Work For a Living

Am back to work making my life a little better.  As you all remember that I was messed up with sciatic nerve problems so much, I have been working on moving a lot more so I can get better.  As I get better, my body works against me & I have to fight to make it work the way I want.  I have been using dumbbells to increase my muscles in my arms & at shoulders.  These muscles affect me when I work more because I am lifting more things when I work which increases my stamina & perseverance.  I get increased energy through this small workout & stretch every other day.  I have to eat better to get rid of the increased problems I have while getting stronger too.  Life seems like its better way to live & help others while working for their health problems like their eyesight & keeping their eyesight better with foods like fruits which give your eyes the necessary fluids when using a computer a lot for work.  My wife really loves that I work out & bring her a lot of life when I am doing daily activities with her & working to make our home a better place.  I use teas, coffee, cereals, making smoothies, soups, chili, pancakes, canned pumpkin for natural steroids, vitamins minerals, amino acids & lots of fiber.  These all help to get my body back in shape along with keeping it all intact as you get older, you lose more nutrients & have to increase all your nutrients for you to be as good as when you were younger.  I have to research a lot so I can get my necessary nutrients working in my body & have everything I need & be as active as I can be each & every day.  These times that I work, I feel very good & can say that I can go to bed without needing to use pills to put me to sleep as much as I did when I was young & had allergies.  Learning about all your health problems & using natural foods & nutrients along with exercise brings more of your body’s systems to use more of those nutrients than from using pills from the pharmacy.  You really have to like wean your body away from the pills you get when you use natural foods & get those nutrients back in your body.  This is how I was able to get back to work.  I am so glad that I didn’t use any surgery or have parts of my body removed like internal organs that you really need each & every day.  I would love to see others try this & ask me for any way you can get back to what you used to be.



Personalities Made From Food We Eat

Personalities made from food we eat as we have likes & dislikes for everything we eat & do.  The foods we eat describe who we are as we leave out foods like vegetables or fruits, not eating in the morning, skipping lunch or just eating snacks all day long.  It even personalizes who we are when personalities are made from just eating sugary foods or taking sugar only.  I am not talking about having fruits that are sugary because they have natural sugars in them that help your body.  Personalities are made by the foods we eat as in moods, how we live, what our activities are, where we go, who we see, & especially our feelings too.  Eating foods are so symbolic to how we think also.

Food Personality differences

Personalities made from food we eat bring us a variety of natural differences for acting, playing, getting stressed, being angry, having health issues, fighting, whether we are socially acceptable or want to step on others toes, etc.  This is how our society lives & doesn’t understand that our bodies control who we are & how personalities create us, destroy us, increase our intelligence, give us a better feeling of being together, being stuck inside & not getting out to exercise.  Personalities made from food we eat, teach us that we are all so different, in the aspects of how socializing with different races make us not love others for who they are, & leave us wondering whether we need change or be stuck in our ways until we die.  Personalities bring self destruction, madness, intensity, love, kindness, caring, or increase who or when we see others. Life is totally incredible when we make it that way.  This is our choice & the decisions we make that describe our personality.

Personality Description

Personalities made from food we eat will tell us how energetic we are, how inspirational we are, whether we will sit watching TV & movies, whether we play sports or watch them in person or by entertainment, taking people for who they are in person, how muscular they are for the lives they have made or make among other things.  Personalities even are tested by others in school, at home, at work, eating, as we grow, whether we are tall or short, what & where information is or how we acknowledge it, needing to prove things, to get 2nd opinions after being told once already, & accepting what is put in front of us.  We love who we are & that is our personality & traits for our future.  Life works so differently if we are from the country or in the city, too.  Here is another aspect to our personalities & the foods we eat which comes from our blood types also.  I will explain that soon too, but on my other blog called Living Healthy.  This is where I have my main niche & love & am so full of life there.



Stress is a personality factor in whatever we do & how it makes us perform each day for work, at home or at play.  Use this as a guide!

Personalities made from food we eat or drinking wines or having alcohol or drugs will make us think & act differently as we actually are changing who we are by stripping our bodies from what they need.  Personalities describe our sexual preferences, & when we want to have it, also the food preferences & what kind of tasting styles we have throughout our lives.  Living & loving who we are & what we do makes us incredibly ornery, cocky, sensual, stupid, minding of others, being loving to our family & friends, whether we have true friends or those who use us or we use them, etc.  These personalities decide who are leaders, who are followers, those who let their emotions fly, or even how they destroy us through others’ words which get us in trouble also.  These types of personalities relate to who we are & what we make of ourselves.  Here is a chart for horoscope signs & how they affect our personalities too.


