Life In the Woods

Life in the woods is definitely a way to make a pleasurable time. The woods are the most fascinating & desirable places to be alone & be away from others when you are needing moments of peace. You can find out how much you can endure through living with animals & other wildlife. Life in the woods is with you & nature, feeling the most interesting & freshest air around. Being in the woods is better than in the city, where the smog & pollution are around to pollute your body & lungs just as much as if you were smoking.  Pictures can be taken of wildlife & possibly the wild animals you wouldn’t notice if in the city because it needs all that freshness that is around.  There are positives & negatives around when either living in the city or out in the country.  The country is in the woods where there are a lot of trees, leaves, bark & wild plants that are mostly considered herbs for taking care of your health naturally.

There is so much to do in preparation for living in the woods.  Life in the woods is made by camping out or even building a log cabin & naturally insulating it.  This can be a project by having to collect trees from all over & making logs or just buying the logs already prefabricated.  If not, you measure & cut them during the hottest or best time of the year.   There is a need for electricity with a generator & even having to learn about hunting to get food & out in the wild to find running water before you make wells to have water when you need it.  All these ventures take time with family being together, working together & spending time together as 1 unit if not all family members out doing their own thing.  That does also mean learning of wildlife & the dangers along with it.  These dangers have to do with wild animals, etc. & knowing how to be well protected before even starting a venture on your own.  Do people know the positives & negatives of life in the woods?  This is just a start.  How much work is involved when preparing to make your life in the woods?


Learning About Interesting Subjects

English: Houston, TX, September 9, 2005 -- Res...

English: Houston, TX, September 9, 2005 — Residents of the Reliant Center use the temporary cash machines to access their debit cards. FEMA provided $2,000 in credit for each individual card. Photo by Ed Edahl/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An image of portable ATMs out in front of a supermarket.

Interesting subjects are very good for the mind.  How do you see yourself with interesting subjects?  Do they stimulate your mind, body & soul?  Do those subjects come from fresh ideas or from other people’s posts that get you thinking more & more about what to do with them?  Do you crave enough about them you will go to any means available to get what you need to make your own post?

I am always looking for good subjects to write about.  When I find a great subject that interests me,  I am always jumping in with both feet using my mind, body & soul.  These type of subjects are what get me started thinking & craving what I need to make a blog post.  Good subjects are great for the mind which help to imagine & create what you want to post on your blog encouraging you to be the best you can be.  Mindsets are a great way when needing to start a blog post giving you the time & space to get thoughts to come to you as you are posting.  Posting means that you have fresh ideas coming from your mind & you are allowing them to be put on your post letting others see what you are all about.  Setting your mind to what you plan to do helps focus for the day, week, month & year just like setting goals, too.  Subjects I am interested in are Internet Marketing, Credit Repair, Debit Cards, Loans of all kinds, Living on More Than a Fixed Income, Preparing Yourself for a Better Tomorrow, Having the Freedom That You Never Had While You Were Growing Up, Learning About Making an Income Through Different Channels, & Telling Others How These Changes Make a Big Difference in Your Life.
I am starting with the subject of Internet Marketing.

Internet marketing is nothing more than taking control of your life & being able to sell yourself to others.  These are to friends, lovers, acquaintances, family, and others that you are related to that tell their friends, lovers, acquaintances, etc. under you.  This is how I see the ways of Internet marketing working for those gurus who are at the top of the money chain or highest mountain.  They make you believe in what they are doing is so great that you will jump into what they are doing to get out of your comfort zone & try what they are trying.  This is so good when people are willing to try something different which allows them to see how well they will do as they take chances or risks to become more than what they already are.  Spending money is good, too!  I believe that there are differences & options that we can use when we are desperately working on making more for ourselves to become like those top gurus.  Marketing can be done off the Internet too as you sell yourself or ideas to others also.  This is what life is all about!

Credit Repair is a subject I got into because I was helping others learn about how to restore their credit.  This is nothing other than returning your credit from bad scores to good scores again!  There is a lesson to be learned though!  Don’t get into so much debt that you can never find jobs that will give you a good income, because those businesses that give that money & pay you use your credit rating to keep you from getting a job or even considering you for a job!  There are a lot of ways to get your credit rating back to normal or better than what it was.   One way is using a website I use to help get your credit better.  I enjoy it & also helps with loans, getting a home or houses, debit or credit cards, buying products or items & more.  They give away a free website when you join their business.  They don’t believe in taking money from you, but help you when you try out the products and services they put on their website.  They even have a blog to help when you need to comment, too!  There is a chat window to talk to live operators who will help you when you need questions answered right away!  There are free resources to see & use to guide you through what you need or just email my boss to get those tough questions answered that aren’t in their FAQ section.  Here is the website:  Check it out, try it out & make a difference in what you do & how you can save more!  This is a big difference & change in my life!
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