Being Active

Being active means that doing something is how you burn carbs from rice, bread, sweets, pasta, etc.  Activities during the day & after eating will help to get all your body’s systems working correctly.   Your body’s systems that work correctly are how you know that the saying of an apple a day keeps the doctor away.   Active all day long will make you feel sleepy at the end of the day & know you are & will be energetic the next day as you replenish your body with the essential nutrients, too!  Being active makes you feel good all day long without any bad moods & keeps the stress away!

Being active is used by exercising, riding a bike, swimming, jogging, walking, etc. for a few minutes per day or taking a 5 mile walk or jog if able to withstand it which gives you the stamina to keep going without any bad attitudes much for the day either.  These activities keep your mind clear, your internals & blood vessels all cleaned out from the stuff inside that would clog it up & make you have to see a doctor for something that would take your life if not going out & being active.  Resting afterwards is good to bring your levels back to normal also.  This cools you off & if it happens to be necessary, you will also need to use the restroom or toilet to get rid of the garbage inside that has been sitting for too long.

Being active creates a lot of good thoughts in your head & mind.  They help to keep from yelling at kids all day long & also to take kids with you so they can expel their energy that has been stored up while in school or at home.  Active as a mother is just as good as if you were single & really keeps you & your skin as beautiful as you are after sweating & after a shower or getting cleaned after the time out that you have taken to make your body feel good.  Active keeps the stress away & arguments will be less & not as hurtful as if you were home all day & being told that you have done nothing to help out in tasks that need performed & done each day.  Activities that you do for the day can be set for a certain schedule & written down to let you remember how you did as an individual & help you to refresh your memory knowing what you have done throughout the day, week, month, & all year long.

Being active & writing down your activities not only help you to remember, but also help you feel inspired to get more done & get the rest you need instead of sitting all day worrying & fretting over the things said which create the stress in your life & make you feel unworthy also.  Your life should mean something to you which keeps you feeling good & being active each & every day in your life.  Schedules aren’t just for you personally if you have a family & kids which they need to keep up by going to school, to do the necessary tasks of them & as a family to give rewards & help your kids stay inspired & by letting them know what they will be getting after each task so they have no idea what you will be rewarding them for.  This also keeps them from expecting the same thing all the time too.  This keeps you from having health problems you normally wouldn’t have otherwise.  So being active really benefits you throughout your whole life & keeps you enthused & inspired too.