Does Trump Really Care How He Has Changed Us?

How do you feel about Donald Trump as our president?  Donald Trump really acts totally like the government is his throne, his business, his place to spit on all others & consider himself better than us all.  He even ridicules his help he brought into this place of his.  Does Donald Trump really know that he has run himself down instead of running us into the ground?  What lifestyle did Donald Trump have while he was growing up?  Did he come from the British or UK with his evil ways?  Was Donald Trump rejected & a pathetic bully when he was at school?  Donald Trump has no right to be down on anybody but himself!  Donald Trump as president surely has decided that we are all losers when he should be thinking that about himself.  What a mockery!  Where does it say our government went from democratic to full on king & queen with the Whitehouse being his castle?  It’s a good thing he can’t kick the senate team out like he can his employees as he acts as if he is an employer.  Has anybody tell him that his throne is back at his business he left behind since this money he gets from being president is his only money he retires on.  Donald Trump hasn’t changed us; he has changed himself for the worst!  Why does he not wake up to reality since he has been living in a fantasy world that he craves so much to be in?  Changing us can’t be done, but Donald Trump can keep changing himself right out of office & onto the streets without pay!  Try that you miserable old man called president.


Decisions the Government Will Make For Us

Do you believe that the government should decide who what where why & how we do things from day to day?

I am wondering if we all really want to have the government decide & make decisions which stop us from having any say in all kinds of problems or what goes on in our lives.  When we do, we are giving up on what we can do & let the government speak for us.  This includes the presidents we have & put in office.  This means that including Donald Trump as president for our country, we are not giving our say that could turn our country which is democratic or free into a socialistic or communistic country.  If this country would go communistic, the government would flat out run our lives for us 24/7, all year long.  Everyone might like it for a time, but think what you give up until the world is gone or what we give up for the generations to come.  Think of how the government can screw with our working environments, social environments, when we wake or sleep, when we eat or can buy anything we can get now all day long or night which turns into an all day affair, etc.  This to me doesn’t seem like a great value to our society.  We are pushed around by everything around us & everybody including the police who can be like gestapos as in Russia or China.  Does this matter to you?


Responsibility is something you need in life to be able to do tasks,  be accounted for in them & how you answer to those above you in the working world.  These tasks have to be talked about in order for others to follow what you do & see when you are applying yourself to newer jobs & making a newer life, too.  Responsibility means that you are accountable for what you do, you are the authority of your life, a duty that needs to be filled in a timely manner, that it is important for these tasks to be done showing responsibility, you are liable for all tasks to be completed, knowing that these tasks have to be done which is also considered an obligation, you have the power to change & make yourself a better person, having restraint for when, where, why, with who & what you do so other people can trust you to accomplish all the tasks put before you.  Responsibility is a real life changer for work, play & at home or wherever you are when performing & accomplishing what needs to be done without others always on your tail-end which will help to receive benefits later on.



Responsibility is being able to know when to ask questions, make good statements, prove to others that you have worth & wanted to be accepted by all.  An example of responsibility is when you are taking out a person of the opposite sex & show the adults you can pick up your date on time, be out & be back home when they ask, having a job to pay for the activities you do when on a date, being able to take care of expensive things when they aren’t yours or when an accident happens that you can take the blame & accept the consequences afterwards, handling life the way you were taught & learn more of what life brings to your attention, giving you decisions to make to know how to stay as responsible like you should.  Responsibility is knowing how to be accountable for what you have & what you do in all things that are put before you.



Responsibility is being able to move forward like going to school, learning new skills, applying them in the future when needed & sticking to what you plan to do instead of bouncing around & never getting anything out of life..  These skills help you when working, getting a better education for a better career, proving yourself in a new job, inspiring others to follow you, changing others’ minds as you use your new skills in front of them, knowing when to say yes & no, or knowing when to make a choice by agreeing or disagreeing with others & socializing.



Constant Dreams Or Life Changing Goals

This post was my 1st post & felt it should be reposted to help others bring new light on what dreams can do. Along with related articles at the bottom, I used them to help me give my fellow readers some more about dreams & how they work through your mind. Goals can be set & the dreams afterwards can either make or break you when making them a reality just by your actions whether they be bad or good. Actions that are bad truly affect your goals later on in life. Actions that are good will bring you happiness & thoughts of how you can make them better. This is why I thought to repost this 1st post to shed some better light on it as I wasn’t very good at it the 1st time when I did that!

cslewisimageIt’s a C.S. Lewis image
of You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream found at

Life is like reaching for the stars. Stars are out there, but the only way to reach them is by making goals & achieving them. Life needs goals & also needs to make goals that are in short-range which helps to achieve your long-range goals. Short-range goals are goals that are made day-to-day. Long-range goals can be achieved by making them for a certain period of time which is like going from 1 year-10 years or more or less. We achieve them & then make new goals to be reached in order to keep our interests up giving us the motivation we need to make our lives interesting & worth living.

