Personalities Made From Food We Eat

Personalities made from food we eat as we have likes & dislikes for everything we eat & do.  The foods we eat describe who we are as we leave out foods like vegetables or fruits, not eating in the morning, skipping lunch or just eating snacks all day long.  It even personalizes who we are when personalities are made from just eating sugary foods or taking sugar only.  I am not talking about having fruits that are sugary because they have natural sugars in them that help your body.  Personalities are made by the foods we eat as in moods, how we live, what our activities are, where we go, who we see, & especially our feelings too.  Eating foods are so symbolic to how we think also.

Food Personality differences

Personalities made from food we eat bring us a variety of natural differences for acting, playing, getting stressed, being angry, having health issues, fighting, whether we are socially acceptable or want to step on others toes, etc.  This is how our society lives & doesn’t understand that our bodies control who we are & how personalities create us, destroy us, increase our intelligence, give us a better feeling of being together, being stuck inside & not getting out to exercise.  Personalities made from food we eat, teach us that we are all so different, in the aspects of how socializing with different races make us not love others for who they are, & leave us wondering whether we need change or be stuck in our ways until we die.  Personalities bring self destruction, madness, intensity, love, kindness, caring, or increase who or when we see others. Life is totally incredible when we make it that way.  This is our choice & the decisions we make that describe our personality.

Personality Description

Personalities made from food we eat will tell us how energetic we are, how inspirational we are, whether we will sit watching TV & movies, whether we play sports or watch them in person or by entertainment, taking people for who they are in person, how muscular they are for the lives they have made or make among other things.  Personalities even are tested by others in school, at home, at work, eating, as we grow, whether we are tall or short, what & where information is or how we acknowledge it, needing to prove things, to get 2nd opinions after being told once already, & accepting what is put in front of us.  We love who we are & that is our personality & traits for our future.  Life works so differently if we are from the country or in the city, too.  Here is another aspect to our personalities & the foods we eat which comes from our blood types also.  I will explain that soon too, but on my other blog called Living Healthy.  This is where I have my main niche & love & am so full of life there.



Stress is a personality factor in whatever we do & how it makes us perform each day for work, at home or at play.  Use this as a guide!

Personalities made from food we eat or drinking wines or having alcohol or drugs will make us think & act differently as we actually are changing who we are by stripping our bodies from what they need.  Personalities describe our sexual preferences, & when we want to have it, also the food preferences & what kind of tasting styles we have throughout our lives.  Living & loving who we are & what we do makes us incredibly ornery, cocky, sensual, stupid, minding of others, being loving to our family & friends, whether we have true friends or those who use us or we use them, etc.  These personalities decide who are leaders, who are followers, those who let their emotions fly, or even how they destroy us through others’ words which get us in trouble also.  These types of personalities relate to who we are & what we make of ourselves.  Here is a chart for horoscope signs & how they affect our personalities too.


Personalities work as you view this chart of favorite foods, wines, & tasting styles.



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