Life In the Woods

Life in the woods is definitely a way to make a pleasurable time. The woods are the most fascinating & desirable places to be alone & be away from others when you are needing moments of peace. You can find out how much you can endure through living with animals & other wildlife. Life in the woods is with you & nature, feeling the most interesting & freshest air around. Being in the woods is better than in the city, where the smog & pollution are around to pollute your body & lungs just as much as if you were smoking.  Pictures can be taken of wildlife & possibly the wild animals you wouldn’t notice if in the city because it needs all that freshness that is around.  There are positives & negatives around when either living in the city or out in the country.  The country is in the woods where there are a lot of trees, leaves, bark & wild plants that are mostly considered herbs for taking care of your health naturally.

There is so much to do in preparation for living in the woods.  Life in the woods is made by camping out or even building a log cabin & naturally insulating it.  This can be a project by having to collect trees from all over & making logs or just buying the logs already prefabricated.  If not, you measure & cut them during the hottest or best time of the year.   There is a need for electricity with a generator & even having to learn about hunting to get food & out in the wild to find running water before you make wells to have water when you need it.  All these ventures take time with family being together, working together & spending time together as 1 unit if not all family members out doing their own thing.  That does also mean learning of wildlife & the dangers along with it.  These dangers have to do with wild animals, etc. & knowing how to be well protected before even starting a venture on your own.  Do people know the positives & negatives of life in the woods?  This is just a start.  How much work is involved when preparing to make your life in the woods?


Marketing My Health: My Life Then, My Life Now!

Marketing my health: My life then, my life now!  This is a great life to have as I have really experienced a wonderful thing called healthy living.  My health starts when my life then was as miserable as it could be being born with 5 health problems & not having any say to it.  I was born with low blood pressure, low blood sugar, chronic allergies, poor circulation & a slight case of cerebral palsy.  I have changed it all around.  These conditions are nothing to play with, but I had help in what I learned from God, about how to make my life better for helping others understand there is nothing better than having good health at all times.  I had to be as active as I could through these times as I played sports as much as I could & exercised lots too.  All this work to stay above water for my health at that time was something to contend with always.  Life for me was making sure my needs were met & my parents provided that until they died a few years ago.  I have no regrets either!  My life then was to get into pushing a wagon, run, jump, or get into as much trouble in order to gain knowledge & bring my body a new life later on.  I was always fed good of stews, meats, rice, etc. along with going to every place that had food we didn’t need to pay for as we got more afterwards which is called a buffet.  I had all kinds of energy & later on learned it would run out as I could only afford what I knew to eat.  My life then was trying & exhausting along with my allergies working on me as I took Benadryl for it as it never slowed down as I never let it.  This allergic reaction then & now are always high & am still trying to regulate it, but to no avail.  My allergies are high as I work on other parts of my body to get my body in the best it can be now & always.  My cerebral palsy has pretty much been reduced & works as I have my woman to thank for her love & support through so much & learns more of & about me between my posts & what I bring to her of my memories from my childhood too.  It means a lot to me & for sure, she is quite special in my life forever.  I ate lots of fruits & vegetables then & loved all kinds of desserts where I got my energy from.  That was so good to have!  My life then also pertained to work when I could as I needed money after my school years to become a working man who wanted to show he was fully capable of anything in front of him.  I found out though that it took a lot from me & needed more things to drink like alcohol in order for me to sleep & relax before & after eating.  My energy levels were not as great & sometimes I suffered not having a job for my allergies & my energy levels being reduced to almost nothing after 2 months of working.  Sports kept me going & brought my energy levels up, but working would really drain me a lot.  This is where I had to somehow eat constantly as my blood sugar & pressure levels were low when working; when playing sports, they were high.  These changes practically strip me of going anywhere & left me to stay at home to drink & fill my body to capacity for the next weeks after as I did this on the weekends.  Life then was practically living like I was a garbage disposal & still eat that way sometimes to get my body the benefits it needs for the great health & nutrition in order to give my body fuel everyday as I exercise also.

Marketing my health: My life then, my life now is working now as I give my body all the necessities of food & the nutrition it needs to recoup & recover from the exercise I give it.  I was getting it working this last summer, & now as it is winter, it usually gets tougher.  My life now during the winter is eating a lot of whole grains, fruits & vegetables, meat, drinking water & juices with wheatgrass as some foods I eat are either processed or burned to not have as many nutrients as I would like.  Some people kill their meat thinking it has nothing good & will kill them.  That is nonsense if you want to bring a lot of amino acids & proteins to your diet.  Proteins are made up of a lot of amino acids which give your body the necessary nutrients besides eating fruits & vegetables to get the necessary minerals in your body that you use everyday as your energy levels are used up no matter whether sitting & using thoughts to keep going or on the go all the time.  My life now is quite a better feeling as I get my body to a better health bringing more nutrients that I wasted a long time ago not knowing as much as I do now.  I also got to learn then about business & what it took to market which improved my skills in a lot of various talents & interests I had then & have now.  Life for me is getting pretty good & making me feel a lot better.  I am also marketing what I know about my health from my life then to my life now.  This has been 1 long & interesting ride to live & learn more about health & its benefits.  Tell me more about how your life is as I try to bring you more of who I am & my health through all my exercising & my good life & my eating of the wholesomeness of great foods!  Thanks to all my great readers & those who support me in my quest to give you more of my daily activities while working on my future pdf of good health & the problems which bring you the worst, too!