Personalities work as you view this chart of favorite foods, wines, & tasting styles.


Marketing My Health: My Life Then, My Life Now!

Marketing my health: My life then, my life now!  This is a great life to have as I have really experienced a wonderful thing called healthy living.  My health starts when my life then was as miserable as it could be being born with 5 health problems & not having any say to it.  I was born with low blood pressure, low blood sugar, chronic allergies, poor circulation & a slight case of cerebral palsy.  I have changed it all around.  These conditions are nothing to play with, but I had help in what I learned from God, about how to make my life better for helping others understand there is nothing better than having good health at all times.  I had to be as active as I could through these times as I played sports as much as I could & exercised lots too.  All this work to stay above water for my health at that time was something to contend with always.  Life for me was making sure my needs were met & my parents provided that until they died a few years ago.  I have no regrets either!  My life then was to get into pushing a wagon, run, jump, or get into as much trouble in order to gain knowledge & bring my body a new life later on.  I was always fed good of stews, meats, rice, etc. along with going to every place that had food we didn’t need to pay for as we got more afterwards which is called a buffet.  I had all kinds of energy & later on learned it would run out as I could only afford what I knew to eat.  My life then was trying & exhausting along with my allergies working on me as I took Benadryl for it as it never slowed down as I never let it.  This allergic reaction then & now are always high & am still trying to regulate it, but to no avail.  My allergies are high as I work on other parts of my body to get my body in the best it can be now & always.  My cerebral palsy has pretty much been reduced & works as I have my woman to thank for her love & support through so much & learns more of & about me between my posts & what I bring to her of my memories from my childhood too.  It means a lot to me & for sure, she is quite special in my life forever.  I ate lots of fruits & vegetables then & loved all kinds of desserts where I got my energy from.  That was so good to have!  My life then also pertained to work when I could as I needed money after my school years to become a working man who wanted to show he was fully capable of anything in front of him.  I found out though that it took a lot from me & needed more things to drink like alcohol in order for me to sleep & relax before & after eating.  My energy levels were not as great & sometimes I suffered not having a job for my allergies & my energy levels being reduced to almost nothing after 2 months of working.  Sports kept me going & brought my energy levels up, but working would really drain me a lot.  This is where I had to somehow eat constantly as my blood sugar & pressure levels were low when working; when playing sports, they were high.  These changes practically strip me of going anywhere & left me to stay at home to drink & fill my body to capacity for the next weeks after as I did this on the weekends.  Life then was practically living like I was a garbage disposal & still eat that way sometimes to get my body the benefits it needs for the great health & nutrition in order to give my body fuel everyday as I exercise also.

Marketing my health: My life then, my life now is working now as I give my body all the necessities of food & the nutrition it needs to recoup & recover from the exercise I give it.  I was getting it working this last summer, & now as it is winter, it usually gets tougher.  My life now during the winter is eating a lot of whole grains, fruits & vegetables, meat, drinking water & juices with wheatgrass as some foods I eat are either processed or burned to not have as many nutrients as I would like.  Some people kill their meat thinking it has nothing good & will kill them.  That is nonsense if you want to bring a lot of amino acids & proteins to your diet.  Proteins are made up of a lot of amino acids which give your body the necessary nutrients besides eating fruits & vegetables to get the necessary minerals in your body that you use everyday as your energy levels are used up no matter whether sitting & using thoughts to keep going or on the go all the time.  My life now is quite a better feeling as I get my body to a better health bringing more nutrients that I wasted a long time ago not knowing as much as I do now.  I also got to learn then about business & what it took to market which improved my skills in a lot of various talents & interests I had then & have now.  Life for me is getting pretty good & making me feel a lot better.  I am also marketing what I know about my health from my life then to my life now.  This has been 1 long & interesting ride to live & learn more about health & its benefits.  Tell me more about how your life is as I try to bring you more of who I am & my health through all my exercising & my good life & my eating of the wholesomeness of great foods!  Thanks to all my great readers & those who support me in my quest to give you more of my daily activities while working on my future pdf of good health & the problems which bring you the worst, too!

