Life In the Woods

Life in the woods is definitely a way to make a pleasurable time. The woods are the most fascinating & desirable places to be alone & be away from others when you are needing moments of peace. You can find out how much you can endure through living with animals & other wildlife. Life in the woods is with you & nature, feeling the most interesting & freshest air around. Being in the woods is better than in the city, where the smog & pollution are around to pollute your body & lungs just as much as if you were smoking.  Pictures can be taken of wildlife & possibly the wild animals you wouldn’t notice if in the city because it needs all that freshness that is around.  There are positives & negatives around when either living in the city or out in the country.  The country is in the woods where there are a lot of trees, leaves, bark & wild plants that are mostly considered herbs for taking care of your health naturally.

There is so much to do in preparation for living in the woods.  Life in the woods is made by camping out or even building a log cabin & naturally insulating it.  This can be a project by having to collect trees from all over & making logs or just buying the logs already prefabricated.  If not, you measure & cut them during the hottest or best time of the year.   There is a need for electricity with a generator & even having to learn about hunting to get food & out in the wild to find running water before you make wells to have water when you need it.  All these ventures take time with family being together, working together & spending time together as 1 unit if not all family members out doing their own thing.  That does also mean learning of wildlife & the dangers along with it.  These dangers have to do with wild animals, etc. & knowing how to be well protected before even starting a venture on your own.  Do people know the positives & negatives of life in the woods?  This is just a start.  How much work is involved when preparing to make your life in the woods?

Work For a Living

Am back to work making my life a little better.  As you all remember that I was messed up with sciatic nerve problems so much, I have been working on moving a lot more so I can get better.  As I get better, my body works against me & I have to fight to make it work the way I want.  I have been using dumbbells to increase my muscles in my arms & at shoulders.  These muscles affect me when I work more because I am lifting more things when I work which increases my stamina & perseverance.  I get increased energy through this small workout & stretch every other day.  I have to eat better to get rid of the increased problems I have while getting stronger too.  Life seems like its better way to live & help others while working for their health problems like their eyesight & keeping their eyesight better with foods like fruits which give your eyes the necessary fluids when using a computer a lot for work.  My wife really loves that I work out & bring her a lot of life when I am doing daily activities with her & working to make our home a better place.  I use teas, coffee, cereals, making smoothies, soups, chili, pancakes, canned pumpkin for natural steroids, vitamins minerals, amino acids & lots of fiber.  These all help to get my body back in shape along with keeping it all intact as you get older, you lose more nutrients & have to increase all your nutrients for you to be as good as when you were younger.  I have to research a lot so I can get my necessary nutrients working in my body & have everything I need & be as active as I can be each & every day.  These times that I work, I feel very good & can say that I can go to bed without needing to use pills to put me to sleep as much as I did when I was young & had allergies.  Learning about all your health problems & using natural foods & nutrients along with exercise brings more of your body’s systems to use more of those nutrients than from using pills from the pharmacy.  You really have to like wean your body away from the pills you get when you use natural foods & get those nutrients back in your body.  This is how I was able to get back to work.  I am so glad that I didn’t use any surgery or have parts of my body removed like internal organs that you really need each & every day.  I would love to see others try this & ask me for any way you can get back to what you used to be.



Responsibility & why we need it. Why is responsibility so important? Don’t we as adults need to teach our children about responsibility as they grow up instead of letting them learn after they are already out the door & on their own?  What does responsibility mean?  How responsible are we as adults?  We as adults need to not work so hard to pay bills we can’t afford, because then there is no time for your children to learn what responsibility is if there is no one to keep show them where they are making mistakes.  We need to help them learn how to correct their mistakes which shows them how we as adults can be responsible in what we do.  Responsibility is like anything else as you are trained & are training your children, you learn to be better & make better decisions which increase what your wisdom is & how it affects you & your family.