Fun To Be Rich

How much fun is it to be rich?  Fun for me to be rich is everything but money right now.  Rich is about your spirit, your longing to be noticed, rich in life, in creativity, rich mentally & being the one who can give others what they need when they are down & need a lift up.  Where does life take you when you are in such good, rich & healthy spirits?  Does life just intercept how your thoughts are working?  To be rich is to be on top!  While having fun & very rich, you accomplish almost everything you want from life.  It may take years to get there or maybe you are like me & just happy where you are going.  Life is fun & if taking the right steps, you can be travelling, entertaining, a boat cruise or even just on an island where there is peace & quiet.  Whatever your goals are, your richness carries on.  So if you love sports enough, you will make the best from whatever the opportunity is to become an all-star.  Rich doesn’t need to be a mansion or very big items; it can be who you see, what you do, the places you go & take others with you to make it the best for all who love your personal character.  It’s like certain foods that have lots of richness to them like chocolate or sugar.  You just need to plan on how you create the atmosphere for becoming the rich & proud person that you want to be.  Fun to be rich is incredible!  It’s fun to be rich & invest in stocks & bonds among other investments.  You find out whether you are good at getting more money or lose it all like in the casinos.  Casinos are quite a lot of fun & can make or break you.  We need to become as rich & think like they do.  It doesn’t mean you blow your whole wad of money & lose your spirit also.  When thinking like the rich, you must experience how tough they become & how they resort to making money instead of the government that likes to go in debt to the billions or more.  the fun of being rich is to know & grow wealthy in body, mind & soul.  You must also have a good attitude & the will to pursue & work very hard to make your life as fun & enjoyable as all the big wigs.  they have the knowledge & know how to make their lives true to their goals they make.  It’s like having a business which then grows & can make you so good that you pursue to go even farther by creating a website & getting it working to become an international type of business.  As you progress & advance in your busy life, this is how business is started & gets you to a place called “Fun To Be Rich” as you are living in a place where no one can touch you without knowing who they are.  Living, loving & getting the experience & expertise will bring you all kinds of opportunities that you can jump at & become great as all the business people & all-stars.  what would you think or say if you became rich & made it fun while enjoying the ride of life?

My Life Age 6

In my life of 6-10 years of age, I had numerous activities I did at home & out with friends.  I wasn’t the only kid in the family anymore.  There was a new addition which was my brother who was born in December.  I wasn’t the center of attraction so I went out being the good kid for my parentsMy dad was working at night at the mailing facility in downtown Denver while we lived in Lochbuie, which was a trailer park & close to my mom’s parents.  They were so good to me when I needed to go there & be taken care of.  I had a lot of love for my family of parents & grandparents.  They loved me as I was the worker & played to stay busy.  I stayed away if there was no one at home or my dad was sleeping during the day since he worked most of the night. 

At the age of 6, I was usually helping my mom as she had to take care of my brother since he was less than a year old.  I did the home cleaning which was the dishes, cleaning the table & stove after doing the dishes, & also the sweeping of the kitchen floor & vacuuming of the carpet.  When I was having problems with putting the electrical plug in the outlet, I would get a charge from putting 1 prong of the plug in & then take & put my thumb or first finger on the other prong & get it in that way.  I would get zapped & let go.  I would do that a few times before I learned how much muscle it took at the time to actually get it in the outlet.  It would give me a burst of energy as I learned how to get it in that outlet more & more.  I never ever had water on my hands & tried that because I knew then that I would get more than zapped like before.  How did I know?  I read about electricity & water in the encyclopedias that was bought for me when I needed them to learn from.  I learned a lot from those A-Z encyclopedia set of 20 books.  I studied those books a lot.  I went to school during the day & would go to my grandparents after school until my mom came home at a certain time.  I would go after my mom called & let her parents know she was at home & I needed to be there, too.  I was there to eat & help out some & do my homework I had every night after school.  When I was at my grandparents, I got to watch a water fountain they had out in the front yard.  I liked it when I was so close to my immediate family members.  They all made me feel at home.  I worked for my dad also when he was gone a lot or in bed too after work.  I would use the lawnmower to cut the grass in the front to the back since our trailer was on 1 side of the property.  I would get to use the grass clippers on my hands & knees since we only had the hand held manual ones in the shed.  Doing work & chores were always something I just accepted as being part of the family.  I felt so close to them too.  Life as a kid wasn’t always fun & games.  I got to play, but school work & chores were to come first.  Those were the rules at our house along with pets being taken care of before running off to a friend’s house or going anywhere.

