How does discipline work for you? Do you need to make things with help instead of filling your thoughts with things we all say no to in the 1st place?

Light The Trail

Discipline is one of the essential tools needed to control and secure success, if you think you can attain success without discipline, then know you’ll fail. If you can not control yourself and your life; if there is no order and method to your life, if persistence missing the battle is already lost.  Success can be illusive and daunting, the road is littered with pitfalls; it can be a constant uphill battle, that at most times you seem to be on the losing end, most times it seems it would be so much easier to give up, it is easier still to become distracted; you could do something else, something less demanded and less painful but you want to achieve to win to be on top, if there is to be success, there must be discipline.

Discipline is the positioning of  your mind, and your life…

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