Donald Trump As President or God

Donald Trump as president makes for a very barbaric time.  Since I have had thoughts of how our government has changed, I think Donald Trump is the worst even if he has votes from a lot of people.  Donald Trump has shown he can get rid of a lot of people’s thinking towards what he had put up when he was getting people to vote for him.  Now that he has become president, he makes decisions for us as he thinks we can’t decide for ourselves & thinks he is God to everyone.  Donald Trump should take a permanent vacation.  He should not be paid for his works that have ruined the kind of deals that screw with us all.  Tell me what you wish to have changed unless he is voted in for 3 more terms.

Donald Trump had a good time when he first started.  As he works to playing king of the mountain, I really wonder if there is anyone who would vote for him now.  Donald Trump thinks he is God which he needs to think again.  As Donald Trump seems to learn how other governments think of him, he really is nothing as he stays within the confining walls of the White House & considers it his castle & domain.  Does Donald Trump have my vote?  Not even!  His ways show through his children also, especially through his daughter who thinks she should act like a goddess whose garbage over time shouldn’t stink.  He has brought into our government a socialistic environment as opposed to our democracy which gives us a lot more freedom than we would have through kings & queens running us ragged or taking money that we work for until we have nothing left.  His decision making stinks too.  This is an outrage I love to post as I see more & more of who Donald Trump really is.  Where does Mr. Trump as president get his despicable works & ways from?  He sure knows how to be a controller without sticking his neck out the door?  What would you do if you could change a government like this?


Life In the Woods

Life in the woods is definitely a way to make a pleasurable time. The woods are the most fascinating & desirable places to be alone & be away from others when you are needing moments of peace. You can find out how much you can endure through living with animals & other wildlife. Life in the woods is with you & nature, feeling the most interesting & freshest air around. Being in the woods is better than in the city, where the smog & pollution are around to pollute your body & lungs just as much as if you were smoking.  Pictures can be taken of wildlife & possibly the wild animals you wouldn’t notice if in the city because it needs all that freshness that is around.  There are positives & negatives around when either living in the city or out in the country.  The country is in the woods where there are a lot of trees, leaves, bark & wild plants that are mostly considered herbs for taking care of your health naturally.

There is so much to do in preparation for living in the woods.  Life in the woods is made by camping out or even building a log cabin & naturally insulating it.  This can be a project by having to collect trees from all over & making logs or just buying the logs already prefabricated.  If not, you measure & cut them during the hottest or best time of the year.   There is a need for electricity with a generator & even having to learn about hunting to get food & out in the wild to find running water before you make wells to have water when you need it.  All these ventures take time with family being together, working together & spending time together as 1 unit if not all family members out doing their own thing.  That does also mean learning of wildlife & the dangers along with it.  These dangers have to do with wild animals, etc. & knowing how to be well protected before even starting a venture on your own.  Do people know the positives & negatives of life in the woods?  This is just a start.  How much work is involved when preparing to make your life in the woods?

Work For a Living

Am back to work making my life a little better.  As you all remember that I was messed up with sciatic nerve problems so much, I have been working on moving a lot more so I can get better.  As I get better, my body works against me & I have to fight to make it work the way I want.  I have been using dumbbells to increase my muscles in my arms & at shoulders.  These muscles affect me when I work more because I am lifting more things when I work which increases my stamina & perseverance.  I get increased energy through this small workout & stretch every other day.  I have to eat better to get rid of the increased problems I have while getting stronger too.  Life seems like its better way to live & help others while working for their health problems like their eyesight & keeping their eyesight better with foods like fruits which give your eyes the necessary fluids when using a computer a lot for work.  My wife really loves that I work out & bring her a lot of life when I am doing daily activities with her & working to make our home a better place.  I use teas, coffee, cereals, making smoothies, soups, chili, pancakes, canned pumpkin for natural steroids, vitamins minerals, amino acids & lots of fiber.  These all help to get my body back in shape along with keeping it all intact as you get older, you lose more nutrients & have to increase all your nutrients for you to be as good as when you were younger.  I have to research a lot so I can get my necessary nutrients working in my body & have everything I need & be as active as I can be each & every day.  These times that I work, I feel very good & can say that I can go to bed without needing to use pills to put me to sleep as much as I did when I was young & had allergies.  Learning about all your health problems & using natural foods & nutrients along with exercise brings more of your body’s systems to use more of those nutrients than from using pills from the pharmacy.  You really have to like wean your body away from the pills you get when you use natural foods & get those nutrients back in your body.  This is how I was able to get back to work.  I am so glad that I didn’t use any surgery or have parts of my body removed like internal organs that you really need each & every day.  I would love to see others try this & ask me for any way you can get back to what you used to be.



How does discipline work for you? Do you need to make things with help instead of filling your thoughts with things we all say no to in the 1st place?

