Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Success & where does it come from? How can I get that type of success?  Where do I start to make entrepreneurial success become real for me?  Does it mean that it is a lot more work to make entrepreneurial success real?  Jobs are getting very scarce that give you money, the type of benefits you want & need if just looking to make your success in life real, knowing that giving of yourself for a lifetime of 20-30 years will be jumping from place to place.  In the past, life & having a job were better than now.  So for entrepreneurial success to work, you will need to start with money on hand which takes care of everyday financial support.  Entrepreneurial success has to come from thoughts of a product or service you will be doing to make the money, ideas for ads on your product or service you plan on doing but not like some ads on the TV that are shown that seem unrealistic just to get people to buy what is going to be sold, a website & webhost, whether you have a store online or for real in a business district or both, where you will sell at in the business district where customers will be at a lot as in a location, how to publicize your business in order to get people to look at your product or call to get services you offer, being able to schedule times to have your service(s) put in to homes or just doing things away from your shop or website, etc.  There are always going to be new experiences that you will encounter as you do business that will bring you more success or you will learn from your mistakes.

Entrepreneurial success comes from you & how you make your entrepreneurial success happen for your type of business you will be doing.  Entrepreneurial success takes a lot & won’t be an overnight thing that you just get.  It will take time & the more you work at it, the more you will achieve what you want for entrepreneurial success to become the life you are looking for.  Getting this type of success as an entrepreneur has lots of downfalls as well as being on top & working competitively.  It means lots of work getting jobs or contracts for your business, making your clients happy in everything you do to get them to be repeat customers, taking part in having surveys done that will help you know & understand how your customers feel about you & your business & whether changes need to be made to help you increase your income & profits day by day & month to month.  There are policies you will need to make in order to keep clients from wrecking your success as an entrepreneur.  The policies I am talking about are about security of your website & business outside of the computer, the policies for employees if have any under you, policies about your services or products you carry & policies you have overall for your business to make it successful for you as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial success isn’t easy as some make it out to be.  When making your success happen along with making it real, it takes just as much time as if you had gone to school for a number of years to know the ins & outs of what your success will be.  You need to know what type of business you are going to start, the ways in which you will be flexible & operate by what your knowledge is of the product(s) &/or service(s) are, becoming a business person with business being at the top of your list & giving it all to be successful as an entrepreneur, knowing when to become flexible in your ways & when to know about taking control of outcomes if ever in court if have disputes with clients, being able to make returns to customers when dissatisfied & knowing your products well enough that you can say that they are yours or from another company also.  Your clients are how your business keeps going & how your success as an entrepreneur brings you the type of life you imagined.  Life as an entrepreneur & having the success with your business only comes from how you operate your business & how you keep your clients coming back for more.  If they love what you are doing & love how you will keep bringing them back as repeat customers, you will have the entrepreneurial success you that a business needs through your standards, from the time & effort you put into it also.  Life as an entrepreneur can be very rewarding & happy if you love what type of service or product you carry & you know your clientele & how they love what you have to offer from your business & the type of performance you show when dealing with them.






Marketing At Its Finest!

Marketing at its finest means that I am pushing, promoting, using, buying & selling the necessary means for an ultimate goal.  Marketing is the means for using wheatgrass with foods that have been cooked, fried, baked or processed & has the essential nutrients to digest nutrients into the stomach & through all fluids, absorb into the linings & cell membranes & excrete all toxins from kidneys to the sewer where they belong.  All these nutrients that go through your body are used to promote & boost your health for the good.  I am using wheatgrass to work with all the foods I eat to increase my health & market the qualities & goodness which makes it so effective in doing marketing, increasing your health from bad to good & energy levels too.  Marketing at its finest takes me to the world of knowing my product by buying it, using it & selling it after I know that it does all the necessary functions that others have told me about.  This is the art of marketing that all need to know about & how it actually spreads to bring an audience & people who believe in the person marketing at its finest!  I love marketing & how I can bring it to its finest stages to increase others knowledge.  Here is my marketing website: http://marketingpromotions.webs.com for all people in need of learning about marketing & getting the information to learn & understand why I am so involved with products I believe in through my health niche.  It is so vague if not knowing how or what to do when looking for answers to become a new marketer.  Marketing at its finest proves more & more valuable as you see the benefits it brings as you use products & buy & sell them increasing your profit margin also.  My marketing website: http://marketingpromotions.webs.com has everything you need to start working on ideas & making your ideas become real.  Articles are needed to bring in the realness & bring it to the showroom like my blog here where everyone can see it.  These are ways of getting your business or hobby started with whatever you plan on starting.  Marketing is made to work at its finest when you know about all the tools & necessities to make it happen!  I love making marketing my goal for increasing all kinds of content & products in my niche to bring it to its finest means necessary!  This is my way of bringing you what I know & letting you all see where I come from.  I am just starting to get to a crowd who find my work of marketing at its finest a pure world of knowledge.  Whether paying or getting knowledge free, taking that knowledge & trying to understand the necessities as you work toward a goal or goals will bring you an online experience for what a store in the real world cannot bring through so many people all over the world.  When I talk about stores being in the real world, they are of physical means.  The marketing store I am bringing to you now is online & is a virtual online store that brings in more than just a few people in a real world store only in 1 general area.  When going online you can bring in a ton of people with your area of expertise & learn from them about anything they know that you don’t which is a virtual & online presence for all to see.  This is what brings in the crowd & the need for them to get free or paid content which is what we all need to know for now & the future.  Marketing at its finest will help you increased pleasure as you have others visit you too!  Remember to check my marketing website out at http://marketingpromotions.webs.com for all your free marketing needs.