Marketing: Exercising To Increase Great Health

Marketing: Exercising to increase great health means a lot to me as I am promoting my business of being healthy as well as marketing about great health.  My life as a person has been up & down like a rollercoaster as you all may know from past posts I have written about.  Marketing using exercise increases great health by learning how to take care of yourself, as well as out burning calories through walking, running, cleaning, going shopping from place to place; eating foods that will use your body to let go of solids when eating a lot of solids like salads, yogurt, as you increase your liquid content to maximize your body’s production of vital nutrients while exercising.  The love of working on your body & letting it work for you does you a lot of good.  Giving yourself some time to relax & get off your feet also gives your body time to reset & regroup when getting ready for next activities during the day.  Marketing which promotes me telling you about increasing great health is my way of proving to you that we can all overcome any diseases & nutritional deficiencies along with losing weight as your body gets rid of garbage & you rest long enough to keep from overstressing what you do all day long.  I am telling you all this because I had a mother who constantly would go, go, go like an energizer bunny & finally her battery quit from cancer & congestive heart failure.  There are others I know that have done so much damage as to remove vital parts from their body not knowing that they are needed.


This picture shows exercise through a time limit & eating good for great health.

Marketing which through promoting great health is something to continue your whole life through.  This is not something to just work on & then quit for a while.  You continually need to keep working on an acid/alkaline balance in your body to become better & let all the stress & feelings leave for a little while as you get better in health & increasing how you look without saying in the mirror, “I am fat or I can’t live looking like this.”  It’s nonsense as you are just being negative & with it all proves that you are throwing your body into a mess which is twice as hard when working it out to look as good as you did before.  Increasing great health means knowing what to eat, where to go to burn calories, taking a day going bike riding, or even just walking a couple of blocks for a few times without leaving your house going too far.  This removes a lot of stress buildup that we all have when just sitting at home.  It also works on your body’s metabolism & gives your body nutrients & gets rid of toxins or the buildup of waste that the body no longer needs.  Increasing great health as I do through marketing on this blog of mine through posts I put on it is more for people who follow my blog & posts on health or marketing, etc. enjoying what I write & say, for all to become a lot better in how they are as people wanting to learn more.  Life is worth working for when you can maintain it as opposed to letting it go & trying to bring it back.


This is a picture of a person stretching & staying limber or flexible for the whole day in whatever activities she plans to do

Yoga classes or other stretching classes usually work out very tight muscles that have made pain in your body.  It also is good as you exercise other places in your body to help you more to walk & run instead of ending up in wheelchairs & letting your body get drained & not have any energy at all.  Marketing for what I know & where the great health you get from all the exercising increases how your body is full of life & being beautiful as in women, but also in strength for men & knowing it is good to be on the go or whatever your activities are from day to day.  Men can go swimming or go workout & look for ways to keep flexible instead of having their bodies get stiff, in pain & not work in what they do all day long that they enjoy.  Yoga takes you into a new dimension that will really increase a lot of stamina & endurance as your thoughts are to be like your kids.  Make this your time to become fit & love what it does as you all increase your health as I market about exercising & great health!

Health Cures: Balancing Your Body

How do you balance your body?  Getting health cures!  How do you cure your health?  Balancing your body.  Does balancing your body actually work?  Health cures are balancing your body.  Balancing your body means making sure you have a balance of solids & liquids for one.  You need fruits and vegetables to get minerals.  Having meat as in beef, chicken, tuna, seafood, turkey, etc. have your major part of vitamins along with other nutrients as well.  Liquids need to be drank like milk, fruit & vegetable juices, water, smoothies, etc.  Fats are processed with proteins.  We need to know what is good for balancing our bodies.  Here is a couple of examples to see:

descriptive                          This pyramid of foods are an example of the ways to balance your body as health cures through healing.


This pyramid has all the essential vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins amino acids, fiber, processed foods, carbs, and fuel for energy for your body.  These pyramids are to give you ways of making sure you stay healthy & balancing your bodies.  We also have dairy products that are milk, cheese, yogurts, cottage cheese, etc. We use calcium from the dairy products to maximize our bones & teeth by strengthening them.  The calcium also is readily available throughout our body’s fluid systems in order to maintain proper health and to keep from taking from other places in the body when our calcium levels are down.

Health cures are also a way of balancing your body to provide you with being complete and like the person you desired to be like your kids in having energy and flexibility.  Your younger years with so much energy and flexibility are used up in working to make your families exist by keeping them healthy.  These health cures aren’t just one thing that someone has found, but a need to balance your bodies by using the foods in these pyramids in different serving levels in order to stay as energetic and flexible like your kids are.  These nutrients we get are vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, herbs, spices, proteins, etc. through the foods we eat.