The dreams we have are nothing but finding another goal or something to reach for.  These dreams are what we look forward to in our lives as we live to make our goals necessary to reach for.  Kids may never know what dreams are unless they understand what these dreams are supposed to be.  Dreams take us anywhere we want just like our creativity.  Dreams are vivid moving pictures in our minds as we relax & let our minds just run while we are asleep.  My dreams were of comic book characters & they were as wild as the TV showed which would really scare me as a child.  No one ever really explained to me that whatever you dream can never really hurt you as you dream them.  You may dream something at times or all the time & they will have an unexplained reason that you may never know.  Going to get someone to help you understand can actually give you confidence or misery.  The only way you will ever know is looking through your past or at what you have seen a lot & that usually triggers what your mind gives you through your subconscious mind.  Dreams are great & when dreaming of money or having a good life always makes you feel better too.  So give yourself something that will make you rest & sleep better.

These goals can include anything about friends, neighbors, people, our interests, a job, places we love to go, things that we do in life, how we live, working from day-to-day, food we like, our dislikes, houses, apartments, where we eat or dine out at, our relationships to others, dreams, the wildness we have as we grow up & become adults, new items we buy, what stores we go to, etc.  We can make all kinds of goals to get us by from day-to-day, week to week, month to month & year to year.

Adults or parents are a great way to learn from & give you suggestions as you live from day-to-day.  We can even talk about our goals & get opinions or feedback on good or bad decisions we make which can help or hinder what we get done in life!  Life here is all we have!  What we do in life can make a difference for someone else that we know & also can give or get feedback which improves or screws up how we make our lives great or not!

Goals that have been achieved are those that stay with us forever, but can also edit or change how we think about life & what we do!  It really can create a whole new meaning which creates even more options that can help with your decisions that are made by you.  Friends have a lot to do with how we see & think about the goals we want to reach for.  People in general whether in public or private can make a difference in lots of decisions we think or do & talk about.  These decisions can also help you find pictures that show the ways that you can make a difference throughout your life whether to parents or selling yourself as you grow up & get jobs that are making lots of money or just doing jobs for minimum wage.  This is how we make decisions & the goals we want & achieve too!

I as a person made some goals, but moving can change goals for you increasing or decreasing your chances of having to wait or getting them right away when with parents or on your own.  This was a hard thing for me all the time, so I picked sports mostly because I could do sports a lot.  My conditions that I had when I was going from a baby to a teenager made goals hard to accomplish when I was moving a lot.  There were so many emotions & I used to use them when I played sports & created so many goals for myself that most were not reachable when having to repeat the process of getting friends, neighbors, being able to get used to them & the feedback I got from my parents for most of the friends I decided to hang out with.  I would respect them, but had problems with what went on as I was going through life.  Goals can be changed & we can change with them so much as we go through life!

Fun To Be Rich

How much fun is it to be rich?  Fun for me to be rich is everything but money right now.  Rich is about your spirit, your longing to be noticed, rich in life, in creativity, rich mentally & being the one who can give others what they need when they are down & need a lift up.  Where does life take you when you are in such good, rich & healthy spirits?  Does life just intercept how your thoughts are working?  To be rich is to be on top!  While having fun & very rich, you accomplish almost everything you want from life.  It may take years to get there or maybe you are like me & just happy where you are going.  Life is fun & if taking the right steps, you can be travelling, entertaining, a boat cruise or even just on an island where there is peace & quiet.  Whatever your goals are, your richness carries on.  So if you love sports enough, you will make the best from whatever the opportunity is to become an all-star.  Rich doesn’t need to be a mansion or very big items; it can be who you see, what you do, the places you go & take others with you to make it the best for all who love your personal character.  It’s like certain foods that have lots of richness to them like chocolate or sugar.  You just need to plan on how you create the atmosphere for becoming the rich & proud person that you want to be.  Fun to be rich is incredible!  It’s fun to be rich & invest in stocks & bonds among other investments.  You find out whether you are good at getting more money or lose it all like in the casinos.  Casinos are quite a lot of fun & can make or break you.  We need to become as rich & think like they do.  It doesn’t mean you blow your whole wad of money & lose your spirit also.  When thinking like the rich, you must experience how tough they become & how they resort to making money instead of the government that likes to go in debt to the billions or more.  the fun of being rich is to know & grow wealthy in body, mind & soul.  You must also have a good attitude & the will to pursue & work very hard to make your life as fun & enjoyable as all the big wigs.  they have the knowledge & know how to make their lives true to their goals they make.  It’s like having a business which then grows & can make you so good that you pursue to go even farther by creating a website & getting it working to become an international type of business.  As you progress & advance in your busy life, this is how business is started & gets you to a place called “Fun To Be Rich” as you are living in a place where no one can touch you without knowing who they are.  Living, loving & getting the experience & expertise will bring you all kinds of opportunities that you can jump at & become great as all the business people & all-stars.  what would you think or say if you became rich & made it fun while enjoying the ride of life?