Responsibility by the dictionary means that a person who does a task or is out & about in whatever he or she is doing becomes accountable for his or her actions.  This means that the person who happens to empty trash is accountable for where they empty it & making sure if there is something dropped will be picked up so that there are no problems later on.  This person has to know that they are not littering or out spraying bridges or getting into trouble at all.  If getting into trouble is how you consider being responsible, then you will end up either getting your parents involved or finding that you as the person who did this will be accountable & responsible & will be having consequences through your actions.  Responsibility is important throughout your whole entire lifetime.  You as a person cannot look up to others expecting to become them, or whoever it is when learning responsibility, as the actions you perform & copy could get you into trouble as well if not thinking about what is going on.  Responsibility is included in the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night.  There are actions also if you happen to do something if asleep, too.  If you lose something in the middle of the night while asleep or something else, it will be your job to find out what happened to that item you lost or misplaced at that time.  Responsibility is about you & you alone.  This means you cannot blame others if you are at fault.  That is why responsibility is so important when doing anything even if it is at work also.  Do not blame others for your mistakes!  Stand up & be the person who knows how to do what is right & will never get into trouble where you miss family & loved ones you have close to you.  Know what is right from wrong!  Believe in yourself & be accountable for what you do.

Adults need to be accountable & responsible as well.  They are no better than anyone else in this country.  We have equal rights & that also means that we have an equal share of what we do & what is done that is wrong that can be brought before your superiors.  Responsibility will take you to different places in your life & bring you a better life or will be a messed up life instead.  We as adults should already know this in all situations as we were taught at home, school, outside, inside & also at work too.  Adults are no special case for not having to be responsible & need to be on their best behavior as well.  There are so many professions & things we do in our lifetime that make us who we are & be accountable as well as responsible for what we do.  Rules & regulations are there to keep all of us in check along with how we deal with our own internal actions as well as our external reactions from others when in daily activities.  Life isn’t about chaos & what we can get away with in this world.  It is just like Steven Segal’s movie, “Above The Law” where things happen around you & you take the situation & be responsible for what the outcome is.  If we are the parents to our children, they would act better & not have the say so & try to be like others that aren’t taught anything about responsibility.  Actions, reactions, decisions, methods, etc. are all about being accountable & having responsibility.

Please take this as a way of teaching others & your own family members about how having responsibility works for everyone!


Responsibility is something you need in life to be able to do tasks,  be accounted for in them & how you answer to those above you in the working world.  These tasks have to be talked about in order for others to follow what you do & see when you are applying yourself to newer jobs & making a newer life, too.  Responsibility means that you are accountable for what you do, you are the authority of your life, a duty that needs to be filled in a timely manner, that it is important for these tasks to be done showing responsibility, you are liable for all tasks to be completed, knowing that these tasks have to be done which is also considered an obligation, you have the power to change & make yourself a better person, having restraint for when, where, why, with who & what you do so other people can trust you to accomplish all the tasks put before you.  Responsibility is a real life changer for work, play & at home or wherever you are when performing & accomplishing what needs to be done without others always on your tail-end which will help to receive benefits later on.



Responsibility is being able to know when to ask questions, make good statements, prove to others that you have worth & wanted to be accepted by all.  An example of responsibility is when you are taking out a person of the opposite sex & show the adults you can pick up your date on time, be out & be back home when they ask, having a job to pay for the activities you do when on a date, being able to take care of expensive things when they aren’t yours or when an accident happens that you can take the blame & accept the consequences afterwards, handling life the way you were taught & learn more of what life brings to your attention, giving you decisions to make to know how to stay as responsible like you should.  Responsibility is knowing how to be accountable for what you have & what you do in all things that are put before you.



Responsibility is being able to move forward like going to school, learning new skills, applying them in the future when needed & sticking to what you plan to do instead of bouncing around & never getting anything out of life..  These skills help you when working, getting a better education for a better career, proving yourself in a new job, inspiring others to follow you, changing others’ minds as you use your new skills in front of them, knowing when to say yes & no, or knowing when to make a choice by agreeing or disagreeing with others & socializing.