This chart above shows the serving levels for each basic food group that your body needs and to stay healthy without needing to see doctors or having unbalanced systems that don’t work which make you ill or sick besides.

Health cures and balancing your body isn’t about just picking the foods you like and expecting that to work for your bodies.  Your body doesn’t want what you want as it becomes toxic with too much in one area.  Balancing your body is how you get energy and stay away from diseases that make you go to the doctor and have time off from work.  If you enjoy working, playing and living, then any time off from what you love to do isn’t balancing your body.  Balancing your body doesn’t mean eating steaks and potatoes so much, but to take in more fruits and vegetables with nutrients your body can work with.  Depending on your ways of eating and going to doctors without really paying attention to your own health means that you aren’t and don’t know how your body is for health.  When eating what you want and letting your body go through a stage of being unhealthy, it is very unbalanced and your body needs to stay balanced for you to cure all your health problems.

Health cures which are of balancing your body are completely in utter chaos if you live the way the world lives around you.  Life is about you and expecting to stay healthy is more than trying to keep up with this world.  If going, going, going is how you want to see yourself like the energizer bunny, your health should mean a lot to you.  Doctors and hospitals won’t be in your thoughts at all.  It will be of balancing your body and knowing that diseases are nonexistent as you cure your health by balancing your body.  Going, going, going can also bring your health down when your body starts to shut down which brings a lot of time off from your daily activities.  My life was like that, and is why I am making this post on health, as I have heard a lot from others by word of mouth why they can’t be like their kids after they have been through a lot in their parenthood.  I wanted to let others know about health through the times, of how I was like the energizer bunny in a way, by being so active and not really understanding how my health should mean a lot to me!  I am letting others know now by telling them of health cures as so many people out there are just looking at a small picture which doesn’t help to understand where it is supposed to lead you to.

Health cures and balancing your body is also through a lot of rest, getting enough sleep, having a schedule to work with, exercise, and proper nutrition through these images in this post.  Health cures are what keep us away from the diseases in our lives and the world’s lives.  With enough servings of food in each of the groups, you will be balancing your body a lot and becoming the energizer bunny again!  Make sure your body is balanced through these charts also which show your acid and alkalinity levels for proper balancing of your body totally:


These charts show acid and alkalinity levels and how much to eat to get proper nutrition by comparing the foods you pick and eat showing whether you need to add to it to get proper nutrition.  Where do you need to be in balancing your body and curing your health?

Marketing For My Health

Marketing for my health is absolutely essential as I get my health so much better.  Marketing is all about boosting the ways of health to the very top of my food chain.  I market my health from what I eat & the amount of exercise I do to bring my body to the maximum health I can.  We start off with what I have eaten the last month for breakfast & the supplements I have taken, & also to increase how my body has reacted & been getting better as I go out in the coldest days of December.  I started off for breakfast with a 10 grain cereal that I cooked within 10 minutes & has fiber along with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.  These are all used in your body to give you the most benefits & heal or prevent anything your body has, or will get in the near future.  This accounts for colds, flu, cholesterol & heart problems, cancer, menstrual problems for men & women both, mood swings, behavioral problems & all kinds of mental & physical problems that mess with your life or tend to make it harder for you as you raise children.  I had wheatgrass added into my cereal when it doesn’t have everything I need as I am trying to rebuild my broken body.  This was after I waited for my hot cereal to cool off & as I was eating it, I would drink water to keep it from bulking up so much along with letting it work the nutrients in my body to get ready for my walk of almost 10 miles round trip.  This & drinking coffee to start the hot cereal for burning energy & also putting fiber in the parts of my body it needed as I make this walk.  I walked in 25 degree weather & was snowing some which added to the difficulty of what I would experience for that time learning about how fiber transfers & works in the most needed parts of your body.  This part of my body that had been worked on by adding fiber was & hasn’t been that good for a long time finally got the fiber in the spot of where I had the sciatica at.  Along with fiber being put in the most needed places to repair your systems & body parts, it always is good to keep water with it so your body takes in all the nutrients it needs while your stomach digests the food you put in it like I did with the hot, fibrous cereal.  That was my day after 5 hours in the cold & felt good the next day when all the food had finally been removed from the body.

