Differences Or Boredom

Differences or boredom, which are you?  Would you rather be bored & the same or different with opinions for you to have choices?  Differences help us to become unique & personal.  Boredom leaves us wondering what to do with ourselves, where we tend to live & do whatever is on our mind along with becoming the same if not choosing to do or be different in our lives.  Differences gives us a choice in our careers or jobs, what we drive, if we live in apartments, houses or mansions depending on our incomes.  Boredom can bring you less of yourself, have you in limbo, sleeping or running around with nothing to do.  Boredom will get you into trouble or whatever if not learning at an early age.  Early ages & doing something to stay interested will bring you more & better choices later on in life.  You learn at an early age & will have a tendency to want to try choices too.

Lost In Thought


These 2 pictures are of differences & whether active or bored to death.  1 is lost in thought & the other is & has made a choice of running to stay fit.  Women have to find extracurricular activities to do when having to be responsible with kids, a home, cooking, being alone all day without their husbands or even having jobs or careers.  Teenagers are less involved in what they do with their lives & become bored out of their minds as they are over active & are always thinking about what’s going outside as opposed to class inside when needing an education.  An education for teenagers & children are needed to have when they become adults & have to know math, learn to be disciplined with their jobs or at home being helpful when needed.  These are learning experiences until getting out on their own to college, to work, playing sports, etc.  When married, you need to have choices in how you look out in public, what you drive, where you go everyday, what foods you eat, who your friends are, etc.  These are the differences in everything we do.


This picture is all about discipline, motivation, sports, fitness, aerobics & trusting others in a team.  Everything has to be exactly performed as perfect as possible or that team can be killed or injured which also means being successful or becoming bored from not doing anything either.  When bored, you tend to lose interest in everything & just sit there trying to escape the reality of anything at all.  This is not good as you lose friends, your lovers in a shared relationship, make bad mistakes that cost you before you know what is happening & your cognitive functioning in your brain leaves you as you neglect to keep it in order.  Differences can be good when they are put to good use!  Do you make choices to make a difference or bored out of your mind?  People really can be very helpful if doing the right thing & asking the right questions.

Believe in what you do & don’t just live for the moment, but live to make it known that you have choices instead of letting it all go to waste!  Boredom is very inactive & turns you into a zombie where nothing matters!  What do you think of boredom or having choices to make your differences be known?


3 thoughts on “Differences Or Boredom

    • that’s good! I was always bored when I was sitting & not active like when sick & staying in the bedroom or in bed most of the day. I used to be edgy & on the go so much that I never really thought much about health until I was so sick I couldn’t move. I would play sports & my allergy pills would help me to get through a lot of sickness I had when I was a child & growing up. so yes, I have been bored at times in my life.

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