My Way Or The Highway

We hear a lot about this saying, “my way or the highway” & never seem to really get this in the world of business.  Business is about the owner who controls what is done for the business.  The owner is the employer & workers are the employees.  Why have we all thought that we would have work our entire lives?  We want to work, but other matters seem to take over while we are working which means we aren’t being productive for our employers.  These employers we work for only care for my way or the highway as they are trying to make a living for themselves & for others who are willing to make it happen also.  As employees, we never seem to understand the meaning of anything when computers have taken over.  My way or the highway is meant to get employees to be productive when they want to be paid for that time they are working.  I have heard & seen a lot of people in the technology world who complain about having to work outside the U.S.A.  These people don’t understand about employers making money for themselves & their business.  They also don’t understand about the costs, the profits, what is taken into account for what is made & taxes, etc.  If an employer doesn’t keep his business going, then how are employees getting paid & also expecting to go to work every day to have money also?  They think that there are businesses everywhere & all of them are confined to where they made their businesses start at.  This is all so wrong in their thinking.

My way or the highway is used to have employers encourage their employees to want to keep their jobs & make those jobs as careers & be professional at them as much as possible.  Careers that people who have been made employees of a business are expected to perform as professionals & be very good at what they do.  My way or the highway shows those career holding people who are professionals, to be bound to that company or business, to produce & make money for that company or business & to keep it going for the employer through other bosses at different levels in that company or business.  This standard that so many people in the tech world who have had success & acted very unprofessional in their jobs or professions are & have been less likely to understand about what it is to be great at your job instead of slacking off.  My way or the highway is used for the total purpose in showing discipline & getting employees to care about where they are at, making career advances, being paid more for those advances in their professions or careers & producing more for the money they make when they advance to that next level in business & their jobs.  Careers & jobs when an employer gives the go to post a job for those career-minded people is giving the employees a chance at testing themselves to advance to the next level if they can do it.  This does not mean that this person who gets the job is going to keep it if his/her professionalism waivers in any way, shape or form.  This is why their are so many people out of jobs & looking for work or homeless also.

My way or the highway is very appropriate for anyone & everyone who make their way into the business world.  Those people who stick to their morals & standards know where they are going in life, making themselves better & remembering what it is like to be at the lowest point in life also.  I think it stands to get people who love what they do & the way they do their jobs in their careers or professions, a given, in order to make the money they are seeking.  As they are expected to get at the level in their careers, they perform in that structure as they have learned in schooling & been taught when raised in families they know & care about believing in the morals & obligations as they want more of what they are seeking.  This is why people are always & need to be at their best when working for companies as employees.  I hate to say that kids just starting out who expect to be paid high dollar for almost nothing is very unprofessional as they are not doing anything but messing with their own lives in this saying of my way or the highway.  This I think also goes to those people who want to be unruly & act like they own this world when they don’t.  They will have needed a lot of discipline as they grow up from babies to young adults & been very well taken care of instead of in lots of fights & confrontations that just bring them to being worthless & uncaring for anything at all.

My way or the highway has a lot of different views & should be looked at in various ways through a lifetime of experiences.  A life of experiences will get a person who is trained in looking at this saying all the time, knowing what to do & how to bring something good to what they do, as they make themselves better & look towards something other than just playing all the time.  A life of gambling &/or  borrowing will bring nothing but aggravation & hell to those who don’t know anything but trying to beat the odds all the time.  Rules & regulations are the standards for how this saying becomes a greater force in what we do or say.  We need to learn about old myths that can bring us success later on!


Discipline Quotes I Love!

Determination quotes I love mean there are a few I follow now & others I have followed & learned from.  How do you feel about these quotes?  Do they work for you?  Let me know whether they are an inspiration in your life!

discipline quotes

       I started using discipline in my life early on.  I let it work through my life before anything else.  Will you make it work for you?

2)  effort_whosaidcant_lg
I have been told by my parents when I was young about this type of discipline that turned into determination for me!
I was told that, “Can’t died in the poorhouse.”  Do you agree?

