The Benefits of Determination

The benefits of determination are in these pictures or images with quotes & 20 of them:

1) champ

Champs push to make themselves better & excel over others.  They also work out by running, lifting weights, sweating, maintaining their body weight & increase their body strength overall to improve their stamina & love for the sports they compete in.  This is a clear definition of those people you see on TV in every major sport there is.  These are the people you cheer on like wrestling or boxing or even auto racing.


Determination is within you & whatever size you see before you is nothing to your expertise & thinking for the sport you are into.  This includes professional fighting & wrestling.  These guys & girls who are in these sports are trained very well to make the best & go to their limits & try to go beyond them.  Size never matters when you want something very much because you will not let things stand in your way.

3) desire

Success does amount to what your desire is in whatever you do.  Determination is how you overcome the hurdles or obstacles in your life to make yourself successful in life & whatever you do.  You work for the things you want in life.  No one will do that for you!

4) determination-003

You have to know your limitations to learn to defy them in order to get determination within yourself.  When defying your limitations, you need to make sure that you are keeping your health & eating more as you push yourself over your limitations also.  Not learning how to overcome those limitations, they just leave you sitting on a rock waiting for the next thing to come along which is like waiting a lifetime.

5) adeterminingfactor

Setting goals are very good to have & make sure you accomplish them.  Goals that are hard to accomplish very quickly are usually ones that you need determination to accomplish & not stop for any reason so that you can make yourself successful in what you do.  Nothing is easy in life & goals are meant to have in order for you to get those gifts or rewards you strive for.  This is what you wanted & this is how you get them with many struggles too.  Determination with goals increase who you become not who you are.

6) believensucceed

Believing & succeeding are the beginning & ending of any struggle to an accomplishment in life.  You have to believe 1st in what you plan to do to go through the struggle & accomplish it to be successful.  The reason you don’t make it work right away is because there is knowledge you need, to fulfill this & the courage to keep going everyday & know at night that you are being pushed to get to that goal even if you struggle to make it happen.

7) determination-quotes

Determination is in the goals you set & how you bring them out to accomplish them.  Impossible is not going there to make it possible & determination will push you to accomplish what you think is impossible.

8) deterhappydose_quote_013

This saying is all about life itself.  I lived this when in training when a kid or just out being a kid.  I loved it so much that it became a habit with me.  I feel very positive in what I do & how I accomplish my goals no matter what it takes.  It is just like playing sports because it means never giving up in what you want to do in life.


Dreams are made which bring on your goals for accomplishing them through sweat, determination & hard work.  These accomplishments bring you the joy, stamina, self esteem & how you use these accomplishments are through applications, resumes, conversing with others who are to hire you or even friends.  these things in life & in sports like Olympics can bring a whole new life to you which you would never expect.  Determination is still needed to make everything in your life a success.

10) effort

My dreams I had were of keeping my health in a steady state.  They kept me on the go & required a lot of motivation, encouragement & strength up, to be all I could be in whatever I did.  That comes with a lot of effort, self determination & dedication to anything I did as I was growing up.  I had no one really to look up to except when I thought about auto racing.  Richard Petty was who I looked up to while a kid & being the fastest I could be all day long.  Being positive for your dreams to happen is a must besides.

11) positivethinking

Here is a quote & picture I thought to use as a guide when I moved a lot & having people in my life who were messing with me so I thought.  When I think of this, it just makes me think of everything in my life I wanted to do & accomplish no matter how I had to get there.  I push & have the determination to make this happen in real life.  I get out everyday now just to prepare my body for a new challenge everyday.

12) purpose

I used to play all kinds of sports that were physical contact like football & loved that I was tackled & took a beating all the time.  It brought me so much life after I was fully rested & loved competing for anything & everything that made me feel good about myself.  It was incredible like sports with any & all players who are in sports competition, even Olympics too.

13) hustle

This saying is like learning what it takes to believe in a cause & making the goals to overcome what you need to do for yourself everyday to accomplish them while having the determination to make it all happen.  Hustling is good when it means to help you when you are down & need a lift.  I have had to do a lot of hustling in my days to get what I wanted & go where I wanted to go.  It’s just needing a little know how.
14) WillDetermination

15) success

Believing in yourself & the success comes from your courage, determination & who you were meant to be.  It really makes sense as you prove to yourself what you want to become & not sacrificing to go any other place you look at by striving with determination to bring the success you want.  It doesn’t happen in a day’s time either.

16) Determination

17) effortenergywill

18) masterpiece

19) Determination-Quotes

20) makingorbreaking

These quotes are close to how my determination is in my life.  I have played sports by these quotes, have gone climbing or found my way back through & over some big obstacles without stopping.  My determination has always been high & believe they will increase my willpower, too!


3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Determination

  1. Rodney, Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking one of my recent posts. I appreciate the time you spent with me, and hopefully you will find other reasons in the future to visit again. Please take care. Bill

    • Hi Bill!
      I’m just trying to catch up with all the email & people I have seen posts. I also have been working more & more on a health pdf to make it soon become knowledge for all that want to know more. It is great to upgrade your health as you learn more about yourself even if you don’t want to return to the younger ages you were once before.

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