Fun To Be Rich

How much fun is it to be rich?  Fun for me to be rich is everything but money right now.  Rich is about your spirit, your longing to be noticed, rich in life, in creativity, rich mentally & being the one who can give others what they need when they are down & need a lift up.  Where does life take you when you are in such good, rich & healthy spirits?  Does life just intercept how your thoughts are working?  To be rich is to be on top!  While having fun & very rich, you accomplish almost everything you want from life.  It may take years to get there or maybe you are like me & just happy where you are going.  Life is fun & if taking the right steps, you can be travelling, entertaining, a boat cruise or even just on an island where there is peace & quiet.  Whatever your goals are, your richness carries on.  So if you love sports enough, you will make the best from whatever the opportunity is to become an all-star.  Rich doesn’t need to be a mansion or very big items; it can be who you see, what you do, the places you go & take others with you to make it the best for all who love your personal character.  It’s like certain foods that have lots of richness to them like chocolate or sugar.  You just need to plan on how you create the atmosphere for becoming the rich & proud person that you want to be.  Fun to be rich is incredible!  It’s fun to be rich & invest in stocks & bonds among other investments.  You find out whether you are good at getting more money or lose it all like in the casinos.  Casinos are quite a lot of fun & can make or break you.  We need to become as rich & think like they do.  It doesn’t mean you blow your whole wad of money & lose your spirit also.  When thinking like the rich, you must experience how tough they become & how they resort to making money instead of the government that likes to go in debt to the billions or more.  the fun of being rich is to know & grow wealthy in body, mind & soul.  You must also have a good attitude & the will to pursue & work very hard to make your life as fun & enjoyable as all the big wigs.  they have the knowledge & know how to make their lives true to their goals they make.  It’s like having a business which then grows & can make you so good that you pursue to go even farther by creating a website & getting it working to become an international type of business.  As you progress & advance in your busy life, this is how business is started & gets you to a place called “Fun To Be Rich” as you are living in a place where no one can touch you without knowing who they are.  Living, loving & getting the experience & expertise will bring you all kinds of opportunities that you can jump at & become great as all the business people & all-stars.  what would you think or say if you became rich & made it fun while enjoying the ride of life?


An Adventure While Exercising Increasing Good Health

I love my health.  I took an adventure while exercising increasing good health.   As I get better & start walking & exercising, I am loving how my body is starting to feel & work for me.  I have been walking the last few days & went about 13 miles in which I have had to rest & sleep after getting back all burnt out.  My body aches, hurts  & am tired from the activity.   I have never been that tired in a long time.  I take a combination of hot cereals that are made of whole grains, get a couple of teas or other types of nutritional drinks & add the small packet of wheatgrass to it & drink it as I walk for a couple of hours.  I am getting my back muscles strengthened & toned as I carry a backpack which I fill after going to the natural health food store & coming back home with a few goodies that add fiber to my body.  As I work on getting rid of my sciatica & improving my health & reducing sugar & caffeine intake, I find that my life is so enjoyable as I accomplish more & more goals I have set out to fulfill.  Good health means a lot to me after wrecking anything & everything I had before I had my accident that put me into this situation.  I am living, loving & very excited about being richer & having plenty of nutrients finally to make my life better.  As I exercise & increase good health, I think it’s fun to be happy, motivated & live for the moment feeling good about myself telling others on the street as I pass by.  I believe that working to maintain good health increases possibilities & opportunities as I make others believe that nothing can stop me from getting where I want to be.  I also believe that I can be rich in all things no matter what I do & bring others to understand that meds &  anything else that have side effects are not really that slick to take.  I use money when needing & using vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes & herbs to get the nutrition I want to give my body to get it at the state it was in before getting into the accident that drove me over the edge.  It helped me learn more about myself & how to be healthy no matter what it took.  Being unhealthy, you work at figuring out what the problem is.  My adventure during this time was so go research & find out about what makes me healthy & strong 1 more time.  When you’re unhealthy, you use different nutrients to balance your body to get your body back in perfect health.  I have begun climbing the mountain that returns me to proper health.  I went yesterday to get wheatgrass in little packets & in a small canister to really find out about the nutrition it will bring me every day as I go walking & exercising for my next adventure which will take me farther than the last time before.  I used 2 of them in 2 different 16 oz. juices that I had bought at the natural food store.  My life is turning around by trying different types of food products & anything I write or reply about on my blog which increases their knowledge of how they can become healthy again no matter what it was that made them unhealthy before.  I am also in pain a lot when walking that far also.  I took 2 of my inflammation pills with organic juices & helped to motivate me along with the packet of wheatgrass in each little bottle of those juices I bought at Natural Grocers health food store.  This store has a lot of great products that are so much better than just a regular supermarket like WalMart, King Soopers, or Safeway in that every food item is organic & not treated with pesticides; have additives to foods in cans or packages & all are labeled to tell you what they don’t do for you.  I love them because I don’t have to worry about taking so much time to read labels that will hurt your health from the additives & stuff like pesticides that can enter your body even if you have cleaned it off.  Nothing like that is ever on fruit or vegetables that the natural food store sells & people get from the store selling food to them.  So I get my wheatgrass there & a few little bottles of juices to drink & put wheatgrass in to them.  This is how I am increasing my health & make my muscles become strong as I work out while walking & straightening  up my back too.  I used to use doctor prescribed muscle relaxers sometimes for my muscles, but most of the time I learn about natural foods & juices that can help me relax & fall asleep when I need to relax them after a long & hard day of working out.  These are better because they have no side effects or never add extra weight like meds do.  All the meds do are to take away from your body & the nutrition as I have learned when being adventure bound.  My new projects are to keep learning & growing in what I can do to increase my good health now & continuously.  Great things come to me as I have fun & try this new method called, “Adventures As My Good Health Is Increased.”  I am learning about how your soul, body, mind & spirit are rich in everything which makes it a blast in whatever I do.  I love who I am & what all I do, besides in helping others & me too.  An adventure while exercising increasing my good health just shows anyone & everyone I come in contact with that I can move mountains & obstacles out of my way from day to day!