3)  self-discipline1

Discipline gives you direction & purpose.  I found out that learning of self discipline gets you in so much trouble if you aren’t making it work with you as opposed to making it work against you.  Do you have discipline for yourself?  For kids now, I have seen a lot of kids who like to talk back who find out later on that they end up in places like jail or out on their own because they have their mind to use with their mouths.  I use to get into trouble just by not letting my conscience be disciplined also.

4)   119166-Self+discipline+quote+and+mind

I love this quote as it reminds me of what can happen from doing so much in the wrong.  So I believe in this quote a lot.  Tell me about what this quote has done for you!

5)   disciplineThis quote has always taken care of me because I was getting others to tell me what I did wrong which after a while made me change.  Do you find yourself this way?  I love to have discipline of myself which brings me so much power & love for others.  It drives me to know what I need to do everyday while working or teaching peers or kids something new in their lives.  Their lives mean something to me & they appreciate it.  You as parents should have discipline & show your kids how to be disciplined also.  Have you learned how to discipline your kids as well as you have disciplined yourself?  Give me your thoughts!

6)    3320d851ea78f199135c007cc6bbb015As I was explaining in the last quote here, families need discipline in order to create a foundation where their kids know how to act, have good friends, etc.  We all hate failure, but we have it constantly & learn from it.  Discipline for me was being out on my own after staying out of trouble with others & learning about how grownups defined discipline & their success.  Will you be able to do the same to find your success?  We work on building foundations when having friends, so having discipline is the same way but need determination in order to keep from letting failure burn you down.  Is this the life you have been wanting?

7)   quote-if-you-dedicate-your-attention-to-discipline-in-your-life-you-become-smarter-while-you-are-writing-russell-banks-11536Discipline demands dedication & your attention to everything you do in life.  Struggling & making this happen will create the discipline you need in your life.  I am using this quote to tell you about what I did to get discipline in my life as I struggled & used what I needed to become the person I believe in now.  I had such a screwed up life anyway & playing sports by competing against others disciplined me in what I found to help me become productive later on.  Work is what you need in life later on & you can make friends anywhere you go.  Your life is what carries you from 1 place to another.  As you learn more of yourself, you will find the work you want to do which carries you to a life with friends you will be in contact with the rest of your life.  Do you struggle to make your life meaningful?  Will you change if you aren’t in that place to become disciplined?

8)   mom-quoteDiscipline is for mothers always as they are left to be with their children & babies who need their support always.  This quote is for learning about my woman & other women who have or are going to become mothers soon.  This is made especially for you mothers to be or mothers already making choices again & learning from them if they are mistakes later on.  This discipline quote is to keep you all wanting to be mothers & have a family that means so much to you.  Live & love is the discipline you need here!  Does this quote help you in your times of need?  Motherhood is a very trying experience in a woman’s life as she has to do lots of incredible tasks & entertain her kids or put them to sleep for napping as she rests after a day of hard & tedious mind-bending work.

9)    bible-god-quotes-161As discipline brings families together with all kinds of messages,  fathers may not know that they have a lot of power in their bodies to correct their children.  Using this quote & knowing I am a Christian, I have had to learn more about how I teach kids about morals & discipline which kids need a lot of.  I am giving you fathers a quote that will hope to help you remember about how anger & discipline through God who is lord of our lives.  He has brought us up to be all knowing in his ways which don’t hurt or make our children so scared of us that they don’t want to have us fathers around.  These actions also change the lives & minds of our loved ones, especially the wife or girlfriend we have that we care & love for so much.  I learned this in my younger life when everything was being taught to us all as kids in a classroom.  Fathers with this discipline are very good to their wives & children as they know how to teach them love & how to care for others in their lives.  Can you as a father have this kind of discipline with your family & others?

10)   quotes-on-discipline-mom-hugging-her-little-boyI can relate to this quote of discipline & unconditional love as it is needed in all our lives for us to feel loved & know we can learn from our mistakes which are relating to who we become later on.  Kids need it the most as they grow up in order for them to know that they are loved no matter what they do.  The parents also need to teach that kid of theirs discipline so they aren’t getting into as much trouble as kids nowadays have made a life of headaches & being notoriously lost & disassociate themselves from the public.  I was getting a lot of unconditional love through my mom a lot & my dad finally later on found out what it was too.  I do appreciate what they both have done for me.  Thanks mom & dad for doing what was right for me!  Can you say that about your parents & the way they treated you as you were growing up?

