Decisions the Government Will Make For Us

Do you believe that the government should decide who what where why & how we do things from day to day?

I am wondering if we all really want to have the government decide & make decisions which stop us from having any say in all kinds of problems or what goes on in our lives.  When we do, we are giving up on what we can do & let the government speak for us.  This includes the presidents we have & put in office.  This means that including Donald Trump as president for our country, we are not giving our say that could turn our country which is democratic or free into a socialistic or communistic country.  If this country would go communistic, the government would flat out run our lives for us 24/7, all year long.  Everyone might like it for a time, but think what you give up until the world is gone or what we give up for the generations to come.  Think of how the government can screw with our working environments, social environments, when we wake or sleep, when we eat or can buy anything we can get now all day long or night which turns into an all day affair, etc.  This to me doesn’t seem like a great value to our society.  We are pushed around by everything around us & everybody including the police who can be like gestapos as in Russia or China.  Does this matter to you?


4 thoughts on “Decisions the Government Will Make For Us

  1. It matters! The question is, is there any indication that the US is turning into an authoritarian society? At this stage, I would say, the government of the US will decide for all of you whether to go to war.

    • Yes it matters a lot! The US that was full of democracy has changed between having Obama & Donald Trump as presidents. They have pretty much went from a government we had to more than traditional. They changed it also to more like barbaric times. That’s not happening!

  2. I’m not sure, I understand your reply, bloggingbyrgottier. Your are saying, “They changed it also to more like barbaric times” but then add, “That’s not happening!”

    Are you going back to ‘barbaric times’ and is it happening or not?

    I have the feeling the US is going back to ‘barbaric times’ and the riots and counter-demonstrations in Charlottesville bear this out. If societies problems can not be resolved by democratic means than people will go onto the streets and have it out with each other. This would be a sad and catastrophic outcome for the US.

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