become fatigued as they are used for any & all times through training & competing; caffeine is a nerve stimulant & helps to override any & all pain when training & competing; carbohydrates are like sugars, starches, glycogen, dextrins & cellulose & help to work with breakdown of protein which is used in the body for energy, beginners will need more as they compete more & serious athletes will use what they need as their bodies are already at their best level; carnitine is a compound working to move branched chain amino acids into your powerhouse of cells & increases or sustains energy levels for all athletes involved whether in competition or training as it provides the necessary energy for your body at all times; CoenzymeQ10 is a powerful antioxidant to keep the heart going faster or slower as the body works more or less at all times, but is needed more for beginning athletes who need a boost before using the energy drinks in stores in order to keep the heart & blood from getting too thick; colostrum is an energy supplement in mother’s breast or better yet getting it from a tablet or pill form which has a lot of nutrition in it as in amino acids, enzymes, proteins, etc. bringing the necessary help to the body through everything in muscle usage & recovery, etc.; creatine is in whey protein products along with beef, fish & milk which comes from the kidneys, liver & pancreas which are used in the muscles for strength, stamina & endurance while competing in all sports at all levels; dimethylglycine is an acid which comes from nuts, seeds & liver increasing oxygen intake to all tissues in the body which is great for beginners & serious athletes who are needing a boost in that area if competing longer & expecting to be as good as they are when they started; fat is definitely a serious need for athletes which helps protein breakdown to amino acids giving the body energy that keeps athletes at their peak performance, considered main fuel for exercise & all athletes in sports competition; ginseng is definitely needed for beginning athletes for maintaining their energy & blood sugar levels while competing & training; glutamine is a non-essential amino acid which is needed for stress & maintaining pH balance in body, & for all sports competition; glycerol is sweet, & tasty & is needed in the diet for energy for all athletes & other people too as glycerol soaks up water like a sponge & reusing the water later when body needs it; gynostemma-pentaphyllum is an herb in China or Japan but can be found here in supplement stores & adapt to all kinds of stress especially for those who get stressed before or after competing; phosphate is 1 of the most abundant minerals in the body which is part of metabolism for all systems in the body & can be good for serious athletes & definitely for beginners also to keep in body as it is used when competing in endurance events; phosphatidylserine is a fat found in cell membranes & keeps stress at a normal level when competing; polylactate is sub-soluble amino acid/lactate salt which increase & maintain pH & bicarbonate levels for blood plasma; protein is needed for all sports events & competition, being found in meat, milk, whey, casein, eggs & fish; pyruvate is used for energy in the powerhouse adding to energy levels & especially great for beginning athletes to help them in maintaining energy levels as they compete & workout, also for serious athletes who have been depleting these levels of pyruvate; sodium citrate increases pH balance in the body & comes from citrus fruits without gastrointestinal distress either during a sports event or afterwards.  All these supplements are helpful no matter when they are used as they are part of all of our body’s systems.  have any questions, refer to this book I have used as a guide to bring this information to all of you sports athletes whether beginning or serious.  Here is the title “Supplements for Endurance Athletes.”  The authors are Jose Antonio Phd. & Jeffrey R. Stout Phd.

Cover of "Supplements for Endurance Athle...

Cover of Supplements for Endurance Athletes


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