Since I was brought up in a Christian family, I went to church every time my parents went.  From being a baby to now as an older adult, my life was more about knowing what was right & wrong.  I was taken to church as a baby & was brought up in front of the pastor so he could show all people in church who I was & they all could say how cute I was later on.  We went to activities afterwards which included volleyball or football at a park close by the church.  When going to church, we would always travel back & forth to Denver to be with people we knew a lot more & loved to be with.  This church was a Church of God affiliation.  My mom loved to travel & drive a lot.  They were both brought up in Christian families as well.  Church was in their blood.  I learned a lot & also made friends there always & well liked.  While I was in service & sitting, I would need to use the restroom they had in church & ask to go.  After I was done, I would head for the spot they had the remaining donuts at checking to get them if there were any left.  I also ate a lot all the time.  After church, we head for any buffets around for my parents to take me since I ate a lot. Mom & dad took me there to let me eat all I wanted at a one time fee instead of having to pay some crazy prices like now for the 3 of us & my baby brother.  It was like $6/person then.  As I was growing up, they still paid less than like a McDonalds or Wendys that was around.  These were our family outings for the week.  We would always go with my parents’ parents to have a real get together.  We spent the whole day with them.  We went to visit people in nursing homes as well.  So learned a lot that way & tried real hard to stay out of trouble.  I would get in trouble once in a great while if trying something new. 

I would study after school & watch TV to keep me thinking since I had this memory problem & would need help sometimes in meaning of words or help with math problems a lot.  I was able to do this & do homework, too.  Then after a while, I just sat & either got bored with homework or really interested in the 1/2 hour TV shows.  I would watch “The Munsters“, “Addams Family“, “Gilligan’s Island“, “Batman” & more.  So I guess my dad thought that I would get behind, so he told me no TV until I got my homework done for school.  Anyway, I would get my schoolwork done & then watch TV before we ate supper & then would have a little more time for us to have our study & prayer time which brought out a lot of issues we were able to talk about within the few days we could squeeze that time in for us.  So I learned & took it on myself to be better & do what I needed at the age of 6.

Rodney Gottier

Precious Sarah

You are my pride & joy, love

Inspiration at its finest

Giving me life for all to see

Life with you is endless

Endless is so important

Having you makes my world become one

You & me are like no drug can reach

We go to the finest places

They even include the beach

The beach is so peaceful

Being with you is my most important thing

Truly waiting for you to have

The time of your life with me

Nothing can quite match our love

Our love is so true & so full

It keeps us coming back for more!

My Love Forever!

She is my love & wife forever!

She is my love & wife forever!

Here is a Rod Stewart song for the love of my life:

You’re In My Heart! Rod Stewart

Candace, oh lovely Candace,

You’re so fine, you lose my mind

You’re on top, you’ll never stop!

This is for you,

A love so true.

You’re like sweet honey to me

Making this a fine time

Our love together won’t break

Keeping good and pure thoughts in

Wishing for every moment to be  the best!

Rodney Gottier

Love of My Life

my love & wife who supports me always!

my love & wife who supports me always!

Fulfilled By You!

Candace you are the one

you have made my life complete. :P

Without you I wouldn’t

have the chance of a dream

coming true, the life where

silver platters were given me;

an absolute overwhelmed guy

who has the knowledge, power

and dedicates his life to you! :)

This fulfillment couldn’t

come from anyone else but

my true mom talking of me as

I mentioned of having a pawn shop

and was passed on to Georgianna

that I needed to try it.  :D

Now that you are here, you are

my inspiration, my love  :P

which makes me totally

committed to being the best

that I can fully be to you.

This fulfillment couldn’t

come from anyone else but

my true mom talking of me as

I mentioned of having a pawn shop

and was going to be passed

on to Georgianna that

I needed to try it.

Now that you are here, you are

my inspiration, my love

which makes me totally

committed to being the best

that I can fully be to you.

This dream also started

1 night after falling asleep;

dreaming of who I’d see,

where I would go and

how my life would change for you!

Injuries weren’t in this dream

I’ve tried to make it all happen

and fulfilled that.

I had a dream of you and me

about our babies being great

loving me for everything

I do, say and think.

I will always give 100%

to you forever always!

Rodney Gottier