Marketing for my health is a way to let everyone know what you can really do to make your body stronger, healthier, repair injuries or complete parts of your body even after trying to paralyze it.  We do this through our actions & the ways we eat.  Health for us means maintaining what we have & keeping a balance by keeping a record of what our bodies are taking in to actually know whether we are over the line or not.  Marketing for me about health practically gives me something to work for because I have taken the right steps to make myself totally better, but people in the U.S. are in dire need of becoming better than what they are.  So I say, “Health in the U.S. is greatly reduced & we all need to experience something better & use what we had in our traditional ways.”

Health is a niche in marketing which is considered a part when thinking of a community who need more than just this.  There are other niches that people can get into, but this is my niche & use it for helping others understand, grow & believe in making themselves healthier again.  As we stay healthy, we know how to make use of our time & helping our children become healthy, too.  We love others & should help them learn about good health since tradition has gone from good to nothing here in the United States.  We have doctors & health professionals, but none of them has any idea of teaching something we should already know about.  We are taught this in school, & we then just merely given a chance to go to a store & all we do is get everything that is low priced which has no nutritional value at all.  Why do we let our lives get thrown into shambles & never really plan for anything even when we make appointments or dates for parties that tend to be slammed together with everything else?  Life is great if you take some time to relax for yourselves & give yourselves a place to relax at least for a few hours in a day.  These hours that I am referring to mean for those people who love to put their lives into a very, very busy time.  This is what we call stressful & stress is already at the workplace.   What we call great for food is letting our kids get what they want & all they want mostly is sugar.  Anything else they want or getting TV dinners or something that doesn’t have much nutrition is seeing them start to get like the elderly.  Why do we let ourselves become negligent or complacent by not disciplining them?  This is what I call stressful & getting to see kids & adults going down the tubes in their health!  Using the basics & finding places that have good, wholesome & natural foods is how we should be.  Getting fruits & vegetables that haven’t gotten sprayed because bugs are the main concern & asking about the foods we buy in order for us to become healthy makes sense.  We would save more by buying better foods & not paying the doctors so much to fix our health problems.  I don’t really get that!  I believe in marketing on health for anyone & everyone to become healthier before they all just have so many problems no one can be taken care of anymore.

Stress & The Effects On Your Body

Stress & the effects on your body are quite critical as it is either good or bad.  Stress is a bummer.  I know I hate it a lot.  Maybe these questions will give you an understanding & change how you deal with the effects of stress.  Do we as people understand what stress does & how stress makes the body work negatively or positively?  Do we care to change anything to make our bodies become less or more stressful?  Do the effects on your body from stress make you better or worse with your attitude or even your health as you work within your boss’ rules & regulations?  Does all the needs you have, get met or do they get pushed away & put on hold until you think you are ready to deal with them?  Does it matter how your health is in this stress-induced world?  If your answers were either no or had a tough time answering, then your body is in need of a lot of change.  There are nutritional ways of getting stress reduced which can also reduce sugar levels & cortisone or inflammation levels.  I can tell you that eating good & the right foods will change your body to work in this stress-induced world.  A normal 8 hours of sleep gets you less stress & more energy for your body.  This gives you & your body better health & ways to make your body deal with stress & stay at a balance if working a lot.  There are also a lot of different pressure points that can make headaches go away in time as you relax which relieves stress to be able to deal with another day working for your boss.  Most people don’t know much about what their bodies do or how they act.  They push themselves over a cliff thinking they had to get everything done in 24 hours.  This is wrong & a way of keeping stress at your side forever.  This will just make your body decide to stop like when leaving a lightbulb on 24/7 until it stops working.  Stress will give you this effect on your body creating all kinds of health problems.  The way my body dealt with stress was to mess with my gums & teeth.  They would hurt & then I would have to use pain pills & be told to lay down & rest a lot.  This type of stress doesn’t help if you are in need of money a lot.  Stress will also come from the choices you make which are normally bad throughout the day or week or month.  It all adds up to like a meltdown.  Juices will help to straighten stress up & other foods but relaxing & sleep mostly after exercising.  Giving your body a way to process the stress & burning up this energy is what your body needs to deal with it instead of sitting so much.  Do you think that the life or way you live in this stress-induced world is going to change by magic?  Your kidding yourself & spinning more wheels in your thought patterns than necessary.  Change these effects you have from stress & give your body the TLC it needs before you end up over the edge!