Light The Trail

Discipline is one of the essential tools needed to control and secure success, if you think you can attain success without discipline, then know you’ll fail. If you can not control yourself and your life; if there is no order and method to your life, if persistence missing the battle is already lost.  Success can be illusive and daunting, the road is littered with pitfalls; it can be a constant uphill battle, that at most times you seem to be on the losing end, most times it seems it would be so much easier to give up, it is easier still to become distracted; you could do something else, something less demanded and less painful but you want to achieve to win to be on top, if there is to be success, there must be discipline.

Discipline is the positioning of  your mind, and your life…

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New Job? Make a Good Impression Before You Start

Here is a good way to get started in a business & office career!

That Career Girl


So you aced the interview and have accepted the job offer. Now’s not the time to drop the ball! The way that you interact with your new employer during your transition period can tell them a lot about the type of employee you will be. Further, the preparation that you undertake leading up to your start date will ensure that you hit the ground running.

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WWE: Stephanie and Triple H Destroy Wrestling

WWE: Stephanie and Triple H destroy wrestling using stupid tactics that they think will get them money?  Does wrestling seem to just get criminalistic?  Why is a bunch of members of wrestling got no brains?  What kind of drama are we watching now?  I could be watching Days of Our Lives or General Hospital as soap operas or some other type of show all day long.  What is the point of this strategy?  Have Stephanie and Triple H truly lost their minds as they try to make it look like they hate what is going on?  Triple H really thinks he can play like he is a king!  Kings have castles & Triple H isn’t sitting in his.  Since Triple H likes reality, he really needs a reality check.  He shows no castle, nothing but his dumb attitude & has no remorse for anyone or anything.  Kings get knocked off their seats in castles & so do the queens.  Nobody is invincible or immortal.

WWE: Stephanie and Triple H may have a family & think they can act like who they want, but I am sure that this mess will soon get old and gray as much as anything else.  This is a great time for Vince McMahon to return and take over by kicking out Triple H with his forced enthusiasm.  There is a difference to playing God and being God like the garbage that is on the TVs already.  How many of you really believe in the way that Stephanie and Triple H are playing this game as they try to entertain you like a soap opera?  Maybe they have some life they live that isn’t in the limelight like all the rest of the celebrities in the world.  This just seems to bring some recklessness or chaos that we accept & will let fill our lives, but never will bring ourselves to what type of crimes will soon come to u,s as the people who watch this, devise plans of attack on others because this type of violence is thought to be something better than what it should be.  This is why we are manhandled later in life as people never think ahead of what might happen later on than instead of sooner when they should.  Why do we not find some reason to change our thoughts of what is going on when nothing on this show now will ever be about the true spirit of wrestling?  Give me your thoughts of what WWE really means to you?



Being Active

Being active means that doing something is how you burn carbs from rice, bread, sweets, pasta, etc.  Activities during the day & after eating will help to get all your body’s systems working correctly.   Your body’s systems that work correctly are how you know that the saying of an apple a day keeps the doctor away.   Active all day long will make you feel sleepy at the end of the day & know you are & will be energetic the next day as you replenish your body with the essential nutrients, too!  Being active makes you feel good all day long without any bad moods & keeps the stress away!

Being active is used by exercising, riding a bike, swimming, jogging, walking, etc. for a few minutes per day or taking a 5 mile walk or jog if able to withstand it which gives you the stamina to keep going without any bad attitudes much for the day either.  These activities keep your mind clear, your internals & blood vessels all cleaned out from the stuff inside that would clog it up & make you have to see a doctor for something that would take your life if not going out & being active.  Resting afterwards is good to bring your levels back to normal also.  This cools you off & if it happens to be necessary, you will also need to use the restroom or toilet to get rid of the garbage inside that has been sitting for too long.

Being active creates a lot of good thoughts in your head & mind.  They help to keep from yelling at kids all day long & also to take kids with you so they can expel their energy that has been stored up while in school or at home.  Active as a mother is just as good as if you were single & really keeps you & your skin as beautiful as you are after sweating & after a shower or getting cleaned after the time out that you have taken to make your body feel good.  Active keeps the stress away & arguments will be less & not as hurtful as if you were home all day & being told that you have done nothing to help out in tasks that need performed & done each day.  Activities that you do for the day can be set for a certain schedule & written down to let you remember how you did as an individual & help you to refresh your memory knowing what you have done throughout the day, week, month, & all year long.

Being active & writing down your activities not only help you to remember, but also help you feel inspired to get more done & get the rest you need instead of sitting all day worrying & fretting over the things said which create the stress in your life & make you feel unworthy also.  Your life should mean something to you which keeps you feeling good & being active each & every day in your life.  Schedules aren’t just for you personally if you have a family & kids which they need to keep up by going to school, to do the necessary tasks of them & as a family to give rewards & help your kids stay inspired & by letting them know what they will be getting after each task so they have no idea what you will be rewarding them for.  This also keeps them from expecting the same thing all the time too.  This keeps you from having health problems you normally wouldn’t have otherwise.  So being active really benefits you throughout your whole life & keeps you enthused & inspired too.