Websites: Are They Real or Fake?

Websites: Are they real or fake?  This is a question of what you can do with them to get traffic leads to make money or not.  Why are websites so different & what makes them worth the time when you put them out there?  Are websites real or fake as in the time spent or the differences to make them better, or once they are made become a statue with nothing to add or edit?  There are so many websites on the internet, it makes you wonder which ones can be edited or make changes to them.  These websites have so many differences which also give you ideas after looking at them to make your own.  I will let you know about what I call websites to be fake or real.

A sample website for viewing.

Sample Website

Websites: Are they real or fake?  Fake websites have some functionality to them, but not enough to produce any results.  The results you get from a fake website as I call them, is when you make the website & the functions you get are to create what you want, with what is on your webhost, who want to know about a domain name.  You get the website & you use it, it turns out to be garbage when you find out more about it & have spent either so much time on it or don’t have money enough to do what you want because there are so many limitations to them.  They seem real, but are more like schemes or gimmicks!  Taking that chance is considered either throwing your money away or you just burned a hole in your pocket.  This means that you hadn’t gotten to hold onto the money you planned on saving & burnt it all away because you thought it was a good deal without getting your money back at all.  Real websites are made to create & update when you have already set them up giving you the necessary tools to change them for getting a lot of traffic leads to them when you want them to come to your website.  They will give you pages that you can design, create titles, adjust by adding or subtracting the columns & rows of each page, having a header & footer on each page & also make a storefront without needing to start a new website just to sell your services or products you want to sell.  This type of website I call real because you have everything there to work with & not just given a website to put up that can’t be rearranged & presented another way when you need to.  1 has limited possibilities & the other has unlimited possibilities.  Real websites give you the real benefits to work with as you need them.  There are also templates you can use on a domain which just serve 1 purpose & always putting another up in place of it when it is taken its toll there.  Domain names are actually made, but when you get ready to use them, there is a price to have them published for you in order for you to see them & use them also.  Domain names are what your business or website is going to be all about.  This is how you will lead traffic to your website.  It is also how you make money or use it for personal reasons.  These domain names are how websites are used as they show your traffic leads what you are selling or talking about.  Real websites are able to give you lots of stats which help you produce more ways to get to your traffic leads & sell to them or get their attention more.   This helps you learn more about your website & whether it works for you or need to adjust to make it different to satisfy your business or personal needs.

Real or fake websites no matter what you use is an experience you can only learn from.  Each website you use brings you closer to knowing & getting the type of website you want.  As you practice with whatever website you pick from, you will learn about their functions & what you want as you look for better websites with more functionality.  Check out webhosts to see what is best for what you plan on using for your website along with domain name.

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