WWE: Live Or Die?

WWE: Live or Die?  Will it make a great comeback after the authority has ruined it?  In the past & previous episodes of WWE, Randy Orton is the face of WWE.  Does that make you proud or want to quit watching him at all as he has destroyed who he was & what he has become of himself now?  These previous episodes make me think of how the WWE will start to fall as matches & chaos are brought into the picture here.  Wrestling has definitely got out of hand.  Where are the rules & regulations that used to be & have finally got WWE Superstars leaving & bringing it all down?  They have had a couple of deaths from jumping too high & believing in bungee cords & objects that are supposed to help.  If you are a WWE fan & of any of the Superstars in it, how does the WWE help them as they go from place to place & when they injure themselves & need to have money to sit back & recover or recuperate?  They do a lot of training too, but all the bills they accumulate when recovering which is or should be a part of the program of WWE.  How many think that Kane should make up his own contract & be able to fulfill a wrestling career &/or be Director of Operations?  How do you all feel about having John Cena as the new face of WWE?  If get belts in 2-3 more times, he will be caught up with Ric Flair with his 16 time championship whether heavy weight or tag team titles.  That will have been as awesome & also have surpassed Ric Flair in his career all time high of living as a champion in pro wrestling.

WWE: Live or Die?  How many feel that WWE will still live & breathe some more?  Can Vince McMahon bring back the WWE to its total resurrection from Stephanie & Triple H as managers or co-owners of WWE?  Is it great to see other wrestlers be able to create total chaos to others’ wrestling matches while performing & messing up the outcome of those matches we love to see & watch so much?  There are so many wrestlers that are just going to be there for a little bit & then leave if nothing else works to their advantage.  Wrestlers & WWE.com are talking about the new WWE Network for $9.99/month with Superstars leaving.  How do you feel about that as they are losing business, too?  There are so many problems that have been started & never fully answered or dealt with while Stephanie & Triple H have been there.  Triple H blows it off & Stephanie may try, but really think they are at a downfall now just playing around as they just take the money & run as all do when nothing is really working for them.  Will there be new owners again or will the McMahons return to bring the WWE back again for more great episodes in the future?


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