A Change In My Life Increasing My Health

There is a change in my life for the better because it increases my health for the better, too..  Have you ever changed your health for your life for the better?  Mine has!  I have taken a very big sum of years to make my life better after a vehicle accident.  What happened doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that no doctor cured anything for me when I took this step after figuring out that medications are like Band-Aids that just relieve the problems for a bit.  I have told you in earlier posts about my health problems as a kid growing up.  I have practically got my weight down from 239 lbs. as I was taking those meds that just added pounds to my weight.  I now am weighing 185 lbs. to this day through about 6.5 years as my weight would fluctuate.  I have had a food processor in a way & made drinks to help work off all the crap inside my body.  I had to exercise a lot & find various ways like much needed nutrition of fiber a lot, &  many juices to get rid of a cholesterol problem along with lots of oatmeal.  I didn’t do this from just any store or buy whatever was cheap.  I did this with lots of labels read, reading on nutrition, finding things that interested me while helping, listening to music, relaxing, lifting weights with a straight bar, dumbbells, & having a workout session in my apartment.  I would go back to see my doctor before he decided to venture into a different area of medical practicing & leaving from where the clinic I was going to for checkups on my cholesterol & few other things like sciatica.

Life for me has been a real rollercoaster ride & used to love them a lot.  I haven’t been on one for quite some time & plan to venture out & get my athletic spirit going 1 more time.  This time I can use what resources I have to adjust the changes I need.  During the time I was making changes, I did use a lot of natural health food shops that had better prices  than the big grocery stores for my health.  I still do to this day.  Places I go to eat, what items I buy & how far I go to get there have made a big difference in my excessive weight being taken off.  I feel sometimes & especially on here that I can help others in getting their health back on track & am working on a document with several pages that has great information about various foods & ways to get your choices for making your health better.  I have had such a problem with my health from an infant to growing up that now that I have what I need I can use it now.  Before when I was growing up, I did have a great metabolism & was very skinny from what my mom cooked.  We had lots of vegetables, a garden of food items, beef for soups & raspberry & strawberry plants that when full grown & had the berries, I used to eat them more than bring in any.  Nobody thought about it & I was feeling good a lot.  Now I have to remember how to mix these goodies to make a monthly check work for the whole month along with rent, utilities, etc.  I have a disability check which almost lasts for the time I have from month to month.  I sometimes have to learn what to eat which will carry me through the day.  So this document I plan on changing into a .pdf will have lots of information on nutrition & for better health.  I plan on either having donations or having a small price for this .pdf on health & nutrition to help me as I get through from month to month in various activities & put my activities on my blog & pictures of everything while walking or jogging from place to place within the city I live.  Hope to give everyone who sees my blog on a daily basis more about me & what I am or was all about.  Hope to inspire everyone as I get you all to partake in my great adventures of life after having a change in my life & the .pdf I will put out in a few weeks.

I use these ads to help me get ready for each summer to look as good as I can.  I am almost ready to start & work my body when the next summer shows up starting right now.  I take my health as being important to me to make me the very best I can be.  I will use these ads I found to make me a better life & get as healthy as I once was.  So take a look & use these techniques in order to get your body as fit as you can!
I do jumping jacks, stretch exercises like sit-ups, twists, touching tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes keeping my body as straight as I can. I do pushups, lift weights for what my body can lift, especially for the women who are able to start lifting 5lb weights using a bar or using dumbbells & working up to whatever is best for your body as you get toned in your stomach.  Work on this & will be back for more!  Have a healthier you!

