My Way Or The Highway

We hear a lot about this saying, “my way or the highway” & never seem to really get this in the world of business.  Business is about the owner who controls what is done for the business.  The owner is the employer & workers are the employees.  Why have we all thought that we would have work our entire lives?  We want to work, but other matters seem to take over while we are working which means we aren’t being productive for our employers.  These employers we work for only care for my way or the highway as they are trying to make a living for themselves & for others who are willing to make it happen also.  As employees, we never seem to understand the meaning of anything when computers have taken over.  My way or the highway is meant to get employees to be productive when they want to be paid for that time they are working.  I have heard & seen a lot of people in the technology world who complain about having to work outside the U.S.A.  These people don’t understand about employers making money for themselves & their business.  They also don’t understand about the costs, the profits, what is taken into account for what is made & taxes, etc.  If an employer doesn’t keep his business going, then how are employees getting paid & also expecting to go to work every day to have money also?  They think that there are businesses everywhere & all of them are confined to where they made their businesses start at.  This is all so wrong in their thinking.

My way or the highway is used to have employers encourage their employees to want to keep their jobs & make those jobs as careers & be professional at them as much as possible.  Careers that people who have been made employees of a business are expected to perform as professionals & be very good at what they do.  My way or the highway shows those career holding people who are professionals, to be bound to that company or business, to produce & make money for that company or business & to keep it going for the employer through other bosses at different levels in that company or business.  This standard that so many people in the tech world who have had success & acted very unprofessional in their jobs or professions are & have been less likely to understand about what it is to be great at your job instead of slacking off.  My way or the highway is used for the total purpose in showing discipline & getting employees to care about where they are at, making career advances, being paid more for those advances in their professions or careers & producing more for the money they make when they advance to that next level in business & their jobs.  Careers & jobs when an employer gives the go to post a job for those career-minded people is giving the employees a chance at testing themselves to advance to the next level if they can do it.  This does not mean that this person who gets the job is going to keep it if his/her professionalism waivers in any way, shape or form.  This is why their are so many people out of jobs & looking for work or homeless also.

My way or the highway is very appropriate for anyone & everyone who make their way into the business world.  Those people who stick to their morals & standards know where they are going in life, making themselves better & remembering what it is like to be at the lowest point in life also.  I think it stands to get people who love what they do & the way they do their jobs in their careers or professions, a given, in order to make the money they are seeking.  As they are expected to get at the level in their careers, they perform in that structure as they have learned in schooling & been taught when raised in families they know & care about believing in the morals & obligations as they want more of what they are seeking.  This is why people are always & need to be at their best when working for companies as employees.  I hate to say that kids just starting out who expect to be paid high dollar for almost nothing is very unprofessional as they are not doing anything but messing with their own lives in this saying of my way or the highway.  This I think also goes to those people who want to be unruly & act like they own this world when they don’t.  They will have needed a lot of discipline as they grow up from babies to young adults & been very well taken care of instead of in lots of fights & confrontations that just bring them to being worthless & uncaring for anything at all.

My way or the highway has a lot of different views & should be looked at in various ways through a lifetime of experiences.  A life of experiences will get a person who is trained in looking at this saying all the time, knowing what to do & how to bring something good to what they do, as they make themselves better & look towards something other than just playing all the time.  A life of gambling &/or  borrowing will bring nothing but aggravation & hell to those who don’t know anything but trying to beat the odds all the time.  Rules & regulations are the standards for how this saying becomes a greater force in what we do or say.  We need to learn about old myths that can bring us success later on!



6 thoughts on “My Way Or The Highway

  1. Oh, Rodney. Ayn Rand would be proud of you. What you espousing here is pure mumbo jumbo!
    It is a prescription for wage slavery. So, an employee is only a productive resource for an employer? When the employee enters the workplace he stops being a human being. What nonsense. You are saying, that the owner of the land can swing the whip. What about the skill of the worker? Doesn’t that count for anything? Wouldn’t it be better if they come to a mutual agreement?

    You say, ” kids just starting out who expect to be paid high dollar for almost nothing”. If this is true there must be some misunderstood expectations, fostered by a culture of misplaced entitlements. And who’s fault is this?

    What discipline are you talking about? The discipline employees have to have in their attitude to work? Perhaps, where you live they need a new work ethic or do the employers need a new attitude towards their employees and they can come to an agreement to produce something that is useful, sustainable for the environment and their is no cheating of the tax-man involved.

    • Hi!
      Where do you live at? In some places like where I live, there are way too many young adults or teens out of school who like just thinking of nothing but partying & messing around which is where I was coming from & talking about in this fine country. There may not be absolutes here in every way of life, but here in Colorado & other states with health problems & things where young adults like living on the streets like homeless & needing to get handouts from others who work here is nonsense too. I do know of people here who look for the easy way into having money without working for it. This is just a start of some of the things that health problems start to make as parents let their kids do whatever cause they are scared of them & what the government can do to them through what laws are made & enforced.

      • I can understand your concern for those aimless young people. But you seem to advocate an interventionist working environment, where the bosses have all the say.

        You are living in a so-called free society in which the individual is supposed to forge his own destiny. In a capitalist, market orientated society, such as yours, you don’t find many humanitarians among the employers. As you say, “It is my way or the highway”.

        The problems you are pointing at can only be overcome by a cultural shift and not by a compulsion that ha the smell of Fascism about it.

      • Yes, & this has been the way of U.S government & its city government offices too as they take away people’s families & think they are doing great work also. This is to inform & get opinions of people to understand what goes on in this world that other parts of the world never find out about as they think U.S. is very wealthy. It has it’s classes of people too.

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