11)   525-discipline-is-doing-what-needs-to-be-done-even-when-you-dontI have found out that this quote of discipline trains me to be all I can be so I can deal with life everyday on the outside when talking to people at a store or in person or wherever it may be.  I found out that others treat you like you treat them.  The only thing about  doing this is to be able to be stronger than others when they just retaliate against you.  This is showing the discipline of your mind & showing self respect also.  Discipline for me has never been easy & having to accept what I have done to others has changed me for the better.  I have learned how to become & be who I am now as before growing up.  Are you in touch with discipline in order to deal with life everyday?  Will it make you try harder when showing others you are stronger & have more discipline than they do?  Give me your thoughts about your daily life!

12)    self-discipline

This picture defines self discipline & what it does for you as you go through life everyday.  My daily life has been about control, willpower, having goals, exercising my daily thoughts for the good, always changing my behaviors when I had bad ones all the time, being stronger than others, having unwavering thoughts in order for me to work with others all the time, etc.  I do know it was hard to become all this & make my life a better one through daily discipline.  I had coaches of my parents, cops I dealt with in troubles IO had, Christians at church who would help me in times of need & bring me through when I was down, learning how to resist the power I have when working out, being competitive & taking action when getting lied to from others who want to start trouble.  Do you have complete control & consider yourself disciplined in all areas of life?  Tell me about your experiences in life!  I will listen to them & help you in your life as needed.

13)     inspirational_quotes_keys_for_discipline_print-r6150c5a070574553a86742eca4666d7a_wvk_8byvr_324Discipline is especially for Christians who are living examples of how to be living for God & making their families like God, also.  This is me as I was growing up & becoming God’s servant, trying to learn of success &  knowing who & what to do in all situations.  I learned to have discipline when angry & when I wanted to tell others off.  It helped some, but was silent more from having my mom talk for me all the time.  I had discipline & respect for her as she loved who she was & me as a kid am needed to know & learn from my elders whether they were parents or people I was around all the time.  I gained knowledge & learned about patience & not getting into conflicts much.  I know there are a lot of people who aren’t Christians & have been around others who say they are.  If you were a person around one who said they were & acted & were different than that, know that we as Christians will make mistakes too.  Some are less knowledgeable & haven’t had as much learning about God & his ways because they don’t understand that god wants us as his friend as well as you would when looking for others on this earth to be friends too.  Hope you will take this with a grain of salt to forgive & let bygones be bygones for all who have misbehaved when should have been totally good & know themselves & act that way too.



Leaders need discipline as they work hard to help others in what they do.  Those in marketing need to have discipline to give focus & help others throughout each & every aspect that they know.  Marketing leaders need to be knowledgeable, not just in their market, but in knowing others they can refer their customers to in order to train them as they make their living off of what they know.  Giving of yourself like I am in all areas provides knowledgeable & informational subjects which train people interested in things they want & need to know by questions they provide after they have made a purchase as well.  I love this quote as I deal with people in so many aspects of business to create my own traffic leads & live the life I am & have believed in now & in the future.  Have you been taken?  I am quite happy with what I do too!  Help me to help you.

15)   success-quotes-2

Success is the determining factor of the discipline you have in your life.  I have been successful in most everything I do & keep trying by getting up again all the time to try new things as I learn more about discipline & being successful.  Everyone is successful through life, but discipline is needed for training through schools, through life & parents that kids come from in families that life has dealt them.  I was brought up very good & my parents never hurt me at all.  They disciplined me when I was bad whenever I did get into trouble at times.  I got punished, but now we have others in government positions who think they can control who we are & what we make our kids learn too.  There is not much we can do unless we change what has been brought before us like social services & get a petition going that changes the way they work.  Discipline can be taught many ways as babies are brought up to be infants & trained before they get to be school age.  This is what success in every aspect is as parents make mistakes at home & work also.  I hope you all have got a lot out my post here on discipline as I have brought it to you.  Thanks & any thoughts or comments made will be answered as they come in!

