Fiber From Stiff To Being Flexible


This is a picture about fiber which going from stiff to being flexible helps in weight loss & other health problems which benefit your body which shows the sources of fiber to use from many natural food stores.  I use them a lot now for when I shop for food.

Fiber will go from stiff to being flexible in a matter of a few years if back is messed up enough.  A stiff back is very painful as you can’t move much & use a lot of pushup routines to go from floor to standing like I did.  Fiber from stiff to being flexible means that you have almost no fluids in your body or very low & have to take a certain amount of time to get your back to being flexible.  This was a trying time for me as I used steak to start when I had a compressed disc in my lower back.  I used the analogy of a house that had property with a house on top of ground & dirt started to erode & house went down on 1 side.  This is supposed to represent my compressed disc in my lower back which being compressed was hard to get uncompressed naturally & quickly.  Being stiff that way, I had to take naproxen for the inflammation after the accident & back was in a mess.  I used steak as the way to prop my disc up some to withstand how I my disc was & happened I had to use a lot of cholesterol pills to keep from having high cholesterol for health.  I would buy it about 2-3 times a week & then had constipation problems which then had to get juices to drink & water also in order to keep the food I ate working through my kidneys & into the sewer.  The steak is what helped as I was trying to exercise & work it through my system.  This was the start of how I changed this accident to something to tell about to my doctors as I saw them each & every time.  I am now telling all my blogging network how I have changed my health naturally with very little prescriptions & love what I did which is an experience to use with my immediate family & fiancée & becomes my wife soon.  Natural health is what I was trying to attain.  This is what makes my life special now.


This picture shows about the fiber & how it benefits your body in so many health problems & gives an idea of what your body needs per day besides having the nutrients to maintain good health.

Fiber from stiff to being flexible is so much time & money but less than what the doctors would have charged if I had taken surgery & had to be in the hospital to recover from that.  I feel so much better as I didn’t have to worry about a disc or 2 being taken from me & losing support in any part of my back.  Fiber was used a little at a time afterwards & had to learn more about fluids & solids & when to work them into my body & all my systems for digestion & getting rid of it too.  Fiber has been working as I used throughout my time to recover at home, work & when I had chiropractors trying to straighten my back & make it as good as possible.  Stiff it was & stayed for a while & had to use books to learn about exercises that would help me to work my body & get it mobile instead of staying a stiff mess like it was after my accident.  Flexible is what my priority was as I went on & getting my unemployment checks for a year or so.  It seemed like it was going to stay stiff forever.  I had a few people who knew how to help me to do chiropractic work on my back as it would contract so much when I played sports & also working on maintaining my muscular tones for my body which is how my back got so stiff then.  I then had a doctor give me a prescription which he diagnosed to help my back muscles relax more which was Flexaril.  I used these as I was trying to move & get some body movements to help stretch my back & leg muscles more.  It helped some & needed more for a long time.  I had to figure what I could use when had no money & my mom was taking care of me then.  She would get food & I had to eat it, but thought it was so nice of her then at that time.  I was just there to help anyway I could then.  this was the life & was going to church with her & had prayer a lot too.  I got my back to relax a little by then.  I needed all kinds of help & got answers any way I needed to.  I would get to learn about computers & communicating online & go out & dumpster dive to make money for anything I needed.


This picture shows all the food that has fiber in it which includes breads, fruits, vegetables, cheese & meat.  This picture gives the natural sources to use to get the fiber in your body along with vitamins, minerals & other nutrients that are benefited to help recover from a few different types of injuries you have in your lifetime.

When I got out & about for a while during the day, I was happy as I loved the idea I was doing something for myself.  My flexibility lasted for a few hours when the sun was out.  Otherwise I had to stay inside.  I had to learn how to sit for long periods of time as I was on the computer after dumpster diving for them too.  I got to use phone lines at the time to get online & chat with friends & found a girl that played sports as much as me.  She gave me a lot of advice on what to do as I was in so much pain & stiff most of the time after sitting for a while.  I would need to stand up & stretch & type while chatting.  I would use fruits & vegetables that my mom would give me to help & juices also in order to help some.  I was still using books also to get information about the health problems I was working on.  It helped me get to where I was today.  Stiff was most of the time when I was inside in my mom’s trailer which had a long hallway to everything but the living room & kitchen.  I would get flexible long enough to get around & go to stores for my mom & she would help me with my driver’s license so I could drive everywhere I needed.  That was nice of her to do.  So helped then to fix her car also.


This picture shows the types of fibrous snacks which are fiber chips with blueberries you can use & help your body as you exercise & make your body reduce weight & lots of fluids.  It will help you to relax & let the solids finally move & make it all bind to other garbage in your body.  These fiber snacks will add fiber content inside as it helps to strengthen your body & give you time to rest after exercising.

Using fiber more for my back & the way my back felt when having to take the Flexaril made it like a an S curve somewhat.  It relaxed me a lot.  I took fiber however I could get & would help my back a little at a time.  I got around & would get back with no problems.  Fiber from stiff to being flexible was a long time coming.  I found out later on about the pills I was taking & what the side effects were & what it would do to my body for its’ nutritional value.  I couldn’t handle that & was getting a lot of help from my 1 friend online as she was playing sports & would hurt.  She would tell me about how to use heating pads to bring down the inflammation & ice packs for the pain as I hurt & trying to be able to move also.  We had so much time on our hands when we chatted online & talked about sports.  I got thinking of health problems so much I started to research about this topic which has got me where I am now.  I always wanted to use fiber in cereals or cereal bars, or fruits & vegetables along with the steak & juices too.  I got to get food stamps to help me when I was in so much trouble.  I will tell you in a few more sentences about how my progress has become.  I did this for a number of years to feel better more & more.


This picture shows the time you can use to exercise & get the nutrition in your body which has the fiber to help build strength & stamina & muscle tone to your body which helps to remove weight & additional fluids out when using the restroom or bathroom at your own home.  It shows the nutrition & good health & how to get rid of other bad health problems, also.

With the fiber which helped me go from stiff to being flexible now, I used a lot of different techniques & had a couple of other people I met that helped me physically to get through the part of being so stiff & using what we call “Tough Love” which had me in a position that helped me get my back to become more flexible & was able to move freely for a couple of hours which got me home.  I was in such good spirits from this type of help that I told about it & I was told it could have done me some harm.  I just said, “If it wasn’t for this treatment, I was still be in so much pain & be hurting & took that risk of hoping it would work.”  It did too.  I may have had some stiffness still, but using more fiber every day from whole grains & other hot cereals along with vegetables & water with wheatgrass & drinking it to help it from getting hard & not working through my kidneys as well.  I now feel a lot better & still exercising & going to the restroom as much as needed to help my body to get through the healing process naturally.  The fiber I use is not from a bottle at all.  I love everything about what I could do for my body without any more headaches.  I ma now just using some old prescription that is still working enough to help as I sleep at night & I get up feeling better to move around as much as I did in my youth pretty much.  I still use liquids as much as possible but sure helps not to have to eat all day long after taking meds forever.  I love it.  I will keep adding to my posts more & more about how the nutrition & good health works as you use foods naturally & selectively.

I hope you all enjoy this post as much as I thought about it & wrote it.  I can almost feel the amount of pain I went through to make this all happen which gave me this opportunity.