My Life Age 6

In my life of 6-10 years of age, I had numerous activities I did at home & out with friends.  I wasn’t the only kid in the family anymore.  There was a new addition which was my brother who was born in December.  I wasn’t the center of attraction so I went out being the good kid for my parentsMy dad was working at night at the mailing facility in downtown Denver while we lived in Lochbuie, which was a trailer park & close to my mom’s parents.  They were so good to me when I needed to go there & be taken care of.  I had a lot of love for my family of parents & grandparents.  They loved me as I was the worker & played to stay busy.  I stayed away if there was no one at home or my dad was sleeping during the day since he worked most of the night. 

At the age of 6, I was usually helping my mom as she had to take care of my brother since he was less than a year old.  I did the home cleaning which was the dishes, cleaning the table & stove after doing the dishes, & also the sweeping of the kitchen floor & vacuuming of the carpet.  When I was having problems with putting the electrical plug in the outlet, I would get a charge from putting 1 prong of the plug in & then take & put my thumb or first finger on the other prong & get it in that way.  I would get zapped & let go.  I would do that a few times before I learned how much muscle it took at the time to actually get it in the outlet.  It would give me a burst of energy as I learned how to get it in that outlet more & more.  I never ever had water on my hands & tried that because I knew then that I would get more than zapped like before.  How did I know?  I read about electricity & water in the encyclopedias that was bought for me when I needed them to learn from.  I learned a lot from those A-Z encyclopedia set of 20 books.  I studied those books a lot.  I went to school during the day & would go to my grandparents after school until my mom came home at a certain time.  I would go after my mom called & let her parents know she was at home & I needed to be there, too.  I was there to eat & help out some & do my homework I had every night after school.  When I was at my grandparents, I got to watch a water fountain they had out in the front yard.  I liked it when I was so close to my immediate family members.  They all made me feel at home.  I worked for my dad also when he was gone a lot or in bed too after work.  I would use the lawnmower to cut the grass in the front to the back since our trailer was on 1 side of the property.  I would get to use the grass clippers on my hands & knees since we only had the hand held manual ones in the shed.  Doing work & chores were always something I just accepted as being part of the family.  I felt so close to them too.  Life as a kid wasn’t always fun & games.  I got to play, but school work & chores were to come first.  Those were the rules at our house along with pets being taken care of before running off to a friend’s house or going anywhere.

Since I was brought up in a Christian family, I went to church every time my parents went.  From being a baby to now as an older adult, my life was more about knowing what was right & wrong.  I was taken to church as a baby & was brought up in front of the pastor so he could show all people in church who I was & they all could say how cute I was later on.  We went to activities afterwards which included volleyball or football at a park close by the church.  When going to church, we would always travel back & forth to Denver to be with people we knew a lot more & loved to be with.  This church was a Church of God affiliation.  My mom loved to travel & drive a lot.  They were both brought up in Christian families as well.  Church was in their blood.  I learned a lot & also made friends there always & well liked.  While I was in service & sitting, I would need to use the restroom they had in church & ask to go.  After I was done, I would head for the spot they had the remaining donuts at checking to get them if there were any left.  I also ate a lot all the time.  After church, we head for any buffets around for my parents to take me since I ate a lot. Mom & dad took me there to let me eat all I wanted at a one time fee instead of having to pay some crazy prices like now for the 3 of us & my baby brother.  It was like $6/person then.  As I was growing up, they still paid less than like a McDonalds or Wendys that was around.  These were our family outings for the week.  We would always go with my parents’ parents to have a real get together.  We spent the whole day with them.  We went to visit people in nursing homes as well.  So learned a lot that way & tried real hard to stay out of trouble.  I would get in trouble once in a great while if trying something new. 

I would study after school & watch TV to keep me thinking since I had this memory problem & would need help sometimes in meaning of words or help with math problems a lot.  I was able to do this & do homework, too.  Then after a while, I just sat & either got bored with homework or really interested in the 1/2 hour TV shows.  I would watch “The Munsters“, “Addams Family“, “Gilligan’s Island“, “Batman” & more.  So I guess my dad thought that I would get behind, so he told me no TV until I got my homework done for school.  Anyway, I would get my schoolwork done & then watch TV before we ate supper & then would have a little more time for us to have our study & prayer time which brought out a lot of issues we were able to talk about within the few days we could squeeze that time in for us.  So I learned & took it on myself to be better & do what I needed at the age of 6.

Rodney Gottier