Constant Dreams Or Life Changing Goals

This post was my 1st post & felt it should be reposted to help others bring new light on what dreams can do. Along with related articles at the bottom, I used them to help me give my fellow readers some more about dreams & how they work through your mind. Goals can be set & the dreams afterwards can either make or break you when making them a reality just by your actions whether they be bad or good. Actions that are bad truly affect your goals later on in life. Actions that are good will bring you happiness & thoughts of how you can make them better. This is why I thought to repost this 1st post to shed some better light on it as I wasn’t very good at it the 1st time when I did that!

cslewisimageIt’s a C.S. Lewis image
of You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream found at

Life is like reaching for the stars. Stars are out there, but the only way to reach them is by making goals & achieving them. Life needs goals & also needs to make goals that are in short-range which helps to achieve your long-range goals. Short-range goals are goals that are made day-to-day. Long-range goals can be achieved by making them for a certain period of time which is like going from 1 year-10 years or more or less. We achieve them & then make new goals to be reached in order to keep our interests up giving us the motivation we need to make our lives interesting & worth living.

The dreams we have are nothing but finding another goal or something to reach for.  These dreams are what we look forward to in our lives as we live to make our goals necessary to reach for.  Kids may never know what dreams are unless they understand what these dreams are supposed to be.  Dreams take us anywhere we want just like our creativity.  Dreams are vivid moving pictures in our minds as we relax & let our minds just run while we are asleep.  My dreams were of comic book characters & they were as wild as the TV showed which would really scare me as a child.  No one ever really explained to me that whatever you dream can never really hurt you as you dream them.  You may dream something at times or all the time & they will have an unexplained reason that you may never know.  Going to get someone to help you understand can actually give you confidence or misery.  The only way you will ever know is looking through your past or at what you have seen a lot & that usually triggers what your mind gives you through your subconscious mind.  Dreams are great & when dreaming of money or having a good life always makes you feel better too.  So give yourself something that will make you rest & sleep better.

These goals can include anything about friends, neighbors, people, our interests, a job, places we love to go, things that we do in life, how we live, working from day-to-day, food we like, our dislikes, houses, apartments, where we eat or dine out at, our relationships to others, dreams, the wildness we have as we grow up & become adults, new items we buy, what stores we go to, etc.  We can make all kinds of goals to get us by from day-to-day, week to week, month to month & year to year.

Adults or parents are a great way to learn from & give you suggestions as you live from day-to-day.  We can even talk about our goals & get opinions or feedback on good or bad decisions we make which can help or hinder what we get done in life!  Life here is all we have!  What we do in life can make a difference for someone else that we know & also can give or get feedback which improves or screws up how we make our lives great or not!

Goals that have been achieved are those that stay with us forever, but can also edit or change how we think about life & what we do!  It really can create a whole new meaning which creates even more options that can help with your decisions that are made by you.  Friends have a lot to do with how we see & think about the goals we want to reach for.  People in general whether in public or private can make a difference in lots of decisions we think or do & talk about.  These decisions can also help you find pictures that show the ways that you can make a difference throughout your life whether to parents or selling yourself as you grow up & get jobs that are making lots of money or just doing jobs for minimum wage.  This is how we make decisions & the goals we want & achieve too!

I as a person made some goals, but moving can change goals for you increasing or decreasing your chances of having to wait or getting them right away when with parents or on your own.  This was a hard thing for me all the time, so I picked sports mostly because I could do sports a lot.  My conditions that I had when I was going from a baby to a teenager made goals hard to accomplish when I was moving a lot.  There were so many emotions & I used to use them when I played sports & created so many goals for myself that most were not reachable when having to repeat the process of getting friends, neighbors, being able to get used to them & the feedback I got from my parents for most of the friends I decided to hang out with.  I would respect them, but had problems with what went on as I was going through life.  Goals can be changed & we can change with them so much as we go through life!