Evolution: Does It Really Exist?

Evolution: Does it really exist?  Evolution & WWE are outdated, but Triple H doesn’t think so.  When Triple H had trouble getting his matches done on his own, I really wonder if stardom was what he really wanted.  Evolution over the past few weeks seems to be doing nothing but filling a special event with nothing but dumb ideas.  As WWE is supposed to be bringing a moment of greatness, they sure are filling their hours of matches with boring talk.  Why is that?  Does Triple H think that he can rule over the great WWE & expect everyone to watch nothing but boring talk?  It may bring something to the podium that he has in front of him, but I’m sure that soon watching TV on any of the channels that WWE has going for them will soon be dismissed as the fans will decide that talk is nothing & action is everything.  Triple H & his words will drop into the matrix zone, but wonder if his actions can really take on what he says on TV.  Evolution to me seems to be a joke until something is really done about how WWE is being brought to getting their ratings up otherwise.

Evolution: Does it really exist?  While Triple H has brought back the return of Evolution to WWE, he thinks of ways to make demands for creativity while destroying what wrestling really was.   Before Evolution existed, Triple H had to bring on a lot of people which includes Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton & his hammer he used in every match that goes to show that he wasn’t really wrestling, but using his madness to fill time in the wrestling world.  As The Shield now tries to get Evolution to act upon their words after using all the wrestlers who don’t wrestle much, but come out to insist that Triple H & Evolution are the bottom line, this is nothing but child’s play where nothing is solved at anytime & the future of WWE will just drop to its knees through Evolution & Triple H’s garbage.  The outcome of this match with Evolution & The Shield are going to be the same as it has always been with Evolution creating chaos & getting others to work The Shield over before Evolution gets the win over The Shield.  I would include wrestlers who think they have a chance at wrestling but will find out that the wrestling world will just stop completely like a soap opera ends after a number of seasons.  I know a few people where I live that are getting totally against any wrestling at WWE.  Why do we let this go on?  Why don’t we as fans bring something that we can enjoy instead of seeing the same garbage week after week after week?

Evolution:  Does it really exist?  My thoughts are to keep pounding away at how Triple H acts like he is tough, but does nothing to increase anything for me or anyone else who finds that Triple H & his antics are getting lower & lower by the minute & hour while YouTube & any other internet filled TV channel that has wrestling on it is just going to drop them while they provide the worst shows as time goes on.  How many TV channels on the internet will think that ratings & people watching along with the WWE Network are going to last forever?  I will give Daniel Bryan a great applause if he can get people to watch wrestling away from the shows that Triple H tries to provide as Daniel Bryan said once on RAW.  I hope he can bring the “Yes Movement” into the show to create some controversy that will get Triple H to understand that we as people are the ones who keep his network & WWE on fire.  Yes to Daniel Bryan!




WWE: Live Or Die?

WWE: Live or Die?  Will it make a great comeback after the authority has ruined it?  In the past & previous episodes of WWE, Randy Orton is the face of WWE.  Does that make you proud or want to quit watching him at all as he has destroyed who he was & what he has become of himself now?  These previous episodes make me think of how the WWE will start to fall as matches & chaos are brought into the picture here.  Wrestling has definitely got out of hand.  Where are the rules & regulations that used to be & have finally got WWE Superstars leaving & bringing it all down?  They have had a couple of deaths from jumping too high & believing in bungee cords & objects that are supposed to help.  If you are a WWE fan & of any of the Superstars in it, how does the WWE help them as they go from place to place & when they injure themselves & need to have money to sit back & recover or recuperate?  They do a lot of training too, but all the bills they accumulate when recovering which is or should be a part of the program of WWE.  How many think that Kane should make up his own contract & be able to fulfill a wrestling career &/or be Director of Operations?  How do you all feel about having John Cena as the new face of WWE?  If get belts in 2-3 more times, he will be caught up with Ric Flair with his 16 time championship whether heavy weight or tag team titles.  That will have been as awesome & also have surpassed Ric Flair in his career all time high of living as a champion in pro wrestling.

WWE: Live or Die?  How many feel that WWE will still live & breathe some more?  Can Vince McMahon bring back the WWE to its total resurrection from Stephanie & Triple H as managers or co-owners of WWE?  Is it great to see other wrestlers be able to create total chaos to others’ wrestling matches while performing & messing up the outcome of those matches we love to see & watch so much?  There are so many wrestlers that are just going to be there for a little bit & then leave if nothing else works to their advantage.  Wrestlers & WWE.com are talking about the new WWE Network for $9.99/month with Superstars leaving.  How do you feel about that as they are losing business, too?  There are so many problems that have been started & never fully answered or dealt with while Stephanie & Triple H have been there.  Triple H blows it off & Stephanie may try, but really think they are at a downfall now just playing around as they just take the money & run as all do when nothing is really working for them.  Will there be new owners again or will the McMahons return to bring the WWE back again for more great episodes in the future?