The 90+5+3+2 Rule

What about this rule? Does it help you in your life as a professional or other means of work? I find it works well for me a lot!

The equation to a successful outlook

Like a true southern belle, I’ve been exposed to some of the most odd traditions, superstitions and phenomena about how this thing called life works – in the personal, professional, and fantastical realms of life alike. In the professional sphere, however, the 90+5+3+2 or “ninety five thirty-two” rule is an outlook that I personally use as a young professional when approaching any new undertaking. It’s a pattern that I’ve noticed among pursuers within a competitive setting. Every young professional (and your yopro competition) will fall into one of these categories – the 90%, the 5%, the 3% or the 2%.

The 90

Within every competitive situation, 90% of “suitors” DO. NOT. CARE. Yep, I said it. Similar to the well-known 80/20 rule – where within a group setting, 20% of those involved do 80% of the work, within a competitive situation 90% simply don’t…

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