A Better Way to Health

Better ways to health are so uncommon as we all never know what to get because of so many people writing or adding their opinions before actually researching the topics that they are writing about.  Health is so important to us when we need to rely on others to get information & all we get is everything but specifics.  When there are no specifics, we usually end up just going by what we are doing already & end up with the same results as we had before because nobody will say anything & take responsibility for what they know.  Knowledge is power for better health.  I will tell you that the only way you can overcome anything in life is to try it & make sure that you know what your body is doing which helps you to get results from what you eat.  Results also come from writing down what you eat every day & then working on getting to know what is in those foods you ate & take in consideration for the combination of foods you eat too.  By buying the foods you eat & getting the nutritional value of every one of these foods will help you as you gain what you are eating & what you are lacking in nutrition.  I have had to do this a lot & work at what I need to support all the health problems I have had. You can read the other posts I have written to get an idea of what these problems are & what & how I deal with how my body is working & how I deal with these problems at the age I am today.  This gives you an estimate of what it takes for me to keep up with my aging & the foods I have to have along with some food supplements to make sure I stay healthy after playing sports until I was 40 & trashing my body from all the wrecklessness I endured during that time.



Fruits & vegetables are a main source of all the minerals you need along with some vitamins you need, too.  Meats meaning all kinds of meat have a lot of vitamins & minerals that your body needs to provide for your systems inside that perfect body you have.  It’s not how much you eat, but what you get to eat because there are & will still be genetic engineering by all kinds of scientists & other workers who are recycling & trying to add more stuff in that we aren’t actually getting daily.  We need to be careful & get mostly organic foods & read labels on canned foods that have added items & question whether it is good for us.  Tradition has gone south & away from us so much that we don’t even think about anything but pricing & where a store is nearest to us.  We need to start working on making homemade foods like our parents’ parents did to provide food for their families.  This is the only way you know you are working to get the best health your body needs.  I am always working to find the best for me & go to get foods that will be as natural as they can be through grocers who make sure that food is better than those grocers who just get anything & everything for anyone & don’t care about anything other than profits.  Be sure to give me anything you would like to know about health through questions or comments that are helpful to you & others, too!


Do you know there are differences in what sugars you use?  Are you debating on the use of sugar & its benefits for you or family?  There are different kinds of sugars that we all use & our body needs.  One of them isn’t good for you & we call it refined sugar.  Refined sugar is got nothing for nutritional benefits.  Artificial sweeteners aren’t good for your body & have no nutritional benefits in them that your body needs at all.   Adding sugars to what’s added in dry or cold cereals isn’t good for your body. 




These pictures above are showing fruits & natural sugar in the fruits that help with all other types of nutrition that your body works with.  They all help with other health problems you have that can be decreased in size as you eat more of these fruits with not as much initial cravings & leave you fuller than when you just have sweets & pastries all the time!  Use lots of fruits to get the sugar your body craves.  These are sugars you want in your body.  The sugars also you want in your body are a natural kind.  One of them comes from honey & another is called Stevia.   There are other ways to get sugar naturally.  Make sure you always exercise to give your body the needed nutrition throughout your entire body for it to use it & burn calories off your body doesn’t need.  The sweetness in honey comes from how dark the color is in the bottle it comes in.  The darker it is, the more nutrition it has.  The lighter it is, the less you will find other than carbs & is like a refined sugar in a way.  It does the body no good to have it unless it has nutrition to it.  It’s like going out in the morning & exercising & then coming back home & going out again without having eaten anything all day long.  Sitting or relaxing when taking certain sugars does your body nothing other than just letting the sugar flow through your body giving you a hard time & wondering why either your body is emptying out  or just plain getting stored for other times.  When sitting or relaxing a lot like at work & no exercising, it will keep building up & you will gain weight as it keeps storing inside your body until there is a problem.  Make sure you exercise a lot to keep your body at its best!  When problems in health are about sugars, whether milk or any other food form, there are usually problems in your body not having been balanced with all your systems.  Make sure you know about them by asking your doctor to get you remedies that are good for your body along with the meds or prescriptions they give you to help your body become balanced for all the nutrition you need like when you were a baby & a little kid.  This gives you the energy & time to become healthier & better like your younger years. 

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My website can help you to gain the knowledge & teach you about what your business can do for you.  It can also help you to get your life back on track & have it back too.  Starting an online business is a way to becoming financially free.  Being financially free takes time to learn, but is more fulfilling just as much as if you were at work.  Work is fulfilling when you are your own boss & can make as much money & have the cashflow like your boss has without working for him any longer.  Making your own hours & creating the income you want is as easy as you want it!  By creating your own business, you are investing in yourself like you did under your boss.  You don’t just make pennies, you are actually got a cashflow that gives you the time to spend the way you want to.  Start out either becoming an affiliate or even getting a niche for yourself.  If you need to find out about niches, read my post on niches next!  Niches help you to get specialized!  When becoming a member of a company’s website, you need to sign up & listen to all they have to say before jumping in & not knowing what to do.  I also provided my website RodsEsales just to get a good look & check the links & banners page which will get you started on some companies that need more affiliates to work for them making good money.  My ebooks page gives you the information you want to get to learning more & making a good start in whatever field you want to get into.  the more you learn, the more you prosper from all the knowledge you gain.  I also want to tell you that this is a starter website that has no costs unless you get the premium edition on webs.com.  The free version of  webs.com websites on a sub domain of webs website.  They also give you free web hosting so you can get started & continue as your website gets going & closer to being put on Google.com.  This saves you a lot of money until you know you are actually happy with the content you have on there.  By going premium, you can get more features & get everything you have put on your website past webs.com & have your own domain for your website.  This is awesome & gets you to understand what you can do instead of getting a website done & looking at it & then not liking it later on down the road.  I have made a couple more websites that I have a domain to put them on & am almost done with them to add